5 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Right Now

Buying new makeup products can get expensive whether you sport a natural look or love experimenting with every new beauty trend you see on Instagram. Even if you rock a minimalist makeup look every day, chances are you’re still using upwards of five different beauty products. Maybe you only swipe on a bold lip or eyeliner for special occasions, but restocking those beauty products can still add up. Let’s talk ways to save money on makeup!

How much is your face actually worth? According to a new survey from Skinstore, the average makeup user will spend as much on makeup products in their lifetime as it costs to buy a house. The survey reported that women spent about $8 daily on makeup products. While those small purchases don’t seem like a big deal. An extra lipstick here, another eyeshadow palette there, and those small costs can really add up over time. In a single year, women are spending $250 on makeup alone. That’s $200,000 in a lifetime! About the same price as a humble, but cozy, home. No wonder millennials aren’t buying homes these days.

Homeownership among millennials is at a record low in the United States. Michelle Meyer, a US economist at Bank of America, Meryl Lynch, says this trend is due to lifestyle changes and tighter credit restrictions. All those avocado toasts, makeup products, fast-fashion fixes, and higher student loan debt can really drain your bank account over time. This spending can put a serious strain on your credit. You should really be considering ways to save money on makeup.

How many makeup products are women actually using a day? The answer is staggering. American women are applying 16 different makeup products every day. There’s a lot of steps involved in getting your skin to look like its sporting an Instagram filter. The steps to getting the perfect Kylie Jenner pout can include up to five different makeup products alone—just for your lips! Lip liner, lipstick color #1, lipstick color #2, gloss, glitter. No wonder this 20-year-old mogul was able to build a $900 million beauty company in less than three years: makeup sells. Women (and men) are buying more makeup than ever.

The rise of Instagram stars and followers has made makeup products more important to consumers than ever before. According to Forbes, the younger generation is defining the culture with images of self-expression. Meaning that they’re sporting many, ever-changing makeup looks. While consumers used to be loyal to big brands, new makeup brands are now popping up every day. And doing well to boot. Because of the ability to advertise on Instagram and social media to directly reach their target audience, independent brands are up in sales by 42.7%.

Just because you love makeup, doesn’t mean you should be spending every last cent you have on it. Believe it or not, there are some easy and effective ways to save money on makeup but without sacrificing variety or the ability to experiment with new products. Makeup lovers take note.

Here are five ways to save money on makeup so you don’t have to drain your bank account:

Buy Multi-Purpose Products

save money with multi purpose beauty products

One of the biggest makeup, and even fashion, trends right now is the monochromatic look. Wearing the same color or tone head to toe is in. This is good news for your wallet. It’s one of the most convenient ways to save money on makeup. Using a single color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks means you can buy fewer makeup products. It would be time-consuming to search for lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow all in the exact same color. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Multi-purpose products are a lifesaver for your bank account and your purse. It means fewer products to buy and fewer products to carry around for touch-ups. What exactly is a multipurpose makeup product? Creme stick blushes that triple as lipstick and cream shadow, liquid eyeshadows that can also be applied to the apples of your cheeks and your lips, powders that look equally as good on your cheekbones as they do on your eyelid creases are all prime examples.

Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of using a single makeup product for a variety of uses. In her Instagram stories, she’s been known to apply a contour to her cheeks, outline her lips, apply eyeshadow, and even enhance her chest all with one product. One of the most popular multi-use makeup products is NARS The Multiple. Available in 18 different shades, it’s a multi-purpose cream stick that can be used to accentuate your eyes, lips, cheeks, and body. It might just end up being the only makeup product you really need.

Rack Up Beauty Points

save money on makeup with beauty insider points

Another great way to save money on makeup is to rack up beauty points with customer loyalty cards. There’s a lot of different loyalty cards available, and if you’re anything like the average American woman, you’ll put it to good use. If you’re spending up to $250 on makeup a month, then you’ll rack up a lot of beauty points that you can redeem for free swag.

If you shop for makeup the most at drug stores, then pick up the CVS Extra Care Beauty Club card. Cardholders get 10% off all beauty purchases so you can stock up on makeup, skincare, and even hair care products with a discount. It’s free to join and you also get the chance to rack up bonus points. When you spend $30, you get $3 extra buck rewards. This means more makeup products for you, at no extra (or very little) cost. Score.

Can’t walk by Sephora without going in and leaving with a new product? Sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider card. There are three different membership options. The first one is free, the VIB status is $250 a year, and Rogue status is $1,000. With the first level, you get free birthday gifts and the chance to build beauty points with the more you spend. The VIB status offers free in-store beauty makeovers, special discounts, and beauty points to use towards free samples. Rogue status cardholders get free 2-day shipping when they buy online, invites to special beauty events, and all the perks the lower cardholders get.

Try a Beauty Subscription Box

use a beauty subscription box to save money

One of the best ways to save money on makeup is signing up for a beauty subscription box. Services like Glossy Box, Cohorted, Petit Voir, Play! by Sephora, and Birchbox let you experiment with a variety of makeup products for a fraction of the price. For between $10-$45 a month you get four to six different beauty products delivered to your door. You can opt-in for services that send samples sizes or full-size products. Either way, the value of what comes in the beauty box is always at least twice what you paid for it.

A beauty subscription box is a fun way to treat yourself. You’ll also save a lot of money on makeup in the long run. For the price of a mid-range beauty product, you get four to six products! That can add up to serious savings over time. You just might be able to save a down payment for a house with all your makeup savings. Who knows?

Buy Staples in Bulk

buy makeup staples in bulk to save money

There are some makeup products and makeup accessories that aren’t worth paying retail price for. Everyday items like Chapstick, makeup brush cleaner, and makeup remover face wipes can be bought for less, in bulk, on Amazon or at stores like Costco. Even items like cotton balls and cotton swabs get a lot of use when it comes to applying makeup. Save money on these everyday staples by buying them in bulk. You’ll have more cash left over to spend on makeup products you don’t want to skimp on.

You can also consider buying products like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or foundation in bulk. I’ve been using the same Maybelline mascara since high school and I’m sure I’m not alone. If you have a cheap drugstore product you’re loyal to, pick up a bunch of them while on sale on Amazon or look for them in bulk in stores. Despite trying more expensive mascaras advertised as “superior” I just can’t quit my Maybelline full and soft mascara. If you have a cheap product you can’t live without either, don’t pick it up for the full retail price every time you’re out. Stock up and save.

Stock Up On Sample Products

ways to save money on makeup stock up on samples

Free samples are another great way to save money on makeup. Stock up! Sample-size products are also easier to travel with. High-end stores like Sephora and Nordstrom even give them out for free. All you have to do is ask.

You can also stock up by using a beauty subscription box that only delivers sample-size products. For just $10 a month, Birch Box will send you five sample-sized beauty products. Or use a customer loyalty card and rack up beauty points. Sephora offers free samples to cardholders after hitting a certain number of beauty points. Never turn down free makeup samples. They might come in handy later.

5 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Right Now 5 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Right Now