20+ DIY Halloween Decorations That Will Spook All Your Guests – But Not Your Wallet

Short on time and on cash? Good news: you can still have the most spellbinding house in the neighborhood with these cost-splashing DIY Halloween decorations. Get ready to be spooked! 

Short on time and cash? Don’t be lazy this year, we’ve got you covered. You can still have the most spellbinding house in the neighborhood with these cost-splashing DIY Halloween decorations. Get ready to spook!

23. Paranormal Portraits

diy halloween decorations eerie pictures

Turn your loved ones’ pictures into ghostly portraits that will send chills down the spines of anyone who comes across them.

This ghostly display only need black and white pictures, mini LED Christmas lights (10/10 for recycling opportunity), a few drops of black paints, and frames to make it happen.

22. DIY Pumpkin Balloon Backdrop

balloon pumpkin party idea diy halloween decorations

Capture your Halloween costumes with Insta-worthy shots using this pumpkin balloon backdrop!

You can make it as big as you want, depending on the space you have available. This simple idea is a treat for DIY beginners.

Inspo Link: The House That Lars Built

21. Front Door Boo Sign


A stylish front door decoration that only takes 20 minutes to make? Yes, please!

This ‘BOO’ sign only requires wooden letters, spray paint, glitter, orange ribbon, and a stapler. Way to spruce up your front door with minimum effort—and money.

Inspo Link: The Pinning Mama

20. Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

diy halloween decorations witch hats

Your Halloween porch decorations have never been spookier!

Add a touch of whimsy to your party with these floating witch hat luminaries. They seem to be magically levitating in the air the morning and can light up in the evening, offering your home extra spooky points!

Inspo Link: Polka Dot Chair 

19. Tortured Candles

diy halloween decorations candies spooky

Bloody candles, this DIY is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pick up the cheapest white pillar candles you can find, stick black nails or carpet tacks into them, and drip the hot wax of a red candle all around the edges of the white pillar.

And there you go, thanks to Family Chic, now you have a gruesome-looking and terrific Halloween decoration.

18. Spooky Elizabethan Crows

diy halloween decorations crow handmade

There is a fine line between creepy and fancy, and once you reach it, you can have the most delightful Halloween decorations.

Some of them are these mysterious ready-to-party Elizabethan crows that you can embellish using coffee filters, crepe paper, or glitter. Crows have never been more fashionable!

Inspo Link: Eighteen 25

17. Halloween Lanterns

diy halloween decorations lanterns

Do you  hate craving pumpkins? Do you think you are more crafty?

These mod podge Halloween lanterns are adorable and easy to make with simple instructions.  A total steal!

Inspo Link: Erin Spain

16. Black & White Painted Pumpkins

diy halloween decorations painted pumpkin

Each year, you step up your pumpkin carving skills, but this year, you’re aiming for something different.

Country Living got your back! These sophisticated painted pumpkins will adorn your front porch with class and elegance.

Inspo Link: Country Living

15. Potions Book

diy halloween decorations potion book

Give your book collection a Halloween makeover with The Idea Room’s free printables.

Ideally, find some old-looking books with yellowed pages and stick the printables on their covers, making your own potions and spells library!

Inspo Link: The Idea Room 

14. DIY Halloween Candy Door Hanger

diy halloween decorations pumpkin candy trick or treat

What a sweet greeting your guests will receive!With this candy-filled and cheerful pumpkin at your door, you might become this year’s favorite destination for trick-and-treaters. You only need a chalkboard, half pumpkin, and black and white paint to make it happen.

Inspo Link: Cherished Bliss

13. DIY Mummy Pillow

diy halloween decorations spooky pillowcase

If you’re planning a horror movie night on Halloween, we suggest you throw a couple of pillows around you. You know, just in case you need to shield yourself from that frightening clown or petrifying doll on the screen. (They look so real, brr!)

A white pillow cover, pillow insert, some black and white felt, cheesecloth, and a glue gun are all you need to make this wonderful mummy pillow happen.

Inspo Link: Eighteen 25

12. Chalkboard Tombstones, by Rogue Engineer

diy halloween decorations tombstone chalked

Hold on to your horses, for Jamison is treating us with an inexpensive knock-off to the Pottery Barn chalkboard tombstones!

The total cost of these babes is less than $20, and our minds are already racing on what we’re going to write on them!

Inspo Link: Rogue Engineer

11. Halloween Skull Wreathdiy halloween decorations skeleton wreath

Let the wrath of this Halloween wreath take over your front door.

Your guests will be welcomed by the fanciest vengeful wreath there is, and the skulls of its You can make it only using styrofoam mini-skulls, wire, hot glue and ribbon. Neat!

Inspo Link: Tried And True Blog

10. DIY Halloween Ghosts

diy halloween ghosts diy halloween decorations

You won’t believe how easy these boo-tiful ghosts are. Really.

The self-hanging effect is created using liquid starch, a cheesecloth, a small balloon, and a mason jar. Get the full directions by clicking below!

Inspo Link: The Idea Room 

9. Ghost Piñatas, by Make + Tell

ghost pinatas diy halloween decorations

These piñata ghosts will kill you… with cuteness!

Primarily made using paper lanterns and crepe paper, this DIY is highly versatile. We love the fact that you can use any colors you want according to the theme you’re going for.

Inspo Link: Make And Tell

8. Spider Themed Balloon

halloween balloons diy halloween decorations spider balloon

The simplest ideas tend to be the most brilliant ones, and this is one of them.

If you have only a few minutes to spare to make your DIY Halloween decorations, the spider balloon is definitely for you. Two words: a black balloon and black pipe cleaners. It’s all it takes

In case you were looking for full-fledged matching Halloween party decorations, Design Improvised has an EEK! themed guide for you here.

Inspo Link: Design Improvised

7. Halloween Mirror, by Country Living

mirror diy halloween decorations

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best DIYer of them all?”

When you pull off this show-stealing decoration, the answer will surely be a hard ‘YOU!’

6. DIY Mummy Wreathmummy wreath diy halloween decorations

Been too wrapped up in your Halloween decorations and completely forgot about your front door? This clever DIY will save the day!

Pretty Providence uses only a wreath, muslin, duct tape, and googly eyes to create this masterpiece, and honestly, I suspect that when I make it, it will stay on my front door way past Halloween.

Inspo Link: Pretty Providence

5. Spider Web Tablecloth

diy halloween decorations halloween backdrop

You got your favorite Halloween food all lined up on your table, but something’s missing to bring the look up together.

A Halloween-themed tablecloth! That’s what you need! But instead of shelling out big bucks for one that you might only use one, it’s smarter to make your own. Discover how in the link below.

Inspo Link: The House That Lars Built

4. Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks


Being a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, Flamingo Toes wanted to recreate their Crystal Ball room’s mood.

And he absolutely nailed it with the frightening floating images trick of this decoration. Read the whole tutorial below.

Inspo Link: Flamingo Toes

3. Spooky Balloon Garland

diy halloween decorations halloween treat table

Step up your garland game and transform your bare walls with this tricolor balloon garland.

Eighteen 25 shows you how you can achieve this decoration with minimum effort and money.

Inspo Link: Eighteen 25

2. Pom Pom Bat Cupcake Toppers, by Oh Happy Day

toppers diy halloween decorations pompom

Shake things up with these cutesy and goofy bat toppers!

Once you start making them, you won’t be able to stop, and you will soon find yourself gluing them at almost every spot possible.

Inspo Link: Oh Happy Day

1. Halloween Wines Glasses, by Salty Canary

diy halloween decorations wine glasses boos please

Pouring your super duper awesome Halloween cocktails that you spent so much preparing in dull everyday glasses is such a waste.

Follow Salty Canary’s tutorial to find out how you can jazz up your own glasses, or simply use letter stickers to cast your favorite spells on your guests.

Inspo Link: Salty Canary

Which one(s) of these DIY Halloween decorations do you think you will make this year? Do you have other ones in mind? Let us know in the comments! And in case you’re planning on throwing the wackiest Halloween party of the block, our next article covers the basics you absolutely need to have!