Spring for Color: the Best Makeup for Spring

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A fresh, new season needs a fresh, new look. And what better time to reinvent your style and makeup routine than spring, the season of rebirth. There are a whole range of beautiful, brilliant colors to choose from the same color palette (read: don’t mix pastel eye shadows with a bright blush). While you’re in the process of coming up with your signature spring look, here are your best bets on where to start.

5 Bright Colors

When it comes to eye shadow and eyeliner, go bold or go home this season. Try on different shades of cobalt blue, bright pink, spring green, or purple lilac. Blues, greens, and purples work best for eye shadow and eyeliner, while pinks and corals are better for lipstick and blush. For instance, you can use a light, shimmery blue eye shadow along your top and bottom lashes before lining with black eyeliner and applying mascara.

4 Red Lips

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Pink lips are too predictable for spring, so switch it up by opting for red lipstick. But just like your blush color, you should go for something brighter and spring-ier. Just make sure that you try the color out before you buy it. Lipsticks that have an orange tint are better for skin with pink undertones and bluer tints work better on skin with yellow undertones. Getting the wrong tone could end up making you look washed out or sickly, so if you need a second opinion, ask a salesperson or bring along a friend.

3 Full Eyeliner

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No matter what color of eyeliner you choose (see number five for suggestions), you can use it on both your top and bottom lash line to make your eyes really stand out. If you’re going to wear eye shadow, apply that first. When rimming your eyes, try to get as close to your eyelashes without getting it onto your waterline (area between your lash line and eyeball). Play around with colors that coordinate with the colors in your outfit (as opposed to matching). Afterwards, curl your eye lashes and apply mascara to finish the look.

2 Coral Cheeks

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Your cheeks are the perfect place for a pop of spring color. Choose a blush that’s slightly more orange/coral than your winter color. To apply, use a blush brush and swirl into your powdered blush (it’ll go on more evenly than liquid blush). Lightly tap off any extra before applying to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Keep the blush in the center, most full part of your cheeks away from your cheekbones, jawbone, and ears. If you apply too much, try blending with your fingertips.

1 Glowing Skin

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The secret to dewy, youthful-looking skin is all in how you prep it every morning. Start by washing your face with a mild cleanser or scrub, pat dry, and apply moisturizer with light-reflecting pigments or light shimmer (just make sure it’s not glittery shimmer). When applying your foundation, don’t cake it on. Use a light coat of liquid or powder foundation so that your natural skin tone has the chance to show through. Finish off with a sweep of powder all over your face and a highlighter to your cheekbones and forehead.

So go for it! Have some fun playing around with your makeup and experiment with different looks. But remember to keep a balanced look. If you’re going for a bold pop of color on your eyes, don’t also do bright lips. Instead opt for pink or nude lips. And vice-versa.

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