The World’s Most Impressive Castles Will Leave You Speechless

By Youmn December 5, 2018 View all posts (82)

Many of us have wonder what our lives would be like if we swapped our houses for massive castles. More pantry space? Long walks in lush gardens? Large and dream-like kitchen (or kitchens!)? Countless selfies with the intricately carved walls? Okay, now imagine living not just in any castle, but in one of the most impressive castles in the world! How different would your life be?

If your mind is already running with the wildest scenarios, let us first show you the 10 most impressive castles! We’re sure it’ll give you a few ideas:

20.) Malbork Castle

most impressive castles malbork castle
  • Location: Malbork, Poland
  • Built in: 13th century
  • Architectural style: Gothic

Welcome to this show-stopping UNESCO World Heritage site. Malbork Castle was originally built by a German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders called the Teutonic Knights.

They kept it as their headquarters for almost 150 years and was expanded when the Malbork became the capital of the order in the first years of the 14th century.