Count the Calories That Come Off! 12 Awesome Calorie Burning Workouts

If you’re set on the mission of zapping a lot of calories, calories burning exercises might as well help you set fire to a whole bunch of calories at once. There are a lot of different things to try so it should be easy to find which top calorie-burning workout is for you. Reminder – make sure to consult a physician before making any drastic changes in diet or exercise.

Here are 12 awesome calorie-burning exercises you should try out:


12.) KickBoxing

This is one exercise that will burn a lot of calories and you don’t have to train to become McGregor to do it.

The use of punches, kicks involved in Kickboxing is what helps to burn calories and you can spar with someone to make this more effective. According to a research by the American Council on Exercise, women who weighed 135 pounds burned 350-450 calories an hour.

Kickboxing is definitely one exercise you want to try out if you are focused on burning calories.