Top 5 Liners To Give You The Perfect Cat Eye Look

Trying to perfect that perfect cat eye liner We've got you covered with our favorite products to help produce a cat eye like no other.

A cat eye — the fancy term for winged eyeliner — is one of the most popular and classic makeup trends. In addition to shaping the eye, winged Perfect Cat Eye Liner can completely alter a look. A thin, sharp wing is a nod to classic Hollywood glam and brings together even the simplest of looks. On the other hand, a thick, blown out wing brings about an edgy, rocker-girl vibe that truly makes a statement. It’s safe to say that the cat eye is a staple in the beauty industry.  In addition, it’s not going away anytime soon!

The biggest struggle for cat eye lovers is getting that wing on point. Thankfully, here are the Top 5 products to help you create a perfect cat eye.

5.) MAC’s Rollerwheel Liquid Liner

When finding the perfect liquid liner, multiple factors go into play. Is the brush tip fine enough? Will the pigmentation be opaque upon first stroke? Does it distribute the perfect amount of product? Can it stay on if you cry through The Notebook for the millionth time?

MAC’s newest liner, the Rollerwheel Liquid Liner, aims to check off nearly all of these factors (it doesn’t help with the latter, sorry). With a unique disk applicator, the Rollerwheel helps to create a line that is smooth and defined.

4.) NYX’s The Curve Liner

Having a shaky hand makes creating a wing an extremely difficult task. With even the slightest twitch, a line can go from looking like a cat eye to a lion. Enter NYX with an item to help makeup lovers have a more steady hand.

The Curve Liner is bent to fit perfectly within the curves of your hand to draw a line with ease, giving you total control over the felt tip applicator. For liner beginners, this is definitely an item you need to try out.  This is the perfect cat eye liner.

3.) beautyblender’s liner.designer

Known for their award-winning cosmetic sponge applicator, beautyblender has released a new, innovative tool to act as a guide when drawing any wing. Most beauty lovers have used tape as a guide when wanting to create a sharp line with their eyeshadow or liner, but tape doesn’t create a natural curve to follow the shape of your eye. With beautyblender’s liner.designer, that issue is solved.

Shaped almost like a guitar pick, the liner.designer is simple. Just adhere it to the skin and use liner of any kind on one of its three sides to create different shapes. It’s the best way to give you symmetrically perfect cat eye liner. You’ll no longer have to worry about looking lopsided!

2.) Lancome’s Grandiose Liner

Upon first glance, this liner looks intimidating, but really it’s brilliantly thought out. Lancome’s Grandiose Liner contains a wand that is bendable at the handle to assist with drawing a line in any direction. Keep the handle straight or bend it to its 35-degree angle before applying to sweep across your lash line with close access.

Lancome’s Grandiose Liner

This liner also includes an ultra thin tip — thinner than most liners on the market — to make application a breeze. As if that wasn’t enough, the Grandiose Liner dries down super quick and is smudge proof. It’s basically a home run.

1.) Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner

A few years ago, Benefit released the They’re Real Push Up Liner — a follow up to their best selling They’re Real mascara. Its purpose is to create a look that is too good to be true, and that’s what makes it so great.

Unlike your typical liquid liner pen, this is a gel that won’t smudge when it dries down and is extremely long lasting. It also has a carefully designed tip that has a small bend to hug the lashes. The purpose? To apply product as close to the lash line as possible without skipping and making the eye appear larger and more awake. Though this product may take a little time to get used to, it’s definitely worth it and great for any cat eye lover from beginner to expert.

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