6 Incredibly Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids That’ll Get Them Excited To Eat Well

Today, we are ending the reign of junk food in our kiddos’ diet! Making healthy snacks for kids is both possible and easy, all it takes is a bit of preparation and a dose of inspiraton.

After a day full of activities at home or at school, our busy kids grab the nearest (and most colorful) snack to recharge their batteries. Parents might not have enough time or energy to cook a full-fledged meal like those of our favorite food bloggers or whip up an American style pizza every day, however, making easy healthy snacks for kids remains very manageable if they have the right recipes at hand!

To treat our youngsters’ munchies every day after school and provide them with their daily dose of fiber, protein and vitamins, we gathered these six healthy snacks for kids that will leave them coming back for more (and maybe even asking to help you prepare them in the future!)

6.) Frozen Pineapple Ring Ice Pops by EatsAmazing

Fruits on sticks are one of the easiest (and yummiest) snacks! You will be spoiled for choice: Any fruit you have available in your fridge or in the supermarket will do the trick.

You only need to figure out what you would like to addto your fruit skewers. If you have some two minutes to spare, you can follow Eats Amazing’s recipe and dip them in dessicated coconut, dark chocolate or coconut yogurt.

The key step in this recipe is to freeze the fruits beforehand, it will make them easier to slide onto the skewers or sticks without squashing them!

For a more colorful version, you can also try the rainbow fruit skewers, with each containing, respectively, raspberries, strawberries, tangerines segments, mango cubes, pineapples chunks, kiwi chunks, green grapes, red grapes and blueberries. The ultimate fruity healthy snacks for kids!

Read the whole recipe here, and follow EatsAmazing on their website, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram.