Fall in Love with a New Look: the Best Makeup for Fall

The weather is getting colder and the leaves are turning colors, and with that, your makeup colors are changing, too. And though styles and fashions change
The weather is getting colder and the leaves are turning colors, and with that, your makeup colors are changing, too. And though styles and fashions change from season to season and year to year, there are some basics to stock your makeup kit with that you’ll use again and again. Here are the five best tips for the autumn season.

5 Rosy Cheeks

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Retire the bronzer for a few months in favor of a redder blush. After applying your foundation, use a blush brush to sweep the blush onto the fullest part of your cheek. The goal is to look flushed like you just went for a brisk walk outside, and not like a clown from the circus, which can happen with red blush. Make sure you apply it lightly and evenly, avoiding your cheekbones (that’s where the bronzer belongs).

4 Clean Complexion

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The best way to look your best during the fall is to start with a clean complexion. And because you don’t have the summer sun tanning your skin anymore, you might want to recheck that the color of your foundation, concealer, and powder still match your skin tone. But just because the sun isn’t as bright, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin with SPF in your makeup or moisturizer. When it comes to prepping your face everyday, make sure you wash with a mild cleanser each morning before applying moisturizer and following up with foundation and powder applied from the center outwards.

3 Dark Red Lips

There’s never a wrong time for red lipstick, but the trick is in the subtle shade changes depending on the occasion. During the fall, you’ll want a shade of lipstick that’s closer to burgundy. Start light with a single coat during the day and amp up the intensity for your night on the town with a few more coats. Exfoliate your lips first with either a scrub or clean toothbrush so that your lipstick goes on smoothly and evenly. Apply lip liner to the outside of your lips and your lipstick from the center out for fuller lips. Finish off with a coat of gloss on top or leave your lips matte.

2 Smoky Eyes

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It’s not hard to pull off this popular technique, and it works with nearly every eye color and shape. You can start with something as simple and understated as soft brown or gold eye shadow and coordinating eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line for daytime wear. Then as you transition to nighttime, try out a more dramatic look darker browns and blacks with matching eyeliner. Use two colors of eye shadow — the lighter one for the eyelid and the darker one for closer to the lash line. Then rim both the top and bottom of your eyes with eyeliner.

1 Jewel Tones

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When it comes to eye shadow, colors like emerald green, gold, and ruby red, are the perfect complement to fall leaf colors. A simple sweep of eye shadow near the lash line is enough to emphasize your eyes, and if it has a bit of shimmer to it, so much the better. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, go for winged eye shadow or colored eyeliner. The key is out towards your temples and not up to your eyebrows.

Face, cheeks, lips, eyes. With these tips, you’ll be good to go all season long. Just make sure you balance the look by picking one feature to emphasize. Usually, pairing dark lips with smoky eyes can overwhelm your face, and you natural beauty doesn’t have a chance to shine through. But a clear complexion is something that goes well with everything.