10 Cheap and Easy Stress Relief Activities To Indulge in Anytime

April is usually a pretty busy month, considering it’s not a part of the holiday season. If you’re a student, you’re suffering through one last big push before facing the only thing standing in between you and summer: finals. If you’re in the real world, you’ve been working non-top since February because someone decided adults don’t get spring breaks (which is absurd and completely unfair) – oh, and don’t even bring up tax season. Hold on. Take a deep breath. We have some stress relief activities that are sure to lower your heart rate.

Since April is so hectic, it makes sense that it’s also National Stress Awareness Month … and in the middle of it, on April 16 (yes, the day before this year’s taxes are due), is National Stress Awareness Day in the U.S. Which means it is time to treat yo’self.

So you don’t think you can really treat yo’self to the full extent because you have a pretty tight budget? We hear you. So we’ve got 10 cheap and easy ways you can indulge in a little me time on April 16. (Or, like, anytime. Self-care is a full-time job. Don’t let us limit you.)

1. Read a Book

stress relief activities


Or a magazine … or a poem … or some fan fiction. Whatever it is, just immerse yourself in someone else’s thoughts for once.

Reading is a great way to escape while still exercising your mind, and it might even give you some perspective on the current situation that’s stressing you out. Chances are someone else somewhere else in this big, wide world is going through whatever you are, and they’re still alive after all of it. Spoiler: You will be, too.