Stunning Eye Makeup Looks That Will Make You Stand Out In A Crowd

2018 is all about some of the brightest and boldest runway-inspired eye makeup looks we’ve seen in years. From holographic liner to kick-flare lashes, here are our top 5 hottest eye makeup looks this season.

This season, the hottest trend in makeup is bold, runway-inspired eye makeup looks that add a pop of color, sparking your inner creativity. Holographic liner and kick-flare lashes are just two captivating forms from our top 5 picks that will make your eyes stand out. By exploring the colors of your eyeshadow palette, you can reshape your regular routine and experience a range of more daring hues. With these luminous trends, people will definitely turn heads at the sight of your impressive makeup skills. So, pick up that brush and get ready to stand out!

5. Negative Space Eyeliner

negative space eyeliner

@popxobeauty / Instagram

Bored with the traditional cat eye? The alternative to the classic cat eye is negative space eyeliner, which is, in fact, one of the most popular eye makeup looks of this season. After all, less is said to be more and negative space eyeliner can add a stylish yet edgy touch to any eye makeup look. Draw the liner as usual but be careful to leave the inside unfilled. Allowing a little glimpse of skin to show through creates a dramatic outline on the lid.

The folding over the lid causes eyes to look smaller, so you can make eyes look more prominent with the use of eyeliner. Now is the time to experiment with your eyeliner game. Step out of your beauty comfort zone. Experiment with color and shape and give this eye makeup look a try!

Re-create the look with YSL’s Noir Liquid Eyeliner. This black eyeliner has a firm-yet-flexible precision brush that draws a bold, even and long-lasting line.

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4. Brightening Those Inner Corners

brightening those inner corners

@bekkaharvey_mua / Instagram

An easy eye makeup looks trick for instantly increasing the size of your eyes is dabbing light colors on the inner corners. I have used this technique for years to enhance and brighten up the eyes. In recent times, makeup artists and influencers have creatively adapted this classic trick to create fun splashes of color on the eyes. This is one of the simplest and coolest makeup trends around, which produces fabulous results.

Re-create the look with the MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. Used by makeup artists backstage, it features the hottest spring colors from the runway.

3. Blue Eye Makeup

blue eye makeup

@makeupaddictioncosmetics / Instagram

Blue eyeshadow is making a comeback in 2023 as part of the “fun” trend. If you want to try it out, consider using a blue eyeliner to draw graphic lines on your lids or adding a pop of color to your lower lash line.

However, pulling off this look requires some thought and experimentation. Those with darker skin tones may find aquamarine hues to be most flattering, while those with lighter complexions may opt for cooler colors like cobalt and periwinkle.

Beyond just the color, eyeshadow can also add dimension and depth to your eyes while complementing your natural eye color. It’s a great way to make your eyes appear larger and highlight one of your best features.

Re-create the look with Dior Color Graduation eyeshadow with a weightless finish that blends onto the eyelid, dressing it with color and facets of shadow and light.

 2. Holographic Liner

holographic liner



Mesmerize the world with holographic shimmer on your lids, as it instantly adds a dash of charm! The stunning reflective surface gives you a space-age look, creating an exquisite statement eye. Think of it as a futuristic yet glitzy take on conventional black eyeliner.

Elevate your style with holographic strips of paper. Cut and place them with ease using eyelash glue. You may even consider substituting with holographic perspex eyeliner for adding a magical touch to your makeup. The future is here, and it calls for extra sparkle in your look!

Re-create the look with Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliners. Line your lids in holographic color, inspired by all things unicorn!


1. Kick-Flare Lashes

kick-flare lashes

@girls_attitude / Instagram

Eate your lash game with kick-flare lashes, also known as “traditional individual eyelashes.” Ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions, these lashes come in a range of multi-colored options, allowing for a splashy rainbow effect on the eyes. It’s the perfect quirky eye makeup look to try out this season.

Kick-flare lashes are more than just a fun style choice; they beautifully frame the eyes sans mascara while naturally boosting confidence. They have a natural and weightless feel, and they’re also water-resistant and good for the health of your natural lashes.

Re-create this stunning look with a set of high-quality false lashes made from incredibly soft natural hair fibers. This ensures a natural appearance, easy application, and a comfortable wear that lasts all day long.

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stunning eye makeup looks that will make you stand out in a crowd