Count the Calories That Come Off! 12 Awesome Calorie Burning Workouts

Burning Calories would no longer be a problem when you learn any of these 12 awesome calorie-burning exercises that will make you lose them faster

If you’re set on the mission of zapping a lot of calories, calories burning exercises might as well help you set fire to a whole bunch of calories at once. There are a lot of different things to try so it should be easy to find which top calorie-burning workout is for you. Reminder – make sure to consult a physician before making any drastic changes in diet or exercise.

Here are 12 awesome calorie-burning exercises you should try out:

12. KickBoxing

This is one exercise that will burn a lot of calories and you don’t have to train to become McGregor to do it. When you get into the ring, you do not have to knock the opponent out to burn the calories. If you hit a heavy bag, work with a partner, or just perform punch combos in the air, you will reach your calorie goals.

The use of punches, kicks involved in Kickboxing is what helps to burn calories and you can spar with someone to make this more effective. According to research by the American Council on Exercise, women who weighed 135 pounds burned 350-450 calories an hour.

Kickboxing is definitely one exercise you want to try out if you are focused on burning calories.

11. Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing is an all-around wonderful exercise because it’s an effective full-body exercise, but it’s also a low-impact workout. It’s not easy because it’s similar to rowing a boat.

According to a study by Harvard University, a 185-pound person has the ability to burn 377 calories in 30 minutes while doing this calorie burning exercise. Apart from helping to burn calories, the processes involved in the Indoor Rowing exercise helps to strengthen your back, shoulders and your arms. Indoor rowing does not involve any painful impacts on your joints, and it does not require a lot of movement. For that reason, it’s a great cardio workout for older adults. It’s also a great workout for people work are not ready to start weightlifting, but want to start building muscle.

10. Kettlebell Swing

According to research by the University of Wisconsin, this is one exercise that will send your heart into overdrive. This difficult yet fun exercise will make you work your muscles around your glutes and quad.

In a study carried out, participants who did the Kettlebell swing burned 20.2 calories a minute and it also revealed that the average heart of the participants was at was 93 percent of its max throughout the 20 mins exercise. If you’re looking to firm up your glutes and quads, check out the best kettlebells for home.

9. Battle Ropes

You can find these ropes in every gym. Regardless of whatever exercise you do with the rope (whether slamming, waves, jumps or swings), The battle rope is a tough and challenging calorie-burning exercise. According to, you can burn up to 500 calories while doing ten all-out 100-yard sprints.

Sometimes it feels the best when you are slamming things around the gym when you need good exercise. They are known for firing up your muscles from your head to your toes while you burn calories and fat away. Battle ropes are the most effective for a full-body 15-minute workout. Your legs are always squatting or moving while your core tries to stabilize the motion.

8. Yoga

Although Yoga is an activity meant to help reduce stress and with less exhausting processes like the other exercises mentioned in this list, it can also help you to burn calories. A Vinyasa Yoga which involves matching breaths with movement from one pose to another has the ability to help burn close 600 calories per hour for a 150-pound woman.

According to, the more intense the flow, the more likely you are to burn more calories. If you want to start practicing yoga on a regular basis, check out our reviews of the best yoga mats. Practicing on a great yoga mat will make or break your experience. As a beginner or advanced yogi, you want to make sure that you choose the right one when you are doing downward dog or any other tricky move.

7.) Burpees

This is one simple calorie-burning exercises which involve basic steps. Burpees involve your chest hitting the ground, using your hips to pop-up, clapping above your head, go down again.

Then repeat the whole thing.

It is believed you can burn up to 10 calories in a minute doing this exercise.

6.) Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the simplest exercises that could help you burn calories. According to the health website, Women’s, if you are able to do 120 skips per minute, you will burn 667-990 calories/hour.

Aside, helping you to burn calories, jumping rope also helps you to burn fat. According to WebMD, you would have to run 8-miles to get rid of calories which you will naturally burn if you do jump rope exercises.

5.)  Swimming

Here’s one exercise you would enjoy doing while still losing calories at the same time. If you go pretty fast you can see over 700 calories fall away. All 4 limbs are moving with the resistance of water, now that’s a total body workout. With controlled breathing, you can really gain endurance with this exercise. Different strokes for different folks too. Butterfly and breaststroke will burn more calories than a few laps freestyle. Grab a towel and jump in the pool to race the clock.

Swimming helps you build endurance in your lungs and muscles when you swim more often. You can use swimming to increases your endurance in other activities like running marathons. It can also assist with using oxygen more efficiently. When you are breathing oxygen better, you feel less tired.

4.) Dancing

Dancing is a whole-body workout that makes exercise look and feels fun. It’s great for your heart, and it makes you feel stronger. It also helps with balance and coordination. Dancing for 3o minutes can be similar to jogging.

High impact dancing, aerobics or step aerobics can burn nearly 600 calories in a class. You’re up and moving and concentrating on getting the steps right you’ll hardly realize you’re working out. Shake your groove thing and tear up the dance floor. It hardly feels like working out when you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes. Gyms offer Zumba, step, aerobics and other classes that will get you moving.

3.) Cycle

Burn up to a whopping 1000 calories in a vigorous spin class or take it to the streets for a race. Cycling, especially a spin class, usually includes intervals with resistance and high-intensity sprints. It may sound impossible, by Gym Jones manager Rob MacDonald said that it’s possible to get past 87 calories in one minute on a stationary bike. What you need to do is increase the resistance of the bike and pedal harder. The main point is to give everything you have for a solid 60 seconds. If you are looking for an exercise bike for your lifestyle, check out our reviews of the best exercise bikes.

Strolling around on flat pavement won’t get you the results of a spin class or mountain biking, but it will be a great start. Start adding in quick sprints and go for some hills. Time flies when you are having fun, so invite a friend along and enjoy the ride.

2.) Running

If you can power up 10-minute miles, you’ll burn upwards of 700 calories. Whipping up endorphins for a runner’s high, hit the pavement, get your heart rate up and beat the clock. Running at a steady pace see if you can complete a distance in shorter time each week. The faster you run the more calories you’ll burn! It’s as easy as tying up your sneakers and putting one foot in front of the other.

To get the best workout from running, sometimes you want to listen to music or an audiobook to keep yourself going. You need that extra push. Thanks to improvements in running headphones, you know longer have to untangle your earbuds. There are Bluetooth connectivity and battery technology that will make the running experience more enjoyable.

1.) HIIT

You can burn about 9% more calories doing high-intensity interval training than steady paced cardio. Take running to sprint intervals. Burst through a few laps in the pool giving it your all. Get up that hill as fast as you possibly can on your bike. Alternating 30-second bursts with 30 seconds of recovery for 10-30 minutes at a time. Make sure to alternate your workouts if you are doing HIIT multiple times per week. Your muscles need time to recover, but this is a great way to increase the burn when you can. Giving it your all has never been hotter!

Calories burned are based on a person weighing 155 lbs and exercising for 1 hour. These amounts may vary depending on height, weight, and BMI. Typically, the faster and the higher the impact the more calories you burn. Make sure to hydrate before, during and after these types of workouts. If you feel dizzy or faint during any type of exercise, slow down and stop.