What the Heck is a Barre Class? 5 Reasons It’s Giving People the Body of a Ballerina

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Barre:A different kind of happy hour. Don’t be intimidated by the tutu, Barre classes are no impact, calorie burning, strength building exercise. Barre isn’t just ballet — it’s fused with Pilates, yoga and strength training with light weights for a total body workout.

5 Posture

Sit up tall, lengthen longer, pull the abs in, relax the shoulders, exhale. That’s the posture you want all the time. Barre class practices this for one hour, you can help but take it with you after class. Improving your posture not only gives your hard earned muscles a good hanger to hang on, but also can relieve joint and back pain. Proper posture can even improve brain function as well as aligning your organs for more efficient function. Breathe better and with more confidence after concentrating on your posture at the barre.

4 Abs

Mostly Pilates inspired abs target the core in a barre class, and for good reason. Pilates is centered around the core for a no-cheat burn targeting your deep transverse abdominals that stabilize your torso. So you are essentially working from the inside out. Not only are these abs exercises yielding a trimmer tummy, but it also keep your spine safe. The class sets you up for success in positions working just your abs and nothing else!

3 Glutes

Who doesn’t want that part of the body to be tighter? The vanity muscle of the female body, the booty. Lift, squeeze, lengthen and strengthen all while using your own body weight. The glutes not only get their own special section of a barre class with similar isometric work and high rep pulsing exercises, but you are working them throughout the entirety of the class. The behind will not rest as this class keeps the core tight throughout every exercise. That’s results you can feel!

2 Arms

Think you have to lift heavy weights to sculpt your arms? Think again. Three, two, and, yes, even one pound weights can be just the ticket for a wave with no jiggle. Work more than just your biceps. Triceps, shoulders, lats, mid-back, and pecs receive attention with a lot of repetitions and a many different positions. It might sound easy, but it will challenge you to keep your overall form and body placement while your arms reach fatigue. The lighter weights are utilized to their fullest, working deep stabilizing muscles in positions that cannot be executed with a heavy dumbbell. The other upside to light weights is increased muscular endurance as well.

1 Legs

Ever seen the legs of dancer? Those are some powerful stems. Barre classes incorporate exercises at a ballet barre to tone and sculpt your legs with isometric strength training and small movements. Starting from the ground up to change the musculature of your legs by pulsing and squeezing in different positions. Exercises for your thighs incorporate various chair poses, a playground ball, rising up on your toes or putting your weight in your heels. Working these big muscles of the body can burn up to 500 calories per class too! Sometimes the muscles even shake and quiver. That means you’ve reached fatigue and are working past it to change your body. Each class you’ll feel stronger and stronger.

It’s not a dancer’s only club, everyone is welcome. After just one class you’ll feel lifted, sculpted and above all, worked out from head to toe. Barre Class is a ballet boot camp worth checking out. See you at the barre!

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