Blue Apron Meal Kit Review

Blue Apron Meal Kit Review: Bringing the World to Your Kitchen

A meal kit delivery service makes cooking at home easier, especially if you’re busy or new to cooking. Blue Apron Meal Kit is a popular option for those seeking global flavors and affordability. Read on to see if it’s the best meal delivery service for you.

Blue Apron: An Overview

Being among the first meal delivery services in the market, Blue Apron offers a wide variety of globally-inspired recipes. Furthermore, the service collaborates with farmers to source high-quality ingredients and employs eco-friendly distribution systems.

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Experience Worldly Flavors

Blue Apron’s recipes showcase various cultures, such as Greek, Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican. Moreover, you’ll never receive the same recipe twice in a year, which keeps your menu fresh and exciting.

Ratings and Price

Blue Apron‘s flavors may not be top-rated, but its affordability is a highlight. Family plans can be as low as $11.99 per serving. Many customers appreciate the value for the price.

Wine Pairing Options

Blue Apron offers a unique wine subscription, with wine selections paired with your chosen recipes. Learn about each wine’s story, production, and tasting process.

Pros of Blue Apron

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Blue Apron

Some advantages of Blue Apron include:

  1. Hearty portions
  2. Inexpensive cost per serving
  3. Specialty diet options
  4. Wide variety of global cuisines
  5. Wine pairing subscription service

Quality and Ingredients

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Blue Apron

Blue Apron sources fresh, seasonal ingredients from farms, importers, and family-run businesses. Meats are antibiotic and hormone-free, while seafood is sustainably caught.

Recipes and Cooking Skills

Blue Apron recipe box with ingredients and recipe card

Blue Apron offers eight different recipes every week, catering to meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian preferences. Recipe cards have step-by-step instructions, making them easy to follow.

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Dietary Restrictions

Blue Apron may not be ideal for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. While adjustments are possible, the service doesn’t automatically cater to specific dietary needs.

Meal Plan Options

Blue Apron offers two main meal plans: a two-person plan and a family plan. Plans start at $57.95 per week, with individual portion prices ranging from $11.99+.

Delivery Options

You can choose your delivery date and skip a week or cancel anytime. Delivery is free, with some exceptions. Blue Apron delivers across the United States.

Conclusion: Is Blue Apron Right for You?


Blue Apron offers flavorful, ethnic recipes at an affordable price. Moreover, it’s best for omnivores and pescatarians. However, it may not be suitable for those with dietary restrictions or weight loss goals. Overall, Blue Apron is a great meal delivery kit option for many. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, learn more about Blue Apron.

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