Top 5 Dog Tracking Device To Buy for Dog Safety

Our four-legged best friends love going on their own adventures, without any warning whatsoever. Keep your furbaby safe and sound by opting for a dog tracking device soon. Here are the best 5 to choose from!

When it comes to our dogs, even the toughest of us transform into worrying parents. Just like toddlers, these four-legged bundles of joy love going on their own adventures, without any warning whatsoever. If you want to avoid clipping your pet’s picture on all the walls of the city, it may be time for you to seriously consider opting for a dog tracking device soon.

We want to protect and pamper our furry companions at all costs. From choosing the best treatment for fleas, getting a dog insurance to cover their medical bills or surprising them with the most unique pet furniture, our dogs simply deserve the best! Their safety remains our #1 concern, but let’s face it, even the most careful dog owners can make mistakes.

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Luckily for us, technology has come a long way, and many companies took it upon themselves to help us protect, track and monitor our dogs.

Read along to discover the 5 best dog tracking devices on the market.

1. Fi Series 3

Dog with Fi Series 3 collar dog tracking device

The third iteration of the Fi GPS dog tracker showcases a noticeable improvement in compactness compared to its earlier version. Its advanced technological enhancements allow for quicker GPS updates without compromising battery longevity. The Fi Series 3 Smart Dog Collar, available at a monthly subscription of $19, impresses with its increased durability, featuring a stainless steel casing that is a third stronger than its Series 2 counterpart. Additionally, it offers enhanced water resistance against high-pressure streams. Although the Escape Alerts’ speed seems slightly slower than the previous version, the Fi Series 3 stands out and earns our prestigious Editors’ Choice accolade due to its refined aesthetics, speedier location tracking, and extended battery duration.

With the introduction of the Series 3 tracker, Fi has fully embraced a subscription-based pricing approach. Formerly, the Series 2 was priced at $129 for the core tracker, accompanied by an additional annual fee of $99 for the optional cellular service. However, the Series 3 package seamlessly integrates the tracker with unlimited AT&T LTE-M connectivity, all under a single subscription. LTE-M is designed specifically for internet-of-things devices. The Fi Smart Dog Collar’s main appeal lies in its ability to locate lost dogs, making the inclusion of cellular connection as a standard feature alongside GPS a logical progression for the company. This not only ensures a seamless user experience but also underlines Fi’s commitment to providing peace of mind to dog owners.

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2. FitBark GPS 2nd Generation

The FitBark 2, an innovative startup from Kansas City, MO since 2013, goes beyond an activity tracker for dogs. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps pet owners understand their furry friends’ physical activities, sleep patterns, behavior, and overall health. Trusted by over 40 vet schools and research bodies, it’s a credible solution for pet health and wellness.

Happy Dog wearing FitBark GPS 2nd Generation dog tracking device

The FitBark 2 is a sophisticated dog activity and sleep monitor that gathers vital data about your pet, giving unparalleled insights into their well-being. Setting it up is easy with dedicated apps for Android and iOS users. The device charges in just 90 minutes and uses Bluetooth 4. ( 0 for seamless syncing within a 30ft (9m) range. Note that the FitBark 2 doesn’t function as a pet tracker as it doesn’t have GPS capabilities.

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3. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker 

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker is a comprehensive device for monitoring your pet’s whereabouts and activity levels. It functions as a GPS tracker, allowing real-time location of your pet, while also providing insights into their daily exercise and sleep patterns. This dual capability promotes optimal pet health and wellbeing.

Dog running wearing the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker dog tracking device

The device easily attaches to collars, with its durable design ensuring resilience against play and weather. It has an impressive IP67 waterproof rating. One standout feature is geofencing, allowing pet owners to set safe zones. Immediate notifications are received if their pet ventures outside. Although the Whistle 3 requires a monthly subscription for cellular connectivity, the peace of mind and detailed health insights it offers make it a worthy investment. The accompanying app is user-friendly, catering to even the least tech-savvy pet owner. Overall, the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker strikes a balance between functionality and reliability, making it the go-to choice for many pet owners.

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4. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

In the realm of modern pet technology, the PETFON Pet GPS Tracker is an invaluable tool for pet owners. With advanced real-time tracking, it ensures pet owners always knowON offers customizable geofencing, voice commands, and activity monitoring without monthly fees, giving it a significant advantage over competitors. Experience ultimate reassurance and convenience with PETFON!

The companion app features an intuitive interface, making pet tracking and virtual boundary setting seamless. The PETFON GPS tracker excels in durability, resisting rain and rugged adventures. While its range is limited compared to cellular-based trackers, its precise real-time tracking and comprehensive features make it a top choice for urban and outdoor pet enthusiasts. The initial investment pays off with the security and functionality of the PETFON Pet GPS Tracker.

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5. Garmin Alpha 200i Handheld

Garmin’s Alpha® 200i Handheld, along with the TT 15X Dog Device, is a cutting-edge solution for dog trainers and outdoor enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art device combines inReach® satellite technology with two-way messaging and SOS functions, making it a must-have for remote adventures. With a crisp 3.5-inch touchscreen, the Alpha® 200i ensures easy readability even in daylight. It also includes TopoActive maps, GNSS support, and a Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription, providing comprehensive terrain information for all your needs.

For an enhanced handheld experience, the TT 15X Dog Device provides exceptional dog tracking up to 9 miles away. Its top-mounted GPS receiver ensures reliable performance. This device offers versatile training with 18 levels of stimulation, tones, and vibrations. It has an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours, making it perfect for long expeditions. In summary, it’s a top-tier choice for precise tracking and comprehensive training.

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Do you think you may purchase a dog tracking device any time soon? What are the most essential functionalities you’re looking for in your dog tracking device purchase? Let us know in the comments below. Also, did you know fleas are a constant threat to pets, especially on the hotter days? Follow the guide in the next article to know more about how to deal with these parasites!