Host a Slam Dunk March Madness Party

We've put together a list of the best products that you'll need to get game-ready. Host the best March Madness party of the season!

Are you ready for a Slam Dunk? March has been about basketball, and with March Madness soon drawing to a close, this is your last chance to hold an awesome March Madness party.

College basketball fans unite to celebrate and rejoice this year’s fantastic showdown. It’s an excuse to get everyone together (not that you need one), laugh, eat, drink, and be merry while cheering on your favorite team.

What You Need to Hold a Killer March Madness Party

Don’t be unprepared when you’re trying to host the best March Madness party anyone has ever attended. Here are the things to prepare:

  • Baller playlists: What’s a party without bashing out some awesome tunes? Create the perfect gameday playlist to play in the background while you all get everyone fired up for the game. Music may also lighten the mood if the game isn’t going the way you all wanted.
  • Beverages: Make sure you have a good selection of drinks available that will cater to everyone, and ensure that you have plenty of them. You could even design your own March Madness-themed cocktail for everyone to enjoy.
  • Food, food and more food: You’re going to need a lot of food. Is it even a good party if you don’t have anything to eat? Decide if you are cooking up a good homemade meal, serving snacks, or doing both. Hot dogs and burgers go down well at these events. Or, stick a chili in a slow cooker so you can leave it to cook while you get ready for the party. You could even ask guests to bring along some desserts and snacks. Don’t forget to include a few healthy choices too!
  • Party games: Playing games is a great way to entertain everyone during commercials. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but it’s always funny to see that one competitive friend take it all a little too seriously.

Where Are You Going to Watch the Game?

ncaa basketball


Do you have enough space for everyone to fit? If you invite a bunch of friends over to watch the magic unfold, be sure you have enough room to house everyone.

If more than a handful of people are expected to arrive, set up a specific space for guests in a couple of rooms. Put a TV and snacks in each room. That way, you don’t need to worry about everyone trying to squeeze into one area where they would be pretty much sitting on top of another.

Make sure the viewing area or areas are comfortable and cozy. To do this, bring down extra chairs from other rooms, put down blankets, and get out your throw pillows. When you arrange these items, make sure everything is pointed toward the TV so no game actioned is missed.

Do You Need Some More Ideas for Your March Madness Extravaganza?

You’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of the best products that you’ll need to get game-ready and hold the best March Madness party of the season.

New Smart TV

samsung smart tv


It’s game time, so you are going to need a decent TV for the ultimate game viewing experience.

If your current TV doesn’t cut the mustard, maybe it’s time to consider getting an upgrade. If you don’t need a new TV, why not use this an excuse to do a bit of TV shopping?

A smart TV like this Samsung 7 Series will allow you to enjoy the game how it should be viewed because of the incredibly vibrant picture. With full access to streaming services, you’ll never miss a layup, slam dunk, or three-pointer again.

Buy Smart TV

Indoor Hoop Game

triumph sports usa big shot ii double shootout basketball game


Set up an indoor hoop game where people are watching the game. That way, they can play without missing out on the action.

When the party has ended, put a trash bag underneath the hoop and make tidying up a fun game. Shoot those used cups into the hoop! You can score and tidy up at the same time.

Buy Indoor Hoops

Original Basketball

wilson ncaa final four edition basketball


Wilson basketballs have been the only ball to grace the hardwoods of the NCAA Championship for over 20 years. So, you’ve got to have one at your party, right?

Make sure you have a basketball at hand at the party so you can shoot some hoops and raise that old college spirit before the big game.

Buy Wilson Edition Basketball

Ice Bucket Cooler

inflatable basketball fan cooler

Go Imprints

You’ll need a cooler to store your drinks at the party, so why not make it fun?

No one likes to drink a warm beer while watching a tournament, so include this inflatable basketball drinks cooler on your party shopping list. Designed like a basketball hoop with a large basketball in the center, this cooler can be used indoor or outdoors. No one will have to drink a warm beer again.

Buy Inflatable Basketball Fan Cooler

Pool Hoop Game

giant shootball basketball swimming pool game


What’s more enjoyable than shooting some hoops in the pool?

Playing a game of pool basketball is a fantastic way to cool off while have a load of fun between games. Entertain your party guests for hours with this inflatable pool hoop game. You could even make it a competition and give prizes for the most points scored.

Buy Pool Hoops

Team Spirit Gear

show your team spirit gear


You’ve got to dress the part, right? Show your college team spirit by wearing some game gear to the party, and encourage your guests to do the same.

There are many different kinds of appeal you can get from t-shirts and hoodies to vests and hats. There’ll be something for everyone, so you might as well get involved and fully commit to the cause.

Top Tip: If you find that there is a lull in conversation during the party, try this as a conversation starter and share the top five biggest March Madness upsets in NCAA history.

Buy Show Your Team Spirit Gear

Can Coozie

keep drinks cool can coozie


Your drinks should have already been kept cool by using the inflatable drinkcooler, but a can coozie will keep your hands from getting too cold from holding the can. Drinks can coozies also keep your can colder for longer, and that’s something we all want.

The Can Coozies come in a number of different designs, so you and all of your guests will be able to find one in the appropriate team colors.

Buy Keep Drinks Cool Can Coozie

Snack Holder 

snack holder chip:dip bowl

Crate & Barrel

Feeding your party guests can feel like you are feeding an entire basketball team, so you have to be prepared. Have plenty of snacks scattered around the house and outdoors for everyone to enjoy. Do snack runs throughout the party and top up any empty snack container. You have to keep your guests happy, after all.

This snack container from Crate & Barrel is ideal for March Madness parties. It will hold all your chips, dips, cheeses and veggies and keep them chilled. Just fill the lower compartment with ice, then place the divided serving tray above.

Buy Snack Holder

Cups for Games

red solo cups for March Madness Party


Make your March Madness party legendary with the all-American original Red Solo cup. Each cup has a unique squared base and 4-grip area, making these cups easier to hold. Good grip comes in handy when you start yelling and throwing your hands in the air when your team scores.

Fewer spills means more good times and less mess to clean up at the end of the day. Remember, you can play that game with the indoor hoop to clean up after the party.

Buy Red Solo Cups

Basketball Themed Bottle Opener

magnet beer bottle opener basketball pattern


This is a perfectly themed basketball bottle opener for a March Madness party.

Always be at the ready with this magnetic bottle opener. Place a few of them in key locations throughout the house and outdoors so that your guests don’t have to spend precious game time hunting down a bottle opener for their drink.

Buy Bottle Opener

Now that you know the basics you need to hold the best March Madness party, you are all set and good to go. Get those invites sent out, the essentials bought, and get the party started! Once you’ve got your awesome party organized, impress your guests with these 5 rules of basketball you never knew existed.

host a slam dunk march madness party