25 Entertaining Halloween Costume Ideas For Moms (and Dads) With Baby Carriers

The countdown is on and Halloween is almost upon us. If you have a baby, you’re likely wondering whether or not you should dress the baby up and how you should transport them. Wagon? Stroller? Baby carrier?  If you prefer the latter but are worried toting around a little one might not jive with your costume, we’re here to solve your problem in the most ingenious way!

Here are 25 fabulous costumes ideas for moms (and dads) that actually work the baby carrier into the costume:

1.) I’ve Got You, Mr. (or Ms.) President

Costume ideas for moms: Mr. President

No matter your political affiliation, this could be a fun one.

Either dress your baby up as President Trump or just let your baby be the future president! Past presidents are also accepted (as are past candidates if you want to dress your baby up as the first female president).