The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Yogi in Your Life

We've rounded some of the best zen-inspired products out there in this yoga gift guide. Use it to make all the yogis in your life smile.

Finding the perfect present for a yogi can be either pretty easy or extremely hard. It could be hard because a dedicated yogi may seem like they have it all, on the other hand, it could be easy because let’s face it, a yogi would love whatever you gift them, especially if it helps get them zenned out. We’ve created a yoga gift guide to help you find the perfect gift.

When thinking of a gift for someone who loves all things yoga, think of something that could enhance their mind, body and soul. If you’re stumped on what to gift the lovable yogi in your life, this yoga gift guide will give you all the yogi tips you need. A good yoga gift guide takes into account the everyday life of the yogi and the practice that they love. Are they an on-the-go yogi, a health and wellness obsessed yogi or are they always looking for the next best thing in yoga technology? Check out our essential yoga gift guide below to get some deep inspiration.

Yoga Mats

A good yoga mat is essential to your practice. With so many mats on the market, it can be difficult to find out which one to get as a gift. We’ve put together three of our favorite gift ideas, based on the type of yogi you’re shopping for and you can read reviews on our choices for best yoga mats too.

For the Eco-Conscious Yogi

a yoloha cork mat yoga gift guide

Do you have a friend who loves talking about climate change just as much as he or she loves practicing their Shirshasana? If so, we’ve found the perfect gift for them. This yoga gift guide choice merges two things most yogis love: protecting the environment and their yoga practice. The Yoloha Cork Mat is the ultimate eco-friendly gift that any yogi is sure to love.

Yoga Instructor and holistic healer Kate Pearson of Om_Amrita recommends this mat for those who are dedicated to living as consciously as possible. After transitioning into a more conscious lifestyle, a plastic yoga mat didn’t make much sense to her.

“I made the commitment some time ago to live as consciously as I can, and carrying around a non-recyclable, rubber-plastic yoga mat did not sit well with me anymore.” Kate says a cork mat is the best choice for the environment because the materials are synthetic-free and 100% recyclable.

The high-quality cork is also non-slip grip, lightweight and perfect for travel. If your yogi friend loves practicing outdoors, this is the perfect companion for them. “The mat you use ‘mat-ters’. I am at my very happiest, when I’m barefoot, in contact with the earth and all her elements, practicing the art that we call yoga on my Yoloha canvas.”

Practicing with this cork mat will not only enhance your practice but will also help you to contribute to the betterment of the planet. Your yogi friend and the planet will thank you.

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For the Beginner

liforme best yoga mat

A cork yoga mat is a great option for seasoned yogis. The Liforme Mat is one of the most popular on the market because of its nonslip sticky surface and easy-to-grip material. Liforme mats also have a unique yet subtle alignment chart.

Your friend will also enjoy the alignment system drawn on the mat. This will help them perfect their poses and as they grow in their practice.

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For the Adventurous Yogi

form yoga mat yoga gift guide

This yoga mat is the perfect idea for someone who is always pushing boundaries and trying new things. As open-minded as the philosophy of yoga is, like any other thing, it can become ritualistic and rigid.

If your friend seems stuck in a rut in their practice, try the Form Yoga Mat. Form makes round yoga mats to open your mind and your practice up. Why not give your friend the gift of practicing a new, open type of yoga?

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Yoga Pants

Chances are the yoga-lover in your life already has plenty of yoga pants in her closet. But a true yogi can never have too many, especially when they need to diversify their collection.

A yoga gift guide isn’t complete without the perfect yoga pants that are stylish and flexible enough to stretch into even the most difficult poses.

For the Yogi Who Only Wears Black

rbx active yoga gift guide yoga pants

RBX Active

There are so many great stylish yoga pants out there today, so there is no excuse for only owning black yoga pants. Today yoga pants are so stylish that you can throw on a cute pair of shoes and rock them as regular pants throughout the day.

Break up everyday black leggings with a fun printed pattern instead. We love the RBX Active Yoga Leggings that come in this trendy marble pattern. The marble print is stylish but not too loud to scare away someone who doesn’t love bold patterns. These leggings are still neutral enough to blend in with the rest of your outfit if you transition them to a daytime outfit.

RBX also offers brighter floral and patterned mesh-paneled leggings to choose from. Because of the affordable price, you can choose two fun patterns and give your yogi friend the most stylish gift they’ll receive.

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For the Newbie

Yoga Pants: Lululemon's Align Pant II

Lululemon’s Align Pant II

A yoga newbie needs a reliable, sturdy pair of pants that will carry them into their yoga journey. Lululemon makes amazing yoga pants that are comfortable, cute and stretch perfectly into any pose. They are known to last longer and keep you going back for more.

These yoga pants would be the perfect idea for anyone starting out with yoga. For women, the Align Pants II are a great option. For men, go with the In Mind pants.

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For the Cozy Yogi

PrAna makes our favorite capri pants

Yoga pants are worn in and outside of the studio nowadays, so it’s important to have a pair that will be perfectly comfy. If you have a friend who is an ‘athleisure’ junkie, get them a pair a PrAna yoga pants.

PrAna’s pants are sustainable and made from organic cotton. They are super comfortable and will breathe well as you wear them throughout the day. After a few hours of wearing these pants, your friend won’t want to take these off.

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Yoga Wearables and Accessories

This category is for the yogi who probably has it all. This yoga junkie already has the best mats and pants, so why not get them some extra accessories and wearables to add to their already perfect collection? This next section of our yoga gift guide goes over the best yoga accessories.


made as intended bracelet yoga gift guide

If they like yoga, there is a high chance that your friend likes keeping good energy around them. That’s why we think these Made as Intended bracelets are a great idea for someone who loves yoga.

These bracelets are made of moonstone and lavender amethyst and designed to promote peace and protection from bad energy. Not only is this bracelet subtle and stylish, but your friend can carry the positive energy with them throughout the day.

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Yoga Towel

yoga mate sticky grip yoga gift guide

There are yoga lovers, and then there are hot yoga lovers. For people who can brave a 90-minute class in the sweltering heat and humidity, we’ve got the perfect gift for them. Gift your yogi friend a new yoga towel like the Yoga Mate Sticky Grip Yoga Mate towel, which is guaranteed to keep them in place, even in the sweatiest classes.

A yoga towel is the most practical gift to get for your hot yogi friend. Anyone who has survived a hot yoga class knows that you sweat like no other, so putting a towel down is crucial. Without a towel, the sweat will travel down to your mat, and no one wants to be caught slipping during downward dog.

Yoga Mate towels are made of a sticky silicon that grips on tight to your yoga mat. The towel is also highly absorbent and easy to care for. Choose from six different color patterns, including a unique tie dye one for the colorful yogi.

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Dharma Wheel

dharma wheel yoga gift guide

A seasoned yogi wants to make sure they are going deeper and deeper into their poses. The deeper you go, the more amazing benefits you get out of your practice.

Tons of yoga accessories help guide you into a pose that you may need help getting into. Yoga blocks and resistance bands are pretty common in most classes. Yoga wheels or Dharma wheels are a great option for someone who wants to do perfect their back openers and other inversions.

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is a high-quality dharma wheel that is made out of durable and sustainable materials that last. Grab one in six different colors.

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Post Yoga Treatments for R&R

pursoma yoga gift guide

We all have that one friend whose schedule is filled to the brim with work and family obligations, but somehow they never miss their weekly yoga class. While this friend can handle anything, everyone needs a little rest and relaxation in their life, even yogis. If your yogi friend could use a little extra relaxation post-practice, they would love this Pursoma post-workout bath soak.

Pursoma’s After the Class Post-Workout Soak is designed to relax your body after a workout class. The special formula is the perfect thing to “bring you home to your body” after a good yoga session. Your yogi friend can get a little extra self care time by soaking in this mineral-rich bath that relieves muscle tension and eases muscle soreness.

The blend of natural ingredients like sea salt, lavender and essential oils will help detox and rejuvenate the body post workout. This gift is a nice gesture for the yogi who could use a little more “me” time. They will thank you for it.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser yoga gift guide

There is nothing like winding down to a nice nighttime yoga session in the comfort of your own home. If you have a friend who loves practicing yoga in their cozy safe space, an essential oil diffuser will is the perfect addition to their home.

Cultivating a good at-home self practice can be a special part of your yoga experience. Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect way to relax during or after a nice yoga practice. You can essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus during your practice to help create a soothing atmosphere. The oil diffuser also has a low colored LED light to add to the mood of your home.

The best part about this gift? It’s useful even when you’re not actively practicing yoga.

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Soothing Gel

yoga gift guide lavender gel

There’s nothing like treating your body after a good workout. We love the ApolloBox’s Soothing Gel collection treatment that is perfect for treating muscle aches post workout.

After a long yoga workshop, your body will be tired and the soreness will slowly creep in. Why not gift someone this soothing gel that smells and feels great? The Gel collection comes with a special muscle and joint gel that is made from a blend of essential oils including rosemary, eucalyptus and other natural oils. Apply with the lavender gel for the ultimate post-yoga self care treatment.

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Gifting a subscription is an extremely thoughtful gift because subscription boxes keep the gifts coming. They are especially a great idea if you feel overwhelmed by choosing just one gift out of a yoga gift guide. Surprise the yogi in your life with a subscription or a subscription box.


gaia yoga gift guide

You may be a yogi yourself and want to give the gift of a yoga to a friend who is looking to start their journey. They may be someone who is interested but isn’t quite ready to commit to a studio. An online yoga subscription like Gaia could be a great way for them to start their journey.

Gaia is an online yoga community that offers hours of yoga classes led by certified teachers from around the world. You can stream a class anytime, so it’s easy to integrate it into your weekly routine.

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fabletics yoga gift guide

Imagine receiving new yoga clothes every month. A subscription to Fabletics is just that.

Every month, you receive new workout gear in the mail so you can look and feel good in the studio. We’re known to rave about Fabletics stylish leggings before, and once your friends receives the package in the mail, they’ll be a fan too. The great thing about Fabletics athletic wear is that its  worth the hype. They last long and stretch well.

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Yogi Surprise Yoga Box

yogabox yoga gift guide

This yoga subscription box is one of the most popular among the yoga world. It focuses on bringing you goodies every month that will either enhance or amplify your practice.

Every month you could receive snacks, yoga gear or self care products that fit perfectly any yogi would love. Think organic mat sprays, yoga straps for your mat and after-yoga workout treatments. The Yogi Surprise is the gift that keeps on giving, just like your yoga practice should.

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Buddhi Box

yoga box yoga gift guide buddhi boxes

The Buddhi Box is another great highly rated yoga subscription for the person who fully embodies the wellness lifestyle. The box was created by a yoga instructor who wanted to bring cruelty-free wellness and yoga products to your door every month.

Choose from three different subscription types, including jewelry like Mala bracelets, yoga gear and accessories and other natural body products that you’d love every month. The great thing is that you can choose the type of box you want depending on the personality of the person you’re buying it for.

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Yoga Mat Bags

A proper yoga gift guide is not complete without the best yoga mat bags to carry your favorite yoga mats. Pair these with the yoga mats we suggested above, or gift them to a friend who already owns the best yoga mats.

Yoga Evo Yoga Mat Bag

yoga evo yoga gift guide bag

The highly rated Yoga Evo Mat Bag is one of the most practical yoga mat bags on the market. With its numerous compartments and portability, it ranks as one of the highest among yogis and other gym enthusiasts.

The bag is specifically designed to fit your mat, shoes, water bottles and other things you may want to fit in a gym bag. The Yoga Evo bag is also super versatile and plane friendly so you can take it on trips with you.

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LUCKAYA Yoga Mat Bag

luckaya yoga mat yoga gift guide

This bag is perfect for the busy go-getter. Do you have a friend who is always running from the gym to the office and vice versa? These types of yogis need a good multipurpose bag that will fit their yoga mats comfortably.

The Luckaya Yoga Mat is the perfect all-purpose gym bag that has a space for everything you’d need and more. On top of your yoga mat, it’ll fit up to two yoga blocks, gear and even your laptop.

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So, for the next birthday or other gift giving occasion, use this yoga gift guide to help you find the perfect set of yoga-inspired gifts for the yogi in your life.