Stunning Eye Makeup Looks That Will Make You Stand Out In A Crowd

This year is all about some of the brightest and boldest runway-inspired eye makeup looks we’ve seen in years. Sometimes all that you need is a little something different for your makeup routine or something new to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. Grab that brush and with one stroke add a cheerful pop of color across the lids.

With abunch of awesome ways to make the eyes stand out and look more attractive, from holographic liner to kick-flare lashes here are our top 5 hottest eye makeup looks this season. This will inspire you to use all of the colors in your eyeshadow palettes. There’s never been a better time to rock colorful, bold eye makeup.

5.) Negative Space Eyeliner

Bored with the traditional cat eye? The alternative to the classic cat eye is negative space eyeliner, which is, in fact, one of the most popular eye makeup looks of this season. After all, less is said to be more and negative space eyeliner can add a stylish yet edgy touch to any eye makeup look. Draw the liner as normal but be careful to leave the inside unfilled. Allowing a little glimpse of skin to show through creates a dramatic outline on the lid.

The folding over the lid causes eyes to look smaller, so you can make eyes look bigger with the use of eyeliner. Now is the time to experiment with your eyeliner game. Step out of your beauty comfort zone. Experiment with color and shape and give this eye makeup look a try!

Re-create the look with YSL’s Noir Liquid Eyeliner. This black eyeliner has a firm-yet-flexible precision brush that draws a bold, even and long-lasting line.

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