The Best Makeup for Winter You Need to Try Today

Follow these 5 simple guidelines for glamorous yet effortless winter makeup looks you can use this the winter season. We've got product recommendations too!

You regularly change your wardrobe to fit in with each of the seasons but you may forget about your winter makeup and skincare routine. Makeup for winter is completely different from the other seasons. Winter can be a tricky time to figure out your makeup. You want to look elegant for those holiday parties and family get gatherings, but you don’t want to look frostbitten or too glittery either.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of guidelines to help you create the perfect makeup for winter looks for the holidays and beyond.

Follow these five simple guidelines for glamorous yet effortless makeup for winter you can wear throughout the winter season.


5.) Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Woman moisturizing to perfect her makeup for winter

Moisturizer isn’t just for summer months. In fact, cold and dry air can cause your skin to flake and crack. It’s essential to keep your skin hydrated, Korean beauty products could help with that.

You’ll not only want a lotion with SPF 8 to 15 just for your face but one you can spread all over your skin, focusing on your knees and elbows. If you plan on hitting up a holiday soiree, you might even want to invest in hydrating skin products like lotion with a bit of shimmer on it to make your skin radiate and attract the right kind of attention.


Recommended Winter Moisturizer

glamglow waterburst hydrated glow moisturizer for makeup for winter


Product: Glamglow Water Burst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer

What you can expect:

This innovative formula will instantly explode into water droplets when it gets in contact with the skin. Once fully absorbed it will leave the skin hydrated, with a feeling of long-lasting freshness.

Customer Review:

“I was looking for a cream that moisturizes my dry skin, and this one is great it does its job very well, moisturizes, no tugging, plus it has a very good smell, and a feeling of freshness when applied.”

– Llau

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4.) Create Flushed Cheeks

 create makeup for winter by applying blush to cheeks

Baby, it’s cold outside, and your cheeks should show it. A little red blush on the apples of your cheeks is just enough to make it look like you’ve gone for a brisk walk outside or maybe have been snuggling by the fire with your sweetie. To achieve this look, swirl your blush brush into a bluish red blush (not a coral red). Tap off any extra blush on the side of the palette so you don’t get too much on your cheeks. Then apply the blush to the fullest part of your cheeks, circling out from the center.


Recommended Winter Blush

a stunning makeup for winter makeup dior red blush


Product: Dior Red Blush

What you can expect:

This Dior Red blush will add a long-lasting flushed cheek to effect to your winter makeup look. Add as much or little of the ultra-pigmented color to your cheeks for intense or subtle coverage.

Customer Review:

“Finally a new version of the blush Dior (the old really dated), with several finishes and dapper colors to dress the cheekbones. The slightly convex shape allows easy application, the texture is not powdery. In summary, a very nice color chart and a successful reformulation for the blush Dior!”

– Mado33

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3.) Choose Chocolate or Gold Eye Shadow

Gold eyeshadow is fantastic makeup for winter makeup

Deposit Photos

When searching for the perfect shade of eyeshadow for the holiday season, go for shimmery golds and deep, rich, chocolate browns. Oftentimes with these colors, all you need is a swipe over the lash line up to the middle crease of your eyelid. For evening gatherings, try both colors with the brown layered closer to the lash line and the gold applied closer to the top of the lid and the upper crease in your eyelid. Just make sure you finish the look with a blending brush.

Gold and brown eyeshadows are a must to help you create striking makeup looks for winter. The gold and brown tones go easily from day to night. You can even add a bit of glitter to your eyes for a more festive party look.


Recommended Winter Eyeshadow

tom ford eye color golden milk is a stunning makeup for winter


Product: Tom Ford Eye Color Golden Milk

What you can expect:

2 application brushes are included to apply the long-lasting ultra-pigmented eyeshadows. Choose from the four finishes; pure sheen, satin, glitter, and matte to create a striking eye makeup for winter look for the festive party season.

Customer Review:

“This palette is a marvel, the harmony is very pretty. The colors are very highly pigmented. They do not patch. The color at the top left is bright, I love it. The result is bright but can be easily used for a daily look. The palette is expensive, but in terms of quantity of product, it is above the other small pallets of luxury brands, so in the end, it is rather economical. The mirror is elegant and practical.”

– Melanle7777

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2.) Wear Darker Lips

a woman wearing plum lipstick for one of her makeup for winter looks

Deposit Photos

As it gets darker earlier during these winter months, your winter lip color should follow suit. Pick a new, daring shade of lip stain in a raisin or plum color. Lip stain is a better option for darker colors, as it will stay better. Prep your lips first by exfoliating them with a gentle scrub or dry toothbrush (sounds silly, but it works). Then apply lip primer and line your lips with a color that matches your lip stain. Fill in the rest of your lips from the center out towards both sides. Resist the temptation to use gloss unless you’re headed to a super swanky party.

Wearing a darker shade on your lips will match the darker tones of your winter wardrobe: the blacks, greys, and browns.

Recommended Winter Lip Stain

sephora velvety red lip stains are wonderful makeup for winter


Product: Sephora Velvety Red Lip Stain

What you can expect:

The Sephora Collection Velvety Red Lip Stain is bang on trend for this seasons makeup for winter. The metallic matte finish is long lasting and non-transferring for a vibrant look that will last the day. And the color looks festive upon your lips.

Customer Review:

“I’m rather accustomed to high-end lipsticks that have often disappointed me. The color is original, the product is very easy to apply. It dries instantly and holds relatively well, only a small touch up after meals. And the big plus is the price, which will probably push me to test new colors. I highly recommend!!”

– Alna3005

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1.) Try Winged Eyeliner

Beautiful model applying eyeliner closeup on eye for her makeup for winter

Deposit Photos

Ready for daring eyes that will be the talk of the office party? Experiment with winged or cat eye eyeliner. Once you’ve applied primer and eyeshadow, line your upper lids as you usually would in a straight line across your lash line. Make sure you apply from the inside corner towards the outside. Once you get close to the outside corner (not all the way, though), angle your liner towards the end of your eyebrow. It shouldn’t touch your eyebrow, but it should stop halfway in between. Depending on how thick your eyeliner is and how dramatic you want your look to be, you may need to add additional strokes of eyeliner that meet at a point right outside the corner of your eye.

Recommended Winter Eyeliner

sephora collection high precision eyeliner makeup for winter


Product: Sephora Collection High Precision Eyeliner

What you can expect:

The intense ultra-pigmented formula and thin haired brush of the Sephora Collection eyeliner allow the eyeliner to be applied with precise precision. Use the brush to draw clean fine lines to create stunning winged eyeliner effects to complete any unique makeup for a winter look.

Customer Review:

“It’s the only eyeliner I’ve been buying for years and I’m very happy with it. Its fine brush makes it easy to apply the product. It was only at Sephora that I managed to find the brush that suited me. I hope this product will last a long time. I recommend.”

– Lea38

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But just like fashion, makeup styles are always changing and evolving. So even though this list is a great place to start, feel free to branch out and create your own signature winter look or flip through your favorite magazine for inspiration — you never know what will catch your eye. Maybe it’s a bold color of winged eyeliner or your new favorite red lipstick.

If you need more winter makeup ideas, look at these beauty box subscriptions. Every month, new products are delivered straight to your door. It’s a great way not to spend a lot of money, and you can get a variety of seasonal products.


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The Best Makeup for Winter You Need to Try Today