Top 5 DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas That Will Make You Look Like The Next Martha Stewart

'tis the season to get crafty! With these DIY holiday decoration ideas, you're going to be wowing your family and friends alike.

Holiday decorating can be the best activity during the season, or it could be the worst. If you’re part of the latter group, you can avoid being called a Scrooge by trying one of the DIY holiday decoration ideas below.

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You can make paper snowflakes with the kids or design your holiday wreath. There are ideas for homemade tree toppers and a new way to light up Hanukkah. So whether it’s as simple as cutting pieces of paper into something beautiful or putting together a holiday light ball, these projects are not challenging to create and are also very affordable. And who doesn’t like that?

5. Punched Paper Hanukkah Lanterns

Christmas isn’t the only holiday this season. Jewish families all over celebrate Hanukkah. And although it can be viewed as a solemn holiday, many like to do up their homes accordingly.

If you’re considering decorating for Hanukkah but are over all the dreidels and don’t need more than one menorah, you can try making punched paper lanterns instead. While they could be a fair amount of work, they are straightforward. All you’ll need is tall glass tumblers, colorful paper, double-stick tape, and scissors. You can also use a paper cutter to ensure your paper sheet is cut perfectly. You can pick out your favorite pattern and make pricks in the form for the light to go through. Once fastened, toss in your favorite tealight, throw one each, and light them. If you’re worried about the flame, battery-operated LED candles are an excellent substitute.

4. Paper Snowflakes

You can make paper snowflakes if you want something that can bring the whole family together and doesn’t require the mess of popcorn kernels everywhere. The best part about this decoration idea? You don’t need much to make them: just some paper and a kid-friendly pair of scissors. After watching the video above, you’ll see there’s no wrong way to make a snowflake. All it takes is some folding and snipping. And don’t worry about making them all the same because no snowflake looks identical.

If you want to add something extra to your snowflake, add glitter or pearls in the middle, or use one of these pattern scissors to give your snowflake a different edge.

3. Holiday Light Balls

Christmas lights are essential to holiday decor, but getting on a ladder every year can be exhausting. So, what do you think about making holiday light balls instead?

Although this DIY project may be a bit more labor-intensive than the others, you’ll feel rewarded with the result. You’ll also be able to use these year after year, and not only during Christmas. You’ll need some hex wire mesh, the same stuff people use for chicken coops and colorful string lights. You’ll also need wire-cutting pliers and heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands. With these materials and the instructional video above, you’ll have your own set of holiday light balls for your yard, windowsill, or around the tree in no time.

2. Christmas Tree Topper

Normally the top of Christmas trees show off the brightest star or the most beautiful angel. Even though that’s traditionally the sign of a “perfectly decorated” spruce, it doesn’t mean yours has to look like everyone else’s in your neighborhood.

These berry stems are perfect for a different tree topper look. But if you want more of a White Christmas look, you can swap the red edition for LED light branches. They have a battery pack attached, so you don’t need to worry about extra cords. But because of the power source, you’ll need to be more strategic with how you place them at the top of the tree.

While these toppers don’t look like much coming out at first, the video above shows just how the right placement on top of the tree will not only give you a new and different topper, but also add more pizazz than the typical star.

1. Christmas Wreath

If there’s one thing that’s a holiday home decorating standard, it’s a wreath. It’s not only the something that’s festive without being too Christmas-y, but it’s also great for people who don’t live in a place that can fit a huge tree. Sure, you can buy one, but the video above proves that even though you can get a plain evergreen wreath from your local garden store, you can also create one from scratch using a wreath form.

You can pick tree branches and other shrubbery at your local flower shop or garden store. And because you’re not getting a whole spruce, you’ll be able to save a pretty penny. If you want to add a little extra something, you can turn a thick ribbon into a bow or add some pretty ornaments.

What are your favorite DIY holiday decoration ideas? Let us know in the comments below!