Top 5 Grandma Gift Ideas

It doesn't need to be a holiday for you to show grandma you're thinking of her. Here are some great anytime grandma gift ideas for the special older lady in your life.

No matter if it’s her birthday, the holidays, or “just because,” it’s always nice to show your grandma you care about her. Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with ideas for these lovely older ladies, but fret no more! Here are our Top 5 gift ideas for all those grand grannies out there.

1.) Grandchildren Keepsakes

What do grandmas love best? Grandchildren! There are so many gifts you can buy that have grandchildren as the focus. Cute plaques abound from many retailers that have cute sayings like “Thank heaven for grandmothers” or “The love between a grandmother and granddaughter is forever.” These sayings usually come on plaques, coasters and other cute keepsakes for grandma.

Customized gifts are always great too. Buy a kit and create a plaque or garden stone with the children’s handprints or footprints. Put two footprints together to craft a heart shape. How about a bird’s nest with stone eggs engraved with each child’s name? Or a bird house with little birds engraved or painted with each child’s name? Grandmas will always treasure these gifts of love.

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2.) Family Trees

Grandmothers are the strong oaks of the family, right? So what better way to gift grandma than with a family tree gift item. There are actual family tree statues you can buy, or you can even customize a canvas print with family names. There are lots to choose from.

Family art works are great too. Canvas prints or framed art with sayings about family will be treasured! Grandmothers love any framed art that has pictures of all their grandkids!

How about a DNA Kit to trace back her heritage? This is a unique idea that would be interesting for Grandma and the rest of the family to find out where her DNA traces are from.

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3.) T-shirts

Grandmas love to let everyone know they’re proud to be a grandmother, so get a cute t-shirt that says “World’s Coolest Grandma” or some other fun saying. She’ll love it and she’ll wear it all the time, especially on outings with the grandkids!

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4.) Jewelry

What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Grandmas are certainly no exception, so give a gift of a necklace, bracelet or other trinket that shows grandma how truly special she is. There are necklaces that can be customized with each child’s name, or generation necklaces for grandma, mom and granddaughter to wear. Charm bracelets are a fantastic option as well. You can add name charms, hearts and other cool granny stuff!

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5.) Kitchen Wares

Lots of grandmas love spending time in the kitchen baking up goodies or making great dinners for their grandkids. Think about buying her a stone cutting board or wooden butcher block with a great grandma saying like “Grandma’s Kitchen, Tasters Welcome” or “There’s No Place Like Home, Except Grandma’s House” or “Grandkids Make Life Grand.” Spoon rests and coffee mugs also make fantastic presents. How about a mug that says “My grandkids are cuter than yours”? That should definitely spark some conversation at grandma’s next outing with her friends and fellow grandmas!

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