Top 5 Classic Jack-O’-Lantern Patterns

Pumpkin carving season is here, and though there are so many different designs these days, here are our favorite classic jack-o'-lantern patterns.

classic jack-o’-lantern patternsThe Halloween season is in full swing, and it’s time to carve those jack-o’-lanterns to adorn your front yard. While there is now a wide array of classic jack-o’-lantern patterns to choose from that are always frightfully delightful. If you are looking to go with a classic design for your pumpkin carving this Halloween season, choose from our favorites.

5.) Flying Bats

This pattern can make for a particularly spooky lit display. Choose from a variety of sizes of flying bats and use small cutting tools to carve them all around the pumpkin. Add a glow stick, or an electric tea light and your bats can create a fantastic light pattern across the dark fall night.

To make it easy to create symmetrical carvings, utilize a stencil or pre-draw your bats before cutting.

Pumpkin Carving Stencil – 3 Bats

4.) Witch on a Broom

Witch on a Broom Jack O Lantern Pattern

One of the most classic jack-o’-lantern patterns is a witch flying on her broom across the sky with a full moon in the backdrop. While this design may sound complicated, it is easy with available stencils and patterns. You can carve a traditional witch silhouette without much detailing, and typically the use of standard pumpkin carving sets can do the trick.

3.) Scary Cat

Black Cat Jack O Lantern Pattern

The scary cat has been a popular icon for Halloween as long as the witch has, and the classic jack-o’-lantern pattern of its arched back in front of a moonlit silhouette is a perfect accompaniment to the flying witch design, or on its own. If you still prefer the traditional black cat over the orange one your pumpkin will create, you can utilize some paint to fill in your carving and have your cat stand out with the light inside as a backdrop.

2.) The Friendly Ghost

Friendly Ghost Jack O Lantern Pattern

This classic jack-o’-lantern pattern is not only easy for children to assist with carving, but it is also a very kid-friendly design if you have a neighborhood with youngsters who may scare a little easier. The cartoon-like Casper the Ghost design can be easily created with child safe pumpkin carving tools, whether you prefer to carve freehand or use a stencil.

1.) Spooky Face

Jack O Lantern Face Pattern

The most classic and versatile carving pattern found during the Halloween season is the spooky face. You have the freedom to make your face as gentle and silly, or as spooky and terrifying, as you want. While most of the traditional patterns will include eyes, nose and a mouth with teeth, many will incorporate other facial features such as ears, hair, tongues or eyebrows. When creating your design, two of the most expressive parts of the carving are the eyes and the mouth, so those are the easiest ones to manipulate to create the desired expression. There are many stencils to guide your carving, but this type of design is easy to freehand as well.

Bring that classic touch to your stoop or porch this Halloween season by choosing one of five classic jack-o-lantern patterns listed above. Still not sure which design you want, purchase a pumpkin carving pack, which will have multiple stencils to provide the inspiration you need and the tools you need to create them.