24 Beauty Advent Calendars To Gift Any Beauty Addict – Including Yourself

Beauty advent calendars are the new fad and are getting out of stock in the speed of light. Here are 25 of our all-time favorites!

Any occasion is ideal for a beauty addict to spoil herself and those she loves. *Any* occasion. So you can imagine our utmost surprise and delight when we learned about the latest beauty fad: beauty advent calendars.

Let’s face it, nibbling on a piece of chocolate every morning is quite nice, but discovering a brand new piece of makeup and skincare every day is a way more exciting and fabulous alternative! You can start at any time, not just during the holidays!

Here are the 24 beauty advent calendars that caught our eyes and made us giggle with envy.

24.) Ritual Advent Calendar

ritual beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

This Christmas-tree shaped advent calendar is so pretty we almost want to hang a star at its top!

But Ritual doesn’t only bring good design to the table. Its 24 beauty products will instantly find their way into your skincare routine.

Are waiting for you behind the cardboard doors a hand wash, shower foam, body creams, shower gels, hand lotion, body cream and mist, rice scrub, and more. Your shower time is about to get a fab kick!

$89 at Amazon


23.) Academy Colour Debenhams Cosmetic Calendar

Academy of Colour Beauty advent calendar

Your makeup holy grail might be missing out on the beauty essentials from Academy of Colour.

These sweet treats got everything we need: lipstick, mascara, eye crayon, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye dust, brow pencil, lip glosses, lipstick, lip liner, nail polishes, and even glitter and beauty accessories!

Is there a rule on opening all beauty advent calendar treats at once? Asking for a friend.

$225 at Amazon


22.) Technic Advent Fingers and Mistle-Toes Cosmetic Calendar

technic beauty advent calendars

We may not know what we will wear on our Christmas party or what food we’ll serve, but we know one thing for sure: our nails are going to look absolutely stunning!

If you know any person who’s obsessed with their nails and watch nail art videos all day long (guilty as charged), then this Technic advent beauty calendar will feed their nailoholic craze.

$27.99 at Amazon


21.)Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques 12 Days of Organic Beauty Advent Box

Stunning and healthy, now that’s something we can get behind.

This collection features mini versions of Lauren Brooke’s best skincare products that are gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free. And as if that weren’t cool enough, they are also made with 100% natural organic ingredients and fragrances.

$32.50 at Amazon

20.) 12 Days of Beauty

12 days of beauty


What should you get your—or friend’s—skin this Christmas? Glow and revival.

How? With this gorgeous array of body scrubs, body lotions, hand creams, soaps, and lip balms.

$27.99 at Amazon

19.) Bare Faced Chic Beauty Advent Calendar

barefaced beauty advent calendars

What could make your BFF happy this season? Our best guess is this beautiful Bare Faced beauty advent calendar.

The 24-day countdown box hides nail polish, lip balm, cuticle sticks and toe separators.

$39.99 at Amazon

18.) Ole Henriksen 12 Days of OLE Glow — Skincare Advent Calendar

ole henrisken beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Oh baby girl, how you will glow this season! Ole Henriksen is giving our skin every attention and skincare product it needs to make sure we look our very best on this festive occasion.

Their box has the perfect mix-and-match we’re looking for. You can find in it their bestselling Truth Serum and Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer and discover new products that won’t fail to nurture your skin deeply.

$85 at Amazon

17.) L’Occitane Luxury/Signature Advent Calendars

loccitane beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Remember when we talked about the options offered by beauty subscription boxes a while ago? Well, beauty advent calendars are no different. They allow us to try out new products and all while saving money.

L’Occitane knows that very well, and instead of putting on the market only one beauty advent calendar, they chose to go with two! You can choose between their Luxury advent calendar or go for the Signature advent calendar. The two treats come at different price points making the purchase possible for many more shoppers.

Luxury ($124) and Signature ($59) at Amazon

16.) No7 Beauty Advent Calendar

no7 beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Skincare enthusiasts, attention! No7 is in the advent calendar game and we are thrilled.

Their sober and yet promising 12-product box contains a mascara, a primer, creams, a serum, an exfoliator, a lash and brow perfector, an eye pencil, micellar cleansing water, a lipgloss and a lip balm.

$79.95 at Amazon

15.) Bomb Cosmetics — The Bomb Advent Calendar

bomb cosmetics beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Pampering time is in our calendar these upcoming holidays and all we need is this bomb advent calendar from Bomb Cosmetics.

With their vegan 12 scented soaps and 12 fragrant bath blasters, this is a total steal!

$26.06 at Amazon

14.) Q-Ki 24 Days Of Beauty Christmas Advent Calendar (New York)

q-ki beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Transport yourself into a New York-y setting with this vivid Q-Ki advent calendar.

If you like your palettes to be in different colors to try out as many styles as possible this season, then you should absolutely go for this stunning collection of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, lipsticks, lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, and beauty accessories.

We already covered some tips and tricks to save on makeup and getting beauty boxes can be an excellent way to do so. In this case, you get to test out products that would have costed a fortune if bought separately, plus you get to wake up every morning with a nice surprise waiting for you!

$79.99 at Amazon

13.) Technic Man’Stuff Toiletry 12 Days Advent Calendar Bath and Body Sets

man stuff beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Gentlemen, Technic has your back. Or ladies, you’ll want to get this for your man.

Cleansing, moisturizing and grooming will have no secret for you after you indulge in the Man’Stuff Toiletry 12-day calendar.

$17.95 at Amazon

12.) NYX Professional Advent Calendar

nyx beauty advent calendar beautyadvent calendars

Now, this is for the gal whom you can never catch with bare lips or for the one who’d like to go a bit more out there and give her lips a full makeover this winter.

NYX products have proved themselves to be absolute favs in the industry, so our expectations are quite high with their Professional advent calendar and the 16 stunning lip tints, 6 eyeshadows, 3 highlighters and blush it contains.

$52.05 at Amazon

11.) Advent Mad Beauty 12 Days of Xmas Bath & Body Cube Calendar 

mad beauty cube beauty advent calendars

Feel your best on Christmas Eve with these smoothing products!

Among the 12 products MAD Beauty products, you will find sweet smelling balsams, silky body and hand cream, beauty puffs and more.

$28.99 at Amazon

10.) Charlotte Tilbury World of Legendary Parties

charlote tilbury beauty advent calendars

Treat yo’selves, ladies, with this carefully curated Charlotte Tilbury beauty advent calendar.

This festive World Of Legendary Parties box is packed with beauty must-haves. Expect to find award-winning treats such as the Mini Wonderglow and the Goddess Skin Clay Mask.

$424 at Amazon

9.) Technic Chit Chat Cosmetic Advent Calendar

technic chit chat beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Are you looking for a gift for a teenage niece who’s getting her foot into the makeup world? If yes, then the Technic Chit Chat advent calendar is your way to go.

Six stunning nail polish colors? Check. Six gorgeous lip glosses? Check. Smashing eye shadows? Check, check, check!

$26.99 at Amazon

8.) Bath Bomb Beauty Advent Calendar

bath bomb beauty advent calendars

Okay, this box is not technically a beauty advent calendar, but it’s such a steal that we had to talk about it. And you can have it be a surprise with a new bath bomb for 24days!

If you know someone who’s so obsessed by bath bombs that they started making their own, make their month by gifting them this soothing 24-piece bath bomb box.

They are handmade, organic, and rich in essential oil and shea butter.

$23.46 at Amazon

7.) Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar Gift Set for Her

nivea beauty advent calendars

Nivea is in the house, ladies!

When Christmas comes, you will find yourself with an array of skincare products that will leave your skin as smooth as that of a baby.

$250 at Amazon

6.) Bubble Boutique Luxury Bath Time Christmas Advent Calendar

bubble boutique beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

The Bubble Boutique Luxury Bath Time advent calendar’s omen is that “all is calm, all is bubbles,” and it’s honestly a mood.

Between Christmas shopping and family dinner preparations, it’s always a good idea to unwind for a few moments every now and then.

Now you get the chance to do it every day until Christmas with this beautiful 24-piece bath set that includes soaps, bath salts, fizzers, salts, pearls, and confetti.

$29.99 at Amazon

5.) Morris & Co Pure Advent Calendar

morris & co beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Looking for a gift for that whimsical friend or family member? Drop everything, this is what you need to get them.

The Morris & Co Pure advent calendar will blow her away with its gorgeous packaging at first sight and keep on surprising her every day until Christmas with its carefully selected bath and body products.

$77.99 at Amazon

4.) MAD Beauty Advent Calendar

mad beauty oh deer beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

This one is for the glam girl who knows what she wants to be in 2019: absolutely fabulous.

Gift it to your younger sister or cousin, and watch their faces light up.

$36.99 at Amazon

3.) Estee Lauder Beauty Advent Calendar

estee lauder beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

Open the door to a beauty steal that will find its rightful place among your makeup holy grail!

From cleansing balms and bronzers to perfumes, your beauty must-have collection is about to get bigger.

$288.88 at Amazon


2.) Bare Minerals Box of Wonders

bare minerals beauty advent calendar beauty advent calendars

The Bare Minerals Box of Wonders is on the wish list of many beauty addicts.

After checking its complexion-loving skincare (difficult to come by), we were instantly sold.

$129 at Amazon

1.)  Technic Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar

technic winter wonderland beauty advent calendars

The snow-themed Winter Wonderland advent calendar will make your bath time ten times more enjoyable.

Its 24 drawers hide bath fizzers, pumice stones, a hand exfoliating glove, nail brush, shower cap, comb and nail file.

Love, love, love!

$20.78 at Amazon

Which one of these beauty advent calendars is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and to feed your makeup addiction, you might want to read all there is to know about the wonders of beauty subscription boxes by clicking next!