Legends in the Making: The Best Men’s College Basketball Programs of All Time

One of the best things about college basketball programs is that it actually has playoffs to determine a champion. No coaches poll, no computers, no group of bitter sportswriters with an agenda to choose a champion, and no bowl games.

You play in a bracket until the last team is standing, whether it’s from the big conference or a smaller one, which drives everyone crazy. When determining which teams are the Greatest Men’s College Basketball Programs of all-time, it’s easy because part of the criteria is on how many championships they have.

But championships aren’t all that make a program great. It’s a tradition of running a clean program, winning, great coaches, players, as well as class and the few players who actually go.


So here are the Top 5 Greatest Men’s College Basketball Programs of All Time:


5.) Kansas – First Season 1898

Mascot & Logo of the JayHawks - Kansa Jayhawks have one of the best college basketball programs

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The Jayhawks are second only to Kentucky in all-time wins, and have three national championships, six times a runner-up and 14 Final Four appearances. Kansas also has the most winning seasons in Division I history with 93. Rest assured, there will be a 94th, 95th, 96th, 97th and more winning seasons to come as the Jayhawks will keep on winning and producing some of the greatest players in the country for a long time to come. Kansas’ first coach was James Naismith who happened to invent the sport of basketball.

He is also, unfortunately, the only losing coach in the school’s history. Kansas is also the school responsible for producing one of the greatest players – Wilt Chamberlain.

There is no doubt that the school has one of the best college basketball programs in the United States of America because they are the all-time consecutive conferences titles record holder which is an active streak. Kansas ranks in second all-time in NCAA  Division I wins with 2,217 wins as against its 841 losses.  Kansas also boasts of its home arena called The Allen Fieldhouse which is notorious for its incredible noise levels.