Backyard DIY Projects to Do During this Pandemic

We have backyard DIY projects for you to destress during this pandemic. Each handmade project will help you destress and relax in your new outdoor space.

5 backyard DIY projects to help you survive this pandemic stay at home order. Now is the perfect time to start sprucing up your backyard! The weather is getting warmer which will allow us to enjoy our outdoor living space  during this time home. We can enjoy backyard barbecues, patio drinks, cool nights and gardening. Why not make the most of this time at home and beautiful weather?

Whether you have a sprawling yard or just a small balcony there are tons of affordable and creative ways to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and comfortable. Turn old cinderblocks into a beautiful outdoor coffee table. Recycle old wine bottles by turning them into planters. Transform mason jars into awesome hanging lanterns. The list goes on and on. The best part about these backyard DIY projects is that a lot of them recycle materials you probably already have laying around the house!

Don’t spend the ordered stay at home time in a plain and boring outdoor area. Try upgrading your space with some of these easy and affordable backyard DIY projects instead! You’ll be enjoying your outdoor upgrades all summer long.

1.) A Curtain is a Great DIY Shade

backyard DIY ikea curtain shade


Our first backyard DIY project is to try using a curtain system for shade. Stop spending hundreds of dollars on fancy backyard shades! Simply attach one side of the curtain to the side of your house or apartment building and the other side to a pole or tree. Then slide the curtains across as a make shift shade! Cheap, easy, and effective. You’ll be enjoying your backyard even on the sunniest days.

2.) Turn Cinderblocks Into a Handmade Flower Box

This one is easy and is a pretty straight forward outdoor handmade project. Transform old boring cinder blocks into beautiful flower boxes. You can also turn the cinder blocks vertically and use them as an impromptu outdoor coffee table. To make the flower boxes all you’ll need is some cinder blocks, soil, and plants of your choice.

If you want more than just a decoration put your flower box to work and plant a small herb garden instead. You don’t need a lot of space to put this backyard DIY to use either. You can fit two or three cinderblocks on a patio or even on a fire escape outside your window. ( Happy gardening!

3.) DIY Painted Garden Pot As a Side Table

Backyard DIY Side Table


Another outdoor DIY project is to transform a simple terracotta pot into a cute outdoor side table. You’ll need one large terracotta pot, a large terracotta tray, and some outdoor paint. Make sure you choose a pot large enough to be at a good height for a side table when your lounging in your outdoor chairs.


1.) Tape around the bottom edge of the pot rim to ensure a straight paint line, then fill in the entire rim with outdoor paint.

2.) Use a color that will go well with your outdoor area.  I love this bright turquoise but a more neutral color would also look great.

4.) Handmade Tin Can Lanterns

Backyard DIY Tin Can Lantern


In six simple steps you can creative these handmade tin can lanterns! This backyard DIY costs next to nothing and creates beautiful speckled light for all your summer night entertaining. Try making a few and scattering them around your yard or lining them in a row down your backyard table.

You’ll Need: 

  • 2-4 cleaned, empty tin cans (you can use any size)
  • a hammer
  • an assortment of nails (for larger or smaller holes)
  • colorful permanent markers
  • paper, pencil, masking tape, scissors (if you plan to use a pattern)
  • votive candles
  • a towel


1.) Fill each can with water and freeze overnight until solid. The ice stabilizes the can and prevents it from bending when you punch holes in them later.

2.) Decide on a design for your punched-tin decorations. You can draw the pattern out ahead of time on a piece of graph paper and tape it to the can as a guide.

3.) Cradle the frozen tin can in a folded towel (to prevent the can from moving and to catch ice chips). Position a sharp, narrow nail above each mark on your pattern and gently tap it 3-4 times with the hammer until just the point has punched the tin can.  Repeat for eachmark until you have completed your pattern.

4.) Rinse the can under a hot tap until the ice block pops out and allow the can to dry.

5.) If you want to add color to your new punched-tin lantern, you can create a variety of fun, shiny designs by simply using colorful permanent markers.

6.) Drop in some lighted votive candles and enjoy the fun, flickering patterns cast by your new handmade lanterns! Be sure to place the lanterns on a fire-safe surface as the candles can get hot.

5.) Cinder Block and Wood Beam Bench DIY Project

Backyard DIY Cinder Block Wood Bench

Lena Sekine/Simple Living

This might be the backyard DIY project that gets the most use in your yard during this pandemic. Instead of spending a lot of money on backyard furniture try making this wood beam and cinder block bench. Add some cozy cushions and you have yourself a cozy zen looking backyard couch. Perfect for lounging with a good book while you soak up the sun.

You’ll Need: 

12 cinderblocks (6 for each side)

4 pieces of  4″ x 4″ x10 ft. lumber

concrete adhesive



  1. Start with one side. Set 4 cinderblocks vertically, and 2 that go on top horizontally.Allow approximately 8 – 9 ft. of distance before setting the next side of cinderblocks.
  2. Feed the wood through one side to the other. Make sure you have at least 6 inches sticking out on both sides. If you want smaller seating, you may always trim the excess wood.
  3.  Once you are happy with the placement and size of the seating, temporarily remove the wood beams. Use the concrete adhesive to set the cinderblocks in place.
  4. After the concrete adhesive has dried, feed the wood beams through the top holes of the cinderblocks.

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