Are Beauty Subscription Boxes Worth It? 5 Factors to Consider

If you’re a skincare and makeup junkie chances are you’re dropping a lot of money at places like Sephora, Ulta Beauty and even Target. Feeding a beauty addiction can get expensive. It’s estimated that the average woman will spend $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime, and is spending about $43 per shopping trip on beauty products alone. That’s a lot of moisturizer and mascara! So are beauty subscription boxes worth it?

The thing about being a beauty addict is you feel like you NEED to try the latest and greatest products. Forbes recently revealed that young beauty consumers are on a journey of exploration. The trend in the $382 billion beauty industry has shifted from brand loyalty to brand variety. Millennials are obsessed with finding new brands and new products to try. And then, of course, Instagramming their latest beauty obsession for all the world to see. The cuter the packaging, the better, right?

But new, beautifully packaged beauty products are popping up every day. And trying them all can get ridiculously expensive. So what’s a beauty junkie or Instagram influencer to do? Luckily there’s an affordable solution. Beauty subscription boxes can give you the makeup and skincare fix you crave for a fraction of the price you’d spend in stores. You’ve probably seen a beauty subscription box on your neighbor’s doorstep or advertised on social media. If you haven’t tried one yet, you might be wondering what all the hype is really about. Are beauty subscription boxes worth it?

The answer depends on your beauty spending habits and your personal preference for products. It also depends on what kind of beauty subscription box you sign up for. Just like the endless product options available in stores, there’s a variety of beauty subscription box option to choose from. Some send you new products every single month. Others only ship seasonally. You can opt for full-size or sample-sized products. And the value of the products varies. Are beauty subscription boxes worth it for you? Here are five factors to consider to help you decide.

An Affordable Way to Treat Yourself

treat yourself to a beauty subscription box

Mascara, lipstick, moisturizers and miracle face oils: buying new beauty products is a fun and rewarding way to treat and pamper yourself. A treat that comes in a small package, but often includes a big price tag. Some high-end products from cult brands like Drunk Elephant and Glow Recipe can set you back $90 or more—just for one item. Beauty subscription boxes are a more affordable way to treat yourself if you buy beauty products often.

The cost of a beauty subscription box like Glossy Box is just $21 a month. What’s inside the beauty box? Five full-sized skincare and makeup products! For the price you’d normally pay for one mid-range beauty product, you get five. Some beauty subscription services even allow you to customize your box ahead of time. You can often choose your makeup color preference and opt out of receiving certain beauty products you know you’ll never use. Save your preferences in your customer account and shop for refills on products you loved directly through the site.

An Introduction to New Products

try new product with beauty subscription boxes

Beauty subscription boxes are also worth it because they introduce you to new products you might not have tried on your own in stores. Getting a variety of products for essentially the price of one allows you to experiment with the latest beauty trends without racking up such a steep bill. Your new favorite lip color might just be waiting in your next beauty box.

It’s true you can sample products at stores like Sephora, but it’s hard to know if a skincare product is really going to work for you unless you use it more than once. Buying multiple full-size products at the full retail price is an expensive way to find out what works and what doesn’t. Signing up for a beauty subscription box lets you play around with the latest beauty trends for a fraction of the cost.

Full-Size vs. Sample-Size Products

full size vs sample size beauty subscription boxes

Beauty subscription boxes can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 a month and they vary in value. Companies like BirchBox and Play by Sephora send a mix of skincare and makeup samples for just $10 a month. Other companies like Glossy Box send five full-sized beauty products for $21 a month. You can also choose a beauty subscription box like Cohorted or Petit Voir that send a mix of both full-size and sample-size products.

Petit Voir only charges $15 a box, while Cohorted charges $45, but the quality of products differs. Cohorted is rated the number one beauty box supplier because they deliver high-end luxury products. There’s a lot of options to choose from and a beauty box for every kind of beauty product lover out there.

Deciding between a full-size or sample-size beauty subscription box is mostly matter of personal preference. If you want a convenient way to try out new products before you buy, opt for a sample-size service. Buzzfeed broke down the real value of beauty subscription boxes and even the sample-size boxes delivered greater value than the cost to customers. Most sample-size boxes charge only $10 a month, but the value is often worth at least twice that amount. If you want a mix of full-size and sample-size luxury products, it’s hard to beat Cohorted.

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Value of Time

save yourself time with beauty subscription boxes

Have you ever spent hours browsing the beauty aisle? Shopping for a new moisturizer or lipstick can be a huge time suck. There are hundreds of options to weed through in stores. It can be overwhelming. Hard to decide. And you’re more likely to leave the store spending more than you budgeted for.

Beauty subscription boxes are worth it because they save you a lot of time. You can sample new products from the comfort of home, restock your favorites online and even rack up customer loyalty points that get you even more free swag! You’ll also never have to stand in a ridiculously long check out line at Sephora again. Save yourself the time and frustration of dealing with overcrowded stores, time wasted browsing and the temptation of overspending with a beauty subscription box instead.

Re-Gifting 101

regift your beauty subscription box products

Are beauty subscription boxes still worth it if you only end up only liking one or two items you received? Yes. The cost of just one of those products is often less than the total cost of the entire box. Plus, you got to try out the products at home, without wasting any time in stores. And you can save even more money by re-gifting the skincare and makeup products you don’t like.

Beauty products are a matter of personal taste. If you didn’t love the tropical smelling moisturizer that came in your last beauty box, someone else might. Save it for a friend or family members’ next birthday or holiday gift. Use samples as stocking stuffers. Even the free totes that come with some beauty subscription boxes make cute small gifts. Full-size products found in beauty subscription boxes are sold in stores and online for the full retail price. No one has to know it’s a rejected product from your last beauty box. It’s the thought that counts! Right?

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