How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Dog

Warmer days may mean more beach time, but for your dog, it's a different story. It's flea season, unfortunately for your dog - and for you. To ensure your dog doesn't suffer from the bites of these bloody little insects, we show you the best ways on how to get rid of fleas!

Us humans are anticipating summer days with great excitement and keenness, however, not the same can be said about our dogs. Warmer days may mean more beach time, but they also correlate with a higher flea activity, unfortunately for your dog – and for you. We’ve got the best secrets on how to get rid of fleas.

To ensure your dog doesn’t suffer from the bites of these bloody little insects, you will need to plan in advance and act fast. But don’t worry, we at Top 5 have gathered for you all the necessary information to learn more about these tiny creatures and how to get rid of fleas once and for all. Read along!

Step 1: Know Your Enemy – What Are Fleas Exactly?

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Before learning how to get rid of fleas, it’s pretty important to learn what fleas are. Fleas are the nightmare of dog and cat owners, and once you know why, they might start haunting you too. Fleas are small dark brown insects that feed on the blood of mammals. These bloodsucking wingless parasites are only millimeters long and jump from one ‘host’ to another to feed themselves and reproduce.

Fleas flourish on a warm and humid climate. Temperatures from 7o to 85 degrees and humidity levels from 75% to 85% are ideal for their proliferation. If you live in an area where this climate is present even in non-summer months, you might want to pay extra attention.

You might wonder how your dog is suddenly suffering from fleas when he’s well-groomed and clean. Well, there is more to the issue than cleanness. Contamination can happen through contact with other animals or through the environment and it’s hard to spot them at first.

If your dog is itching and scratching more than usual, it might be a clue. In more serious cases, you can spot the fleas jumping from the skin of your dog, it could also lead to hair loss and inflammation. You can also spot ‘flea dirt’, little dark specks spread on the skin surface.

To understand fleas prevention, it’s necessary to understand the life cycle of the flea. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, they drop off of your pet and onto their outer environment. Once the eggs hatch, they become flea larvae, flea pupae and then adult fleas.

For an effective treatment, we’re not looking at how to get rid of fleas only, but also how to get rid of all its forms in its life cycle. To prevent your pet from getting contaminated, it’s advised to start treating him before flea season begins. However, if you are in a warm climate, then you need to take preventive measures all year-round.

Step 2: How To Get Rid Of Fleas – The Urgent Steps

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If you woke up one day and found a bunch of fleas on your sofa, mattress, carpet and pet fur, it’s time to ring the alarm bells. First things first, put your dog in quarantine and keep him away from any other pet at home, you don’t want the infection to spread out. Your second urgent action should be keeping your pet away from your furniture, especially your bed. The last thing you need is fleas crawling on your skin in your sleep.

The next stop is the washing machine. Throw all your dogs belonging in there, emphasis on ‘all’. No blanket, cushion, or pillow should be missed. Set the temperature of the washing machine and dryer at 95 degrees and watch the magic happen. Fleas are about to get an unsolicited hot deadly bath!

Fleas, at all life stages, can’t survive this heat and will instantly die. Make sure you use the same technique on your own washable items as well. Your beddings, carpet, clothes (if your dog loves to rub himself on you), etc. Better be safe than sorry.

Step 3: How To Get Rid Of Fleas – The Killing

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Flea hunting isn’t an easy task. It will take time and can be quite pricey, but take it to the top and you’re having the satisfaction of a happy and flea-free pet! There are many flea treatments out there. You can use one treatment over the other or combine more than one, according to your dog’s conditions.

Get ready for the massacre, here are the flea decimation techniques to use to liberate your pet.

The Spot-On Solutions

Spot-on solutions are fast-acting and long-lasting answers to your dog’s flea and also tick- problems. They’re miracle solutions that kill 100% of the fleas within 24 hours of application AND eliminate fleas at all life stages. Choose the package that suits your dog’s weight.

The application is the same for all different brands. The solution is applied directly into the skin’s sweat glands. To avoid him licking that spot, part the fur between the shoulder blades of your dog to make the skin visible, open and invert the tube and place the tip of the tube onto the skin. Make sure the content didn’t reach your dog’s fur. The number of applications depends on the size of the dog. Larger dogs may require more doses.

The extra amazing detail? Many of these solutions are waterproof!

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The Tablets (Oral Solution)

Oral tablets have set the record in flea fighting. From 30 minutes to 4 hours, that’s how long they need to wipe out those potentially deadly parasites. Wow! That’s what we call a fast and effective intervention.

However, as you can read on their package, they’re not the ultimate solution. They provide instant relief by killing only the adult fleas, but you still need to work out the rest of it. You may also notice that your pet demonstrates an excessive itching during the first few hours of administration, fear not, it will fade away after some time.

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The Sprays

Your flea treatment is only a ‘psht’ away! The powerful spray solutions can kill 100% of fleas within one day’s usage. The active ingredient of these sprays is Fipronil, a chemical component that acts on the nervous system of the adult fleas. They are then paralyzed then killed.

When applying, make sure your pet’s fur is dry and chemical-free. Ruffle your pet’s coat while simultaneously applying the pray mist, from a distance of 10 to 12 cms. Apply spray until your dog’s hair is completely wet.

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Note: Please remember that it is always advised to consult with your pet’s vet first to make sure you’re taking the right steps, and that it is mandatory in case your pet is ill or has an allergy.

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘how can I get rid of fleas’? If yes, did this article help you see things clearer? Have you ever dealt with fleas or ticks? Let us know in the comments and if you want to have some fun after the exhausting flea hunt, watch these super cute dog outfits that will make you melt! 

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