Top 5 Yoga Postures for Hips, From Yogi Alex Roberts

Tuesday morning classes at Purple Yoga studio are always jam-packed. Presided over by the Assistant Director of Teaching Alex Roberts, who often leads yoga retreats in exotic destinations like Bali, a room of regulars make their way back week after week. After you take a class with the yoga teacher-slash-guru, it’s easy to see why Alex has an Instagram-following nearing 14,000.

Now, you can take a peek inside one of Alex’s classes; he was kind enough to share and model the following five yoga postures that promote seriously happy hips. We’re talking poses that provide major support to the “stabilizers” of your body, along with the detailed instructions from the student-beloved instructor.

In case you’re wondering why hip-openers are a good idea, Psychology Today points to the trusty mind-body connection. They quote the late neuropharmacologist, Candace Pert, who stated: “[The] body is your subconscious mind … [u]nexpressed emotions are literally lodged in the body.” All we can say is: Yup! Holistically minded practitioners of alternative healing modalities have long described the phenomenon of how we store emotional stress in our bodies somatically — particularly, in our hips.

Make it a point to set aside time for a little T.L.C. for your hips — you know, to really get the blood flowing. You’ll be doing more for your overall well-being than you can ever know.

Check out Alex Roberts’ Top 5 yoga postures for hips that’ll be seriously happy even before you say “namaste.”


5.) Triangle Pose aka Trikonasana

yoga postures for hips

Triangle pose is a great place to start in terms of yoga postures for hips, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner. Bikram (hot) yoga incorporates it into the 26 comprehensive postures that make up its rigorous high-intensity curriculum. It’s even been called a “master pose” because of its high degree of bodily activation, which builds strength while promoting flexibility all over the body.

Alex describes how to enter the posture: “Triangle posture blends effort and ease to lift your mood and provide much-needed attention to tight hips. Emphasize stability by pressing down the corners of your feet and recruiting strong calf and thigh muscles. Tilt your hips sideways ‘laterally’ and create a long diagonal line from the top of your head to the heel of your back foot. Use your abdominals and obliques to keep all four sides of your spine long and comfortable. Pay attention to your breath; keep it smooth and steady, in and out through your nose. Please do not tolerate pain in your front knee, outer front hip or lower back.”

Do You Yoga points out that you’ll work your legs, knees and ankles all the way to your chest and arms when you practice the “ideal combination of opening, elongating, stretching and challenging the body.” It’s fab for releasing stress of all kinds; plus, as it strengthens your core muscles and gives your spine much-needed stretch, this yoga staple also brings you into both physical and emotional alignment.