Colorful Spring Outfits for Babes Who Shine Brightly

From neon to tie-dye, it's all about colorful fashion this spring. See our list of the best colorful spring outfits available this season

We have made it! Winter has finally passed, the days are getting longer and the months are becoming warmer. Now is the time to start thinking about spring fashion, rearranging your wardrobe and putting away those winter sweaters.

When it comes to clothing that makes an impression, colorful outfits are a great choice. Get out the floral dress, brightly colored skirts, and tops that add some sunshine to your wardrobe. Some people don’t like to draw attention to themselves through clothing, and keeping things colorless is easy. However, for those who are brave enough, the choices of colorful outfits can be endless. Mix and match different colors and patterns. How far you go is entirely up to you.

If you are changing your wardrobe for spring, don’t forget to change up your makeup for the new season. Read our five great makeup for spring ideas that will make you feel fresh and ready for the spring season.

Why Wear Colorful Spring Outfits?

why wear colorful spring outfits?

Did you know wearing colors can even brighten your mood?

Here are some ways that color can affect your mood:

  • Red: A red outfit can increase your self-confidence and make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Yellow: This is a bright and life-affirming color that can help you find harmony.
  • Blue: This color affects physiology by reducing blood pressure and is sure to help you relax.
  • Green: Green is another color that can be calming and invigorating all at once.
  • Violet: This color is essential for creating an experienced and self-confident impression.
  • Orange: Color experts think orange is ideal for stimulating activity and awakening creativity.

Next time you’re selecting an outfit, think about the corresponding color needed for the task at hand. If you’ve got an interview, you could wear a blue outfit, as it is relaxing. Or you could even wear a combination of colors to complement and contrast.

Everyone has a unique group of colors that makes them look their best. Coordinating the right color combination can make the difference between a stunning outfit and an ugly one. You will want to try to stick to colorful spring outfits that match your undertone. While there are many different skin tones, there are only two undertones: warm and cool. Warm skin has a yellow or orange tint, while cooler skin has a blue or pale pink one.

Read more about the best clothing colors for your skin tone here.

From bright and bold neon to retro-inspired tie-dye, it’s all about colorful fashion this spring. With such adventurous statement trends, it can be challenging to know how to wear them. We have put together a list of the best colorful spring outfits available this season that will give your wardrobe a colorful revamp.

Neon Spring Outfits

The spring/summer 2019 catwalks were filled with a fluorescent glow from the array of neon parading down them. There is no escaping this bright and bold eighties trend this season. Flashes of neon first started to hit the fashion scene last year, popping up on Instagram feeds and magazine centerfolds.

Hot pink, flaming orange, and lime green may not be the first choice for many. However, this in-your-face trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Here are our top faves for neon spring outfits and how you should be wearing this bold fashion trend this spring.

15.) Sheer Neon Mesh Top

sheer neon mesh top

Forever 21

Pair this neon sheer mesh knit top featuring a mock neckline with any simple skirt or jeans for a bold yet striking look.

Look like hot pink perfection as you arrive at any party or social occasion in this neon top.

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14.) Sheer Zebra Print Top

plus size sheer zebra print top

Forever 21

Layer this all over zebra print sheer mesh knit top with a cami vest or boob tube.

The neon yellow and zebra print make a striking statement so keep the rest of the outfit simple but wearing a plain colored shirt or pants.

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13.) Ribbed Striped Open-Shoulder Dress

ribbed striped open-shoulder dress

Forever 21

For those who want a more subtle neon spring outfit, this ribbed knit mini dress featuring an all-over striped pattern is perfect.

Pair with a pair of plain white sneakers for the ideal on-trend look of the season.

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12.) Toggle Anorak and Wind Pants Set

toggle anorak & wind pants set

Forever 21

If you want to go all in and opt for a full neon spring outfit, you need this anorak and wind pants set.

This is a stylish and colorful outfit choice for spring that will receive many compliments. Dress down by wearing sneakers or add a heel for a dressier look.

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11.) Neon Denim Jacket

neon denim jacket

Forever 21

The denim jacked it a wardrobe stable. However, if you want to up your denim jacket game, this neon pink jacket needs to be added to your wardrobe ASAP.

Add this neon jacket to any plain outfit. It will wow any passers-by and will turn your simple boring outfit to bang on-trend fashion extravaganza.

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Tie-Dye Spring Outfits

Forget about wearing florals this spring, 2019’s big unexpected trend is the revival of tie-dye fashion. Originally starting in the ’70s and often associated with hippies and free spirits, tie-dye is a throwback trend that will spark feelings of nostalgia in many of us. It then made a come back in the ’80s and ’90s, and we thought it had disappeared for good, until now. Tie-dye fashion is back and it’s hitting shops everywhere.

Give your tired wardrobe some extra va-va-voom by injecting some colorful and fun tie-dye pieces into your collection.

Here are our favorite five tie-dye pieces that you should add to your wardrobe today.

10.) Active Tie-Dye Crop Top

active tie-dye crop top

Forever 21

Show your creative and quirky side with this athletic French terry knit tie-dye top.

Pair it with matching shorts or some denim shorts and sneakers for a cute spring look.

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9.) Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

tie-dye maxi dress

Forever 21

This is a beautiful, flowing tie-dye maxi dress that is a superb outfit for spring.

The bright pinks and purple will cheers up any gloomy day and make you feel great.

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8.) Chiffon Tie-Dye Kimono

chiffon tie-dye kimono

Forever 21

Drape this chiffon woven tie-dye kimono over any spring outfit to add some extra color and pattern to your look.

This is ideal for wearing for a day at the beach over your swimwear or in the evenings while on vacation if the nights are cooler.

Buy Chiffon Kimono

7.) Tie-Dye Pocket Shirt

tie-dye pocket shirt

Forever 21

This woven colorful, bright tie-dye design pocket shirt is soft and flowing.

This item is a beautiful addition to any spring wardrobe that is versatile and can be worn in many ways including buttoned up, open shirt, or tied into a knot at the front.

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6.) Active Tie-Dye Wash Leggings

active tie-dye wash leggings

Forever 21

Tie-dye isn’t just restricted to your everyday wardrobe. The tie-dye trend has even branched out into activewear, and you can look great in this season must-have trend while working out.

The yoga pants feature an ombre tie-dye wash, an elasticized banded waist, and wicking fabric for moisture management.

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Influencer Spring Outfits

When it comes to wearing color, these five creative and colorful influencers know how to pull it off, each with her own unique and refreshing style and an eye for bright and bold colors.

Check out these colorful spring outfits from five stylish influencers.

5.)  Always Fits Mermaid Bag

colorful Spring Outfits

Lala Faux Bois

Lisa of Lala Faux Bois fame is a vintage-obsessed graphic designer, cat mom, and lover of color. Lisa looks stylish and ready for spring in this delightful Target Style fruit design dress.

A little bit of mermaid-inspired flair is added to the outfit with an adorable bag from Always Fits, the perfect accessory for the mermaid on the go. This stylish holographic seashell purse discreetly disguises a cute, round drink flask. Not only that, but it also has mini pockets on the inside so you can store your mermaid comb (as Ariel would say: dinglehopper) to ensure you have tangle-free hair at all times!

4.) Jericho Road Dress

Colorful Spring Outfits

A Fashion Nerd

This 100% cotton A-line shape dress fits Amy Roiland Fashion Blogger, Designer, and CEO of FashionTap App like a dream! The dress was designed by A Fashion Nerd for Jericho Road Clothing. All Jericho Road prints and styles are designed from scratch in their headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, which means the products you are buying are one-off designs, and you won’t find these prints anywhere else!

The pink and cute green leafy foliage design pops with the vibrant yellow don’t you think? And those baby blue boots are a fabulous contrast to complete this whimsical look.

3.) Mister Zimi Dress

Colorful Spring Outfits

Splendid Rags

Leslie Schneider, otherwise known as Splendid Rags, is an influencer from LA known for her colorful and vibrant style that she shares online for the pleasure of us all.

We’d highly recommend you check out her Instagram account for a rainbow of outfit inspiration and recommendations. Here, Leslie is wearing a bold blue color block Mister Zimi dress. Mister Zimi unashamedly marches by the beat of its drum. Exotic locations and cultures inspire the unique patterns and prints used.

2.) Valfré Dress

Colorful Spring Outfits


The lovely Kailey Flyte, the pink-haired beauty behind Mermaidens, is an ice cream enthusiast, illustrator, and beauty writer from Oregon.

Kailey looks stunning in this Valfre dress. This vintage-inspired, mustard-colored dress features a white high collar with a long black bow. Founded by Mexican artist Ilse Valfré in LA. Valfré is a clothing and accessories brand. Kailey’s pink hair and bow patterned tights add an extra little quirky touch to an already cute colorful spring outfit. Check out Valfré for more retro-inspired prettiness made for the creative and wild-at-heart.

1.) Lazy Oaf Pom Dress

Colorful Spring Outfits

Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn, a blogger from Brooklyn with a love of style and beauty, is wearing the Lazy Oaf Pom DressLazy Oaf is a London-based fashion label designing womenswear, menswear and accessory collections featuring bold colors and graphic prints. This bright, colorful print dress would be enough on its own, however, adding the pom-pom detail on the hem makes it to-die-for! This is a must-have outfit for your wardrobe for any color lover.

Adding a splash of color to your wardrobe can be just what you need to revitalize you and your style to chase away those winter blues. The fun clothing will not only make you look good, but it will also make you feel good and put a smile on your face. Wear red, green or a bright blue – it can elevate your mood! Color is stimulating to the eye, and in addition to helping with your mood, it will have a positive effect on those around you.

If you are after some more inspiration for your wardrobe, read our next article.

15 colorful spring outfits