Live It Up: Top 5 Places in the U.S. for Singles

If you’re in the mood to date and meet new people (hopefully people with prospects), you might not want to live in a retirement community or a town full of smug married people. We’re not talking about cities that are all about clubbing, hooking up with as many chicks or dudes as possible, and being the world’s biggest Don Juan. We’re talking about U.S. cities where you can meet LOTS of interesting people who might just become something more serious.

You want a city with plenty of people – employed people, that is. You also want plenty to do – events, bars, and restaurants. Diversity is key as well, so you can date around and see who you really click with. You need options when you’re single. Here are the top five spots for singles in the U.S. Check them out and see if you’re in the right spot, or if you need to shake things up.

5 Los Angeles/Hermosa Beach

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Granted there are a lot of wannabe actors, actresses, musicians, models, and artists of all kinds in Los Angeles, but you can also find some down-to-earth people who are not obsessed with their reflection or their latest audition. Los Angeles’ employment growth actually beats that of New York and Chicago right now, and the singles ratio is pretty high. Dates can be pricey, but you can always find cheaper, super cool things to do. The Hermosa Beach area near L.A. is also a singles hot spot – especially if you like the beach life. Just bike around – you’re bound to meet someone.

4 Baltimore

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There are a little over two and half million people in Baltimore, and a little over half of them are unmarried. Score! There are plenty of jobs, which means plenty of wage-earning singles to choose from. It’s a pretty, historical waterfront city with great, not-too-expensive date options. If you love crab and seafood, this is your city. Take your date out for some cracked crab – messy but delicious.

3 Santa Cruz, CA

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If you want California, but you need a little more mellow of a vibe than busy Los Angeles, check out this beautiful Northern California surf town. Just make sure you’re pretty liberal – if you’re a staunch Republican who cringes at men with long hair or tattoos, this might not be your town. The median household income is good, and there is a laid-back, college-town feel. You’re also close to places like Big Sur and San Francisco, so weekend trips are right around the corner.

2 Bloomington, Ill

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If a small-town feel doesn’t send you running for Manhattan, Bloomington might be for you. This is the Heartland of America, so expect nice people – just remember that nice doesn’t mean boring; there are plenty of artists and creative thinkers here. It’s a lot cheaper than Chicago, which is not too far away. There are also a lot of jobs, and thanks to the boom of the creative class, plenty to do as well.

1 Ann Arbor, MI

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About the only drawback to Ann Arbor is that it’s freezing in the winter. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome. Centered around the University of Michigan, there are plenty of people to meet and date here. It’s also a super creative city – kind of like Austin, Texas without the cowboys. Dates are pretty cheap (unless you’re going to the best restaurant in town), it’s a young city, and about half the people between 20 and 34 are single. You can take a date around the Kerrytown district, or treat them to a Michigan football game. There’s definitely plenty to do, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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