Items All Dog Owners Should Own as Recommended by Rescue Shelters

According to ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs are taken into a shelter in the United States each year. Dog ownership is a lifelong commitment that should not be taken lightly. Owning a dog is a privilege and comes with some responsibilities. If you already have a dog or are thinking about adopting one, these recommended dog owner items will help you become a responsible dog owner.

Dog Owner Items to Keep Your Dog Active

Keeping your dog active will keep them happy and healthy. Exercise is an integral part of your dog’s lifestyle, and as a doggy parent, you need to make sure that your dog is maintaining an active routine.

These next dog owner items will aid help you encourage your four-legged friend to keep active while having fun.

GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

gps pet tracker & activity monitor

The Whistle Shop

Locate and track your dog’s daily activity with this GPS Monitor.

Attach the device to your dog’s collar and monitor the result on your phone.

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Fetch Machine

fetch machine


Keep your dog active with a tennis ball launcher. Watch your pooch keep fit and have fun while playing fetch with a convenient fetch machine.

The fetch machine will give your dog hours of entertainment. This product is especially great for any high energy dog.

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Exercise Pen



This pen has been designed to allow your dog to exercise while giving you an assurance that they are safely confined. Watch them play and stretch their legs indoor or outdoors.

The pen can be folded flat for easy storage and travel.

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Water Boots for Dogs

water boots for dogs


Flexible water boots are recommended to protect dog paws from getting hurt on things like sidewalks or grass.

These doggie booties should fit like a glove and keep their paws warm and snug while they play.

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Training Clicker

training clicker


This is a convenient training clicker that fits nicely in hand. Use the clicker to train your dog basic tricks and correct bad behavior.

The training clicker will help your dog focus on the task at hand.

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Doggie Pool Raft


Doggie rafts allow your pooch to play and relax in the pool.

A raft will add another element to active pool time fun. Dogs can jump on board, float and chill out in the sun.

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Doggie Pool

jasonwell foldable dog pet bath pool collapsible dog pet pool


Allow your dog to paddle and keep cool in the summer with this doggie pool.

These pools provide access for older larger dogs and is a great way for them to get some exercise. Fill the pool with some toys to give your dog extra fun.

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Treat Pouch

dog treat pouch waterproof training bag


This is a treat pouch can be used in three different ways for your convenience. It can be clipped to your belt, put around the waist or carried around your shoulder.

Carry your dry dog treat with you at all times to treat your dog for their good behavior.

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Dog Owner Items to Keep Your Dog Safe

All dog owners want to keep their pet safe. After all, they are a beloved member of the family. The world is full of many risks and hazards that could hurt or put your dog in danger.

These next dog items have been designed with dog safety in mind to help protect your pooch.

Pet Insurance

items all dog owners should own pet insurance

Keep your pet safe and know that you are covered by purchasing a pet insurance plan.

Pet insurance will help towards the cost of veterinary treatment if your dog is ill or injured. Give yourself some peace of mind, and get your dog covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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Dog Life Jacket

Doggie pool raft is an item that all dog owner should have
Keep your dog safe while in the water with this awesome shark fin life jacket.

The life jacket provides float support and ensures that your dog is insulated, warm and buoyant while swimming.

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Pet First-Aid Kit


Keep your dog safe with a pet first-aid kit. Be prepared in case of an emergency, and have all the supplies you need at hand with this practical kit.

Each item has been thoughtfully selected, and some kits even include a dog toy to keep your dog happy.

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ID Tag

cnattags stainless steel pet id tags dog tags


Attaching an ID tag to your dog’s collar is recommended by rescue shelters.

The ID tag should contain all the information needed for someone to contact you if they find your dog.

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Pet Owner Items to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Maintaining the health of your dog should be at the top of your list as a dog owner. Prevention is better than cure. If you aren’t on top of your dog’s health, you take the risk of your pooch getting sick more often.

These next doggy items will help you keep your dog healthy.

Chew Toys

petsafe busy buddy bristle bone dog toy


A dog chew toy is recommended to help relieve pain that young dogs may be experiencing due to incoming teeth. It will also help older dogs keep their jaws strong.

Chewing is also a great way for dogs to combat boredom and any possible anxiety and frustration.

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Grooming Gloves

dog grooming glove is an item all dog owners should have


Maintaining your dog’s coat is a crucial part of looking after your dog’s health. Use a flexible, slip-on grooming glove to brush your dog’s fur.

The glove is ideal for long- or short-haired dogs to brush away any dander and loose hair. The loose hair is removed from the glove by peeling it away.

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Anti-Anxiety Coat

thundershirt polo dog anxiety jacket


Dog anti-anxiety coats have been designed to swaddle dogs and give them comfort.

Anti-anxiety coats have been scientifically proven to calm anxiety, fear and over-excitement in dogs.

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Dog Oral Care

kim88 doggy brushing stick, chew dog toothbrush


Dental care is vital to help prevent oral diseases.

By providing your dog with an oral care chew, you will help keep your dog’s teeth clean without hurting their gums.

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Dog Owner Items for Traveling With a Dog

When you travel with a dog anywhere, there are a few things you need to consider and prepare before you even leave the house. Have you got a spare leash? What if your dog gets tired and needs to be carried home?

These next dog owner items are ideal buys to help you be prepared when traveling with a dog.

Doggie Water Bottle

tuff pupper pupflask portable water bottle


Take this doggie water bottle wherever you and your pooch goes.

A doggie water bottle is perfect for traveling with and having at hand for whenever your dog catches thirst.

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Spare Leash

5 ft strong dog leash with comfortable padded handle


You never know if and when you need to have an extra leash handy.

Keep a spare leash in your car or bad for those “just in case” moments that you need to take your dog for a walk, jog or run.

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Dog Car Seat

petlo dog booster car seat with soft luxurious fleece


This is another great recommended product from rescue shelters is a dog car seat.

A dog car seat provides your dog with a safe, comfortable place to sit when traveling by car.

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Dog Backpack

whizzotech dog carrier backpack


Four-legged friends can travel in style in a pet carrier dog backpack.

Carry your dog easily while walking, hiking and even cycling.

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Portable Bowl

tuff mutt collapsible canvas portable dog bowl


A dog needs to eat. That where the portable food bowl comes in.

This bowl is available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your taste.

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Small Dog Carrier

small dog carrier


This is a small dog carrier designed for you and your dog’s convenience.

Use a dog carrier to take your dog on vacation or to the vet, or have the carrier in case your dog gets tired after a long walk in the park.

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Dog Coat

migohi dog jackets for winter


Keep your dog warm cozy and stylish in a beautiful dog coat.

Coats keep your dog protected from the harsh winter weather.

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Dog Owner Items to Help Your Dog Sleep

The amount of sleep a dog needs can vary, but adult dogs need about 12-14 hours per day on average. Puppies and large breeds need an average of 18 hours per day. As dogs are light sleepers, they need to take more frequent naps to ensure that they are getting enough sleep.

These next items will give your pooch a helping hand to slip peacefully into the land of Nod.

Dog Crate

dog crate items all dog owners should own


Dog crates are fantastic as a safe, comfortable place for your dog to call home.

These crates are ideal for travel as they can be easily dismantled and assembled elsewhere.

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Doggie Bed

orthopedic dog bed


Dogs will thank you for buying them a doggie beg that will help them have a peaceful night’s sleep.

With a variety of the best dog beds available on the market, you’ll have plenty of options available to pick the bed that’s perfect for your dog.

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Snuggle Bed

snuggle bed for dogs


Snuggle dog beds are where it’s at! Your dog can drift off in a cozy, warm, insulated bed.

Cozy snuggle beds provide a secure place to sleep comfortably or chill and have some comfort time.

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Dog Owner Items to Keep Your Dog Clean

Keeping your dog clean and groomed is essential for coat and skin health, and it helps dogs stay looking good. These items are perfect products to assist you in caring for your dog.

Paw/Coat Wipes

pogi's grooming wipes for dogs


Coat and paw wipes will not only clean, freshen and condition paws and coats, but they will also leave coats with a healthy shine.

Wipes are great to wipe away any dirt in between baths.

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Doggie Diapers

amazonbasics male dog wrap


If your dog needs it, doggie diapers are a must-have dog owner product to have in your cupboard.

The diapers provide leakproof protection and eliminates urine messes.

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Pet Shower Sprayer

star factory pet dog shower sprayer


After a walk in the park or on the beach, your pooch will be covered in dirt.

A pet shower sprayer will make washing your dog a breeze with the easy-to-use adapter.

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Gentle Shampoo

petlo dog booster car seat with soft luxurious fleece


Soft, gentle shampoos won’t irritate dogs dog’s, eyes nose or skin.

Use the shampoo to moisturize your dog’s skin, leaving their coat looking healthy and smelling great!

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Indoor Fresh Patch

indoor fresh patch real grass dog potty (disposable)


If you live in an apartment or have a puppy in training, consider getting an indoor fresh patch.

Fresh patches are easy to use and can be replaced every few weeks.

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Umbrella Leash

pet dog umbrella


A dog umbrella leash is a fun and quirky accessory for your dog.

Use the umbrella to keep dogs dry while out on walking in the rain.

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Pet Sweep

pet sweep in a box


So this product may not help keep your pet clean, but it will undoubtedly help you out when you don’t have the energy to sweep those floors yourself.

This is a fun joke dog owner item that will bring a smile to your face.

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Whether you are adopting a dog or are already an existing dog owner, use these key tips and dog owner items to help you be a more responsible dog owner.


items all dog owners should own recommended by rescue shelters

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