Homeless Man Slips Girl A Note After She Buys Him Food


A Sad Day

Casey had been having a normal day until she met him. There was something about him that intrigued and saddened her simultaneously.

Casey didn’t know what to think as he handed her the note. She just wanted to be a nice person to other people. Casey never thought this characteristic would have her in tears.

An Uphill Road 

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Like many others, Casey Fischer had lived a life with many twists and turns. Being raised in Connecticut had its perks, but that didn’t mean that life was always rosy. 

From a young age, Casey learned valuable life lessons. Chief among these was that life comes at you fast, and you often need to struggle in order to grow.    

Life Could Be A Struggle

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Life as a single mom isn’t easy. Casey always knew this like any other person. She had known many women, young and old, who struggled to raise kids on their own. 

Like many others, Casey probably never gave it much further thought. As a young, vibrant, and beautiful young woman, she seemed to have a good life ahead. However, looks can be deceiving. 

Toxic Relationship

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The last few years hadn’t been easy at all for Casey. Her ex leaving her life and her kids’ had only been the culmination of an incredibly toxic, exhausting relationship.

Casey always knew her ex was kind of a loose cannon, but she believed that he would clean up his act eventually, especially after the birth of their two kids. But something got in the way.

Substance Problem

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Casey’s ex had a substance problem. It started with casual and recreational use, but Casey thought he would grow out of it as he got older.

But she was wrong. The man soon acquired a crippling habit that ended up wrecking his life, his friendships, and eventually, his relationship with Casey. But what had become of him?


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Casey didn’t know. Last time she heard about him, he was unemployed and selling his old stuff to finance his habit.

Sometimes, Casey found herself wondering if he would be alright and even regretting that their relationship had ended. But she knew it had been for the best. Only God knew what she and her kids’ lives would be like if that man had stayed with them.

Her Struggles


If being a single mom is hard, life as a single mom of two is even harder. While still quite young herself, this was exactly the kind of situation Casey found herself in. 

It wasn’t going to be easy, but her little girls were worth it. Despite her struggles, Casey was determined to be a great mom and make a success of her life no matter the obstacles. 

A Rough Road 

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Studying while being a parent is no walk in the park. However, while raising her kids, Casey was still able to attend school. She worked hard and faced many difficulties along the way. 

Relationships came and went, but her girls and her family were constants. No matter the struggles, Casey always stayed true to who she was, and her kind heart would soon end up changing her life. 

Student Life


Back in her student days, Casey enjoyed the coffee shop life. Grabbing a quick bite on the go was a common occurrence. Most students were usually in too much of a hurry to notice people around them, but Casey was different.  

While so many people passed him by daily, amid the frenzy of trying to reach her goals, Casey still managed to notice Chris, the man who changed her life. 

Something Called Her Attention

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He was clearly homeless, dressed in raggedy old clothes that he had probably retrieved from the street, and had long hair and a beard. Casey watched him scrounging for change before scraping some coins together and entering a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby. 

But above all things, there was something about him that instantly called her attention and, consequently, bonded their destinies together.

An Innocence 


He seemed to have an almost child-like innocence about him, he had kind eyes and a mournful expression. Inexplicably, Casey found herself feeling worried for him and followed him inside the store.

She would soon find out about the real reason behind this compelling attraction she felt towards that man, who she didn’t remember having seen before.

She Had To Do Something

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Right then and there, Casey felt compelled to do something for that man. She reached into her pockets; she had forgotten her card at home, but she had some change with her.

She decided to buy him a coffee and a bagel; the man seemed like he could really use a warm drink and a meal. But that wasn’t all. She had something else in mind.

Invite Him


She decided to invite that man to have his meal with her. Casey was well aware that homeless people are often mistreated by those more fortunate than them and that a friendly word could go a long way.

So she walked up to him, introduced herself, and made him that offer. After hesitating for a few seconds, the man accepted.

He Was Different 

Invisible People

To everyone around her, it must have looked like a strange sight indeed when a young, beautiful girl decided to buy an old, homeless man a cup of coffee and a bagel. 

Even when Casey asked Chris to join him, there was a quiet dignity to how he spoke. At first, Casey found it kind of puzzling; but then she realized what it really was.

His Demeanor

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The man spoke slowly like he was thinking his every word before talking. But that wasn’t all. His calm and collected demeanor was what caught Casey’s attention the most.

It was like he accepted his fate on the street and never felt entitled to anyone’s help but was grateful to get it. As Casey sat down and got to know Chris better, she was touched by his story. 

She Felt For Him 

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Chris explained how he had once been an ordinary person. He used to have a decent life, a job he enjoyed, friends, and family. He was dating one girl whom he intended to marry.

However, everyone can be struck by tragedy at any given moment, and no one in this life is excluded from that possibility. That’s what happened to Chris.

Tragic Story


He had lost his mother to cancer. In order to cope with his grief, he turned to substances. What started with occasional use soon turned into abuse and addiction. 

All of that turned him “into a person he hated.” He lost his job, his partner, and his home. But that wasn’t all there was to it. 

His Struggle

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He was also close to losing the last thing he had left: his dignity as a human being. 

Despite all the tough breaks, Chris still struggled through each day and tried his best to stay positive even though people were often cruel to him since he was homeless. Casey couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. 

Time Flew 

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Unexpectedly, Casey found Chris’ company to be so engaging that the pair ended up speaking for over an hour. 

Casey felt so comfortable talking to him that she even ended up opening up about some of her own struggles and ambitions in life. She told him about her life as a single mother and, most importantly, about what had happened with her ex.

Opening Up

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As she was telling him about it, Chris’ eyes widened. He opened his mouth a couple of times like he wanted to say something. 

But he didn’t, even though Casey paused what she was saying to let him speak. He just kept listening to Casey’s story. But he seemed to be thinking about something. What did he want to say?

Staring At Her

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Chris attentively listened to Casey’s story, all the while scrutinizing her with those kind, welcoming eyes that seemed to be staring into her very soul. 

Casey really appreciated having someone to talk to about those things. Looking deep into Chris’ face as she spoke, all she saw was compassion, humanity, and understanding. And suddenly, she realized something.

She Had To Go

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It was time for her to go. She had plenty of stuff to do at home, and she had to go to class later in the evening, so she had to get everything ready.

But right then and there, Chris did something that would change Casey’s life forever. He opened his mouth and asked her one question.

A Pen

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“Do you have a pen that I can borrow, please?” Chris asked. Casey was a bit confused to hear this. What did he need it for? 

But still, she dug into her purse and picked up one pen she always carried with her. Then, she gave it to Chris, wondering what he could have in mind.

Writing Something Down

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He seemed determined to do something with it. For a moment, Casey wondered what was going on and even felt a little worried. 

A funny yet somehow uncomfortable possibility crossed his mind. Was Chris going to write down his phone number down there? Maybe he had interpreted their conversation as flirting. But, as Casey would find out, it was something way more serious than that.

The Note 

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Chris used the pen to scribble on a piece of paper. Casey realized then that he seemed to be writing a note. It had clearly been a while since he’d even held a pen as his hands shook the entire time. 

Apologizing for his shaky writing, Chris handed it to Casey before they parted. As she read it, her eyes immediately welled up with tears at the words. 

The Words 

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Chris’s note was simple yet touched Casey so deeply. She immediately felt a surge of gratitude. She had felt drawn to Chris for some inexplicable purpose that day. 

Now, after reading his note, she finally knew what that purpose was. The note said, “I wanted to kill myself today. Because of you now I do not. Thank you, beautiful person.”

Making A Difference

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Casey had her own struggles in life, as we all do. Chris showed her that our own problems may seem huge to us until we realize what others are going through. 

Casey learned this lesson after meeting Chris and felt a new surge of energy to never give up no matter how tough things got. Over time, she was rewarded for her persistence and hard work.  

Going Viral

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Not long after her encounter with Chris, Casey posted a heartfelt message about it on social media. Within no time, the story of her kindness and the impact it had gone viral. 

So much in Casey’s life changed that day. There would always be obstacles, but Casey learned to keep overcoming challenges. With renewed vigor, her life got better too.  

A New Chapter 

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Over time, Casey was able to complete her studies. She later became a licensed realtor and began a flourishing career. She has come a long way in life, and her girls are older now. 

Casey has done a wonderful job of raising them. And still, to this day, she likes to keep one thing in mind that she learned the day she met Chris.

Caring Goes A Long Way

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Everyone can use a kind word. You never know what someone else might be going through, and just a friendly conversation can go a long way and lighten up someone’s day.

Casey and Chris’s story continues to inspire and help people who struggle through dark days. Through it, they remain a beacon that reminds us how kindness can change a person’s life. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.