Top 5 Simplest DIY Halloween Costumes

While kids are trick-or-treating, their parents are at adult parties wearing DIY Halloween costumes or paid-for costumes ranging from silly to sleazy—and everything in between. Your costume needs to last all night, but who wants to break the bank on something you’re only going to wear once? The easiest DIYs can be modified for kids and grownups alike.


Here are the top five simplest DIY Halloween costumes that you can do yourself:


5.) Mummy

The Mummy Costume is one of the simplest and also popular Diy Halloween Costumes you can create

Halloween Costumes

One of the most popular DIY Halloween costumes used during the Halloween period is the mummy. Easy, enduring and scary as an undead pharaoh, the mummy will simply never go out of style.

Pulling off this popular Halloween costume by yourself costs nothing at all, as the materials needed to create a mummy costume for Halloween can easily be found around your house or you can purchase some from the thrift store.

You’ll need cheesecloth, floral moss, a white shirt and white tights. Throw on the shirt and tights, then wrap the cheesecloth around the body with the moss randomly tucked in.

Also, another simple way to create a mummy Halloween costume, as offered by Wikihow, is to first form a bandage by tying multiple strips of cloth together, preferably four to five. After putting on a white base outfit, wrap the bandage around the legs, then work it up on your body.

Then when you get to the upper side of your body, wrap your hands first and work back towards your shoulder. Use any leftover bandages to cover your face.

Want to really get that fresh-out-of-the-tomb look? Rub some dirt or tea on the cheesecloth the day before. Grave robbers, beware.