Stick With Your Healthy Yoga Diet, Try These Great After-Yoga Snacks

There is such thing as a healthy yoga diet. Depending on the type of yoga you have just experienced, your snack of choice will vary after completing your practice. For Iyengar, or less active yoga, you will definitely need something different than say Ashtanga or Bikram yoga, which are both more flowing and speedy types. Making sure to get the nutrition you need at all times is obviously optimal, but of course particularly necessary after an hour or more of movement, whether resting in poses or flowing quickly in a heated room. Water, though quite obvious, is still necessary to mention, as keeping hydrated is the first priority at all times. The following snacks are perfect for all degrees of post-yoga appetites.


5.) Avocado Whole Grain Sandwich

healthy yoga diet avocado

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If you are ready to start a healthy yoga diet, an avocado sandwich is a nutritious, hearty and well-combined meal. The best thing is that it won’t leave you feeling too heavy, but instead, comfortably satisfied. Filled with healthy fat, some alkaline vegetables and whole grains, this is an excellent meal for yoga enthusiasts as it helps muscles and joints to recover. Avocado also contains plenty of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium and magnesium, all of which help with re-energising and muscle recovery. It is also detox friendly, as it moves out of the stomach within 3 hours, as opposed to a chicken or beef sandwich, which would take up to 8 hours to sludge through.