Get Fit with These Quick Home Workouts That’ll Make You Forget The Gym

Forget endless jogs on the treadmill -- embrace an easier, more convenient workout that will get you as fit as typical exercises. We're here to show you how home workouts can deliver results you want to see, in just 15 to 30 minutes. Start calorie burning just feet from your comfy sofa!

Getting and staying fit is all about being able to commit to a workout regimen. That’s why home workouts are the best. And, if you do it right, you can get fit almost overnight. Why? Because there are fewer excuses to miss a workout at home. There is no duffel bag needed and no traffic to sit through; instead, you have every reason to really push yourself, consistently, and in the luxury of your own home.

Better yet, some of the best weight-loss workouts can be done at home, and these quick, intense exercises are as beneficial as typical hourlong workouts. One 2016 study proved just that. Researchers tested the theory by splitting men into two groups. The first group of men did continuous endurance-based 50-minute exercises. The second group’s workout was a five-fold reduced time. In fact, the second group had “1 minute of intense intermittent exercise, within a time commitment of 10 minutes per session,” and guess what? Both groups saw the same health benefits.

So what are you waiting for? The days of endless jogs on the treadmill are over. Embrace an easier, more convenient workout that will get you as fit as typical exercises. Heck, weight loss can start just feet away from your comfy couch and be done in fewer than 30 minutes. We’re here to show you how home workouts can deliver results you want to see!

And as always, don’t forget a solid five-minute warm-up and cool-down. Now let’s get into it!

5.) Tabata 

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Average workout time: 20 minutes

Average calories burned: 270

Structure: 20 seconds of workout moves, 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times. One-minute full rest for additional rounds.

When gym junkies think of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the staple of quick and intense cardio, they most usually think of Tabata. The two, HIIT and Tabata, are used interchangeably but are not exact. Essentially, Tabata is a type of HIIT workout. It is fast-paced and will leave you feeling the burn in a matter of moments like HIIT, but Tabata differs in its fixed structure.

Out of all the high-intensity workouts, Tabata is the quickest at only four minutes. Yes, you heard that right. The only thing needed of you in order to reap all its health benefits is two things: effort and adherence to its structure. And the benefits are plentiful! All-day metabolism boosts, burning more fat than longer workouts and improved anaerobic capacity.

To do Tabata, simply choose no more than eight workout moves that get your heart pumping and muscles burning. Examples can include star jumps, burpees, high knees and push-ups. Your workout structure will look like this: 20 seconds of a workout move followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds. For some, this will be enough to kick their butt, but most do this at least twice for maximum burnJust be sure to rest for a full minute between rounds. You’ll need it!

For newbies, don’t shy away from this killer workout. Tabata apps are a dime a dozen and there are also many free sites that you can work out with. Fitness Blender is a particularly excellent choice. If you have an extra four minutes, why not test it out for yourself?

4.) Interval Running

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Average workout time: 15-20 minutes

Average calories burned: 114-211

Structure: 30-60 seconds of sprinting, 1+ minute of recovery walk (or however long needed), repeat six to 10 times.

Running is everyone’s most and least favorite workout. It’s an esteemed cardiovascular-lover’s favorite because there is nothing like running that gets the heart pumping. It burns major calories and has all kinds of cognitive benefits, too, like improving sleep and decreasing depression symptoms. On the other hand, there are many anti-runners; people who loathe nothing more than “wasting time” with “aimless” jogging.

But what if you could get all the benefits of running without losing your mind spending hours on the pavement? And, what if there were extra benefits over traditional long-range running? In addition to the usual jogging benefits, Runner’s World states that interval running also improves running form and burns more fat.

Want to try out interval running? Of course, you do! The following image is a prime example of its structure, but all that there really is to it is sprinting for as long as you can and then recovering with a walk until you’re ready to do it again. You want to make sure you’re sprinting as fast and as hard as you can without decreasing effort. This will probably only last 30-60 seconds. Then make sure your heart really recovers during rest time so that you can do it again.

Beginners, try doing five or six sprints with appropriate rests between. Once you get the hang of it, you can up the sets to 10 or increase sprinting time.

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3.) Kickboxing

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Average workout time: 30 minutes

Average calories burned: 375-450

Structure: varies

Everyone knows kickboxing torches major calories. What’s not as known is that you don’t have to pay per session to get in shape. When it comes to losing weight and tightening muscles, kickboxing is ideal as a home workout: Not much space or equipment is necessary.

This is one workout routine anyone battling extra weight will want to get into. Kickboxing benefits include aerobic conditioning (ever notice how easily boxers shuffle around without an ounce of struggle?), major fat loss and muscle gain.

Try it out at home with any number of videos available on YouTube. Just be sure to choose one that focuses on aerobics — no boxing abs or boxing and yoga fusions. The following video is perfect to kick off the start of your boxer bod.

2.) CrossFit ‘Workout of the Day’

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Average workout time: 20 minutes

Average calories burned: 261 calories

Structure: varies

For those not looking to play around with their fitness, CrossFit is as deadly as it’s going to get. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s another high-intensity workout (that’s how you’ll burn so many calories in so little time) that incorporates functional movements. That means doing any CrossFit routine will have your heart beating out of your chest while you are lifting weights, sprinting, rowing or doing gymnastics.

Push yourself to the limit with a CrossFit W.O.D., which stands for “workout of the day.” There are many home workouts you can do there, in a yard or a park despite the versatility of movements.

CrossFit W.O.D. are similar to Tabata, but these have no structured breaks. Instead, they’re typically done by AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Here, the goal is to do every W.O.D. as many times as possible during the chosen time limit, e.g., 15 or 20 minutes. Other W.O.D. only need to be finished as fast as humanly possible … if you can finish it at all.

The following is an example of a CrossFit W.O.D. you can do anywhere.

1.) Jump Rope

home workoutsAverage workout time: 15-20 minutes

Average calories burned: 200-300 calories

And our No. 1 workout you can do anywhere to get fit fast is … jumping rope! It’s the poster child for mobile workouts that sheds pounds in lightning-quick speed. It’s also super-convenient, since all you’ll need a jump rope (and a positive mindset as the minutes tick off).

Every workout on this list is effective, especially in relation to speed, but none like jumping rope. One study showed that only a daily 10-minute jump rope session was as effective as daily 30-minute jogs. We’ll repeat: Only 10 minutes are necessary to see healthy changes. But it’s not only a good cardiovascular workout. Jumping rope is also a good anaerobic exercise, as it uses more muscles than other activities that traditionally engage muscles, like rowing or swimming.

Don’t miss out on a butt-kicking, body-toning and, ultimately, fun workout. Just put on some tunes and jump!

Have you tried any of these workouts before? Let us know which you have, or which ones you want to try in the comments! For more help in your healthy-living journey, check out Top 5 Healthy Desserts That Will Make You Forget You’re Dieting.