Top 5 Decorating Hacks for the Holidays

Dazzling guests during the holidays can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be with these decorating hacks.

We all look forward to spending time with loved ones during the holidays. It’s a time when family and friends break bread, exchange gifts and join in good ol’ conversation. But before you know it, the season has passed and the New Year’s Eve ball has dropped.

Because the holidays can be hectic, it’s more important than ever to spend less time worrying about the tasks that come along with the season — like decorating, shopping and cooking — and more time with the people you love. So, how do you still have a dazzling home fit for a Better Homes & Gardens cover, while sticking to a budget and keeping your sanity? Luckily for you, we’ve come up with five holiday decorating hacks to make your home festive, inviting and merry, yet prove to make your life a little easier and your holiday a whole lot happier.

5. Invest in a Fake Christmas Tree

Going to an overpriced tree farm, picking out a Christmas tree and hauling it onto the roof of your car sounds a bit daunting. Getting it into the house and securing it on a stand is a whole other story.

Why put yourself through that ordeal? Buying an artificial tree will save you time, money and the mess. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, a fake tree is also a long-term investment. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also allergy-free, fire retardant and easy to set up and take down.

Looking for a small Charlie Brown-inspired tree? Check out the Vickerman Carmel Pine Tree, which stands at 3.5 feet. Is your motto, the bigger the better? Check out a National Tree, which tops out at 12 feet. For more ideas, check out New York Magazine’s picks for the best artificial Christmas trees on the market.

4. Buy Discounted Decorations After Christmas

There’s nothing better than an after Christmas sale. It’s the time of year when all the sparkly decorations of your dreams are affordable and in stock. Stores are filled with décor and accents, ornaments, wrapping paper, tape and paper goods, cookware and food. You name it, the shelves will have it at a 50 percent discount.

You can use everything next holiday season or for other colorful parties you throw throughout the year. For instance, table lines, candles and garlands can be used all year round. Check online for some unbelievable deals and treat yourself.

3. Transform Everyday Décor into Something Magical

Spruce up your home by adding a little bit of ribbon, glitter and pizzazz. Want to brighten up your dinner table? Hang beautiful ornaments or bulbs from your light fixture to create the perfect holiday centerpiece. Want to make the kitchen a bit livelier? Decorate your fridge and turn it into a snowman for the kids. What about the porch and yard? Turn a few ordinary pots into Christmas trees with a little paint and creativity.

You can find Christmas hacks of all kinds on Pinterest. Pick one or three DIY projects that fit your personal style and your pocketbook.

2. Make Your Own Wreath

Holiday window displays are all the rage these days, but buying a hand-crafted wreath can cost you and arm and a leg. Why not make your own stunning wreath at a much lower cost?

Use a foam wreath, flowers and ribbon to make a plaid and poinsettia decoration. Or decorate with pine cones and garland for a more Christmastime feel. If you want a real showstopper, you can make an enchanted wreath, which displays ornaments, floral wire and faux pine garland. Many DIY wreath ideas can be found online, but the best ideas come from the heart. Use artificial or real branches. And decorate, paint and bedazzle until it’s your own.

1. Get Crafty with the Kids

The holidays are about family. So, what better way to spend time with the little ones than letting them decorate? One of many great crafty ideas that allows kids to practice their art skills is making a plate for Santa.

Everyone knows that Santa loves milk and cookies. Why not customize a plate to serve his favorite midnight snack and let your little ones leave it near the chimney on Christmas Eve? Is baking your thing? Let the kids get their hands dirty and decorate some holiday cookies. With endless ideas to choose from, the memories you make will be cherished for a lifetime.


What are your favorite holiday decorating hacks? Let us know in the comments below!