Top 5 Simplest DIY Halloween Costumes

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Once a holiday reserved just for kids that revolved around candy and cobwebs, Halloween is now truly universal. While kids are trick-or-treating, their parents are at adult parties with costumes ranging from silly to sleazy—and everything in between. Your costume needs to last all night, and who wants to break the bank on something you’re only going to wear once? The easiest DIYs can be modified for kids and grownups alike.

5 Mummy

Easy, enduring and scary as an undead Pharaoh, the mummy will simply never go out of style. You’ll need cheese cloth, floral moss, and a white shirt and white tights. Throw on the shirt and tights, then wrap the cheese cloth around the body with the moss randomly tucked in. Want to really get that fresh-out-of-the-tomb look? Rub some dirt or tea on the cheesecloth the day before. Grave robbers, beware.

4 Little Lamb

Using a hot-glue gun, fasten cotton balls or white pom-poms—about 500 should do—to the body portion of a bodysuit or leotard. Cut off the arms and legs. Cut ear shapes out of white and black felt, glue them to a black hat, then cover the hat with pom-poms or cotton balls. Put on black tights and a black long-sleeve shirt. Slip the pom-pom covered body suit on over that, and then do likewise with the hat. You are officially the eternal symbol of innocence and sacrifice.

3 The No-Sew Scarecrow

The age-old scarecrow outfit just got even easier. You’ll need a pair of overalls and a flannel shirt. Cut scraps of fabric into squares; these will be the busting-out-of-his-skin scarecrow’s patches. Take a hot-glue gun and fasten raffia behind the patches to look like straw poking out of holes. You’ll need a straw hat for good measure and if you really want to up the ante, get a cheap artificial bird and fasten it to the hat or to the costume itself.

2 Wacky Meteorologist

Get some blue and silver construction paper, scissors, glue, fishing line, a yellow raincoat and hat and a small bubble umbrella. Take the construction paper and cut out matching pairs of raindrop and lightning bolt shapes. Cut about a foot of fishing line for each pair. Glue one end of the line sandwiched between a pair of matching shapes, and attach the other end to the spokes on the umbrella. Do this for each pair of shapes, throw on the slicker and the hat, and it’s going to rain candy at every house.

1 The Ghost

The easiest Halloween costume in history also just might be the spookiest. The old standby, the go-to, the ghost. The ghost costume requires three things: a white sheet, a marker and scissors. The process is so simple it’s scary. You take the sheet and put it over the ghost-to-be’s head. Locate the wearer’s eyes and mark the spots with the marker. Take the scissors and cut two circles where the dots are, then trim the bottom of the sheet so it appears to float just above the floor. Poof. You’re a ghost. Feeling ambitious? Sew or glue some black lace behind the eye holes to create a screen.

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