Military Wife Demands To Be Saluted To At Gym, Has No Idea Husband Is Watching


No Doubt

Sergeant Fowler tried everything to stop those reports in their tracks. He didn’t want to believe them and thought they were referring to someone else.

But once he saw it with his own eyes, there was no denying the facts. What on earth was his wife doing behind his back? And how would it affect the career he spent years building?

Sergeant Fowler


Sergeant Fowler knew he wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy, and he spent his life trying to achieve that goal.

But he had no idea that things could come crashing down because of his wife and her sudden, unexplainable entitlement. What was she up to? And did she really think her husband wouldn’t uncover the truth?

Tough Times


Sergeant Fowler joined the military at a young age and soon discovered that things weren’t as easy as he assumed they would be. If he wanted to work his way up, he’d have to put a lot of effort into it.

And things only became worse when he met a girl. Within a year, Sergeant Fowler married the woman of his dreams, Fiona. That was when he realized how tough his job truly was.

He Made It


After a tough few years, he finally made it. He was a Sergeant in the US Army, and he had a gorgeous wife who had given him two beautiful children.

Sergeant Fowler thought he had it all. But he would soon discover that things were not as innocent as they seemed. His wife had some secrets, and they could be used against him.

Last Year


During the last year, Sergeant Fowler heard his men complaining about something that involved him. He ignored it at first, but when it came knocking on his door, he couldn’t just turn it away.

One of the newer soldiers under his command had come to Sergeant Fowler to lay a complaint. The problem was that the complaint was about his wife.

So Many Rumors


The man stated that Mrs. Fowler had been mistreating the younger members of the team. She acted like she was above them and thought her husband’s position would allow her to do whatever she wanted.

When Sergeant Fowler heard that, he instantly thought about the rumors he had heard. It seemed like this story was making its way around the camp. But was there any truth to it?

He Didn’t Believe Them


Sergeant Fowler was still in a state of disbelief. Sure, he had heard countless rumors, but he simply couldn’t believe a word that was said.

These men often didn’t know who or what they were talking about, especially not the new members. But he would soon discover that there was more to this than he expected.

Sweet And Gentle


In Sergeant Fowler’s mind, his wife was the sweetest, most gentle woman on the planet. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, never mind command a bunch of soldiers.

She had no interest in his job or the men beneath him. Or so he thought. But that was where he was wrong. His wife had more interest than he thought she did.

They Had To Be Mistaken


Sergeant Fowler had no doubt that his men were mistaken. They must’ve been confusing his wife for someone else. That was the only reasonable explanation for all this.

But that wasn’t what his men thought. Many of them knew his wife, and they were sure that she was the one causing all the fuss. Were they right?

They Were Adamant


Later that day, a few of the soldiers beneath Sergeant Fowler asked to have a meeting with him. Some of them were new recruits, but the majority were older soldiers—men who knew his wife well.

They said that there was no mistake. They were a hundred percent sure it was her, and they didn’t appreciate her behavior. That was when the Sergeant knew he had to act.

Asking For Proof


Seeing that his men weren’t going to leave without answers forced Sergeant Fowler to make a tough choice. He could either upset his entire team, or he could look into the matter.

So he asked his men to provide proof of their accusations. They were happy with the result and swore to produce proof as soon as they had it. But this wasn’t the end for Sergeant Fowler.

A Few Weeks


That night, he asked his wife about the accusations, and she flat-out denied them. That put the Sergeant’s heart at ease, as he knew the soldiers would come up empty-handed.

A few weeks had passed, and the Sergeant had nearly forgotten about all the complaints. That was until someone knocked on his door early one morning.

Unexpected Visit


The visit was an unexpected one, but the new recruit insisted on speaking to the Sergeant. He said he had something important to show his commanding officer, so the Sergeant let him in.

Sergeant Fowler had no idea that the man was there to give him information. And what he had would change the Sergeant’s life forever.

Producing Proof


The young man was incredibly nervous when he stepped into the Sergeant’s office. He pulled on his collar and swallowed the lump in his throat before sliding a camera across the desk.

“You asked for evidence. Here it is, Sir,” the man said, not meeting the Sergeant’s gaze. Sergeant Fowler’s heart was beating against the walls of his chest as he realized that this situation was far more serious than it seemed.

Looking At The Pictures


With a shaky hand, the Sergeant picked up the camera, hoping that he wasn’t about to see what the man had complained about. But what he had in his hands was so much worse.

He flipped through the pictures, and what he saw left him speechless. It was his wife, and what she was doing was completely unacceptable. How could she stoop so low?

He Couldn’t Believe It


There was a picture of his wife walking into the gym. Another picture showed a bunch of his recruits lined up, and they were all saluting her.

But the worst was the picture of his recruits doing push-ups while his wife watched with a daring glare. Sergeant Fowler didn’t want to believe it, but there was no denying the proof. What would he do now that he knew?

The Audacity


Sergeant Fowler thanked the man and dismissed him. But he couldn’t get those pictures out of his head. Seeing his men in that position really upset him.

But it was the look on his wife’s face that affected him the most. He couldn’t believe that she would do something like that, especially not when she knew what it would cost him.

Investigating The Matter


Sergeant Fowler was furious, but he knew he needed proof before he could confront his wife. He needed to see it with his own eyes and gather his own evidence before he could act.

So he launched an investigation into the matter. And he started by speaking to all of his men. What they told him would make his blood boil.

All The Stories


The men told Sergeant Fowler that they weren’t the only ones who were being mistreated by his wife. Some of the other soldiers went through the same thing.

In fact, she didn’t actually care who she was doing it to as long as they were soldiers. She believed that she could command everyone, and she was using her husband’s good name to do it.

Time Had Come


After a lengthy discussion with his men, Sergeant Fowler knew that the time had come for him to act. He needed to put an end to this madness before it went any further. And he knew exactly how to do it.

He would set a trap to catch his wife in the act, and his men would be in on it. But what would he do after that?



Sergeant Fowler picked a few of the older guys and let them in on his scheme. Of course, they agreed to the plan, but even they didn’t know what his true plan was. All they knew was that they would have to refuse his wife’s order.

Now that everything was in place and Sergeant Fowler was well-prepared, he could put his plan into action.

He Waited


The next morning, Sergeant Fowler went to the gym. His men told him that his wife always came in at around 10 am. So he arrived at 9:30 am and hid in a spot where she wouldn’t see him.

After that, his men moved into position, and they all waited for his lovely wife to arrive. How would she react when she realized she was caught in the act?

Less Than Ten Minutes


When Mrs. Fowler arrived, it took less than ten minutes for her shenanigans to start. As soon as she spotted a soldier, she got to work, not knowing that her husband wasn’t only there, but he was also filming everything.

She started by demanding that the man salute her, not knowing that he was one of the older soldiers who were in on the game. The soldier simply refused her order.

It Got Worse


That was when things got worse. When the man stood up to Mrs. Fowler, she demanded that he do fifty push-ups as punishment for his actions. Once again, he refused.

At that point, Mrs. Fowler was fuming. She wasn’t getting her way, and she hated it, so she threatened the man. She told him that if he didn’t obey, she would have him kicked out.

He Couldn’t Stand By


Sergeant Fowler was infuriated by what he saw, and he didn’t want it to continue. He couldn’t just stand by and watch his men get insulted for not doing what his wife expected them to do.

This had gone too far. The time had come for him to put her in her place once and for all. But how would he do that?

Confronting Her


Sergeant Fowler got out of his hiding spot and confronted his wife. His presence clearly surprised her, but she had no idea how much trouble she was actually in. She thought he had arrived at that very moment.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” the Sergeant asked, his voice laced with disapproval and pain.

Full Of Excuses


As he suspected, his wife was full of excuses. At first, she claimed that she wasn’t doing anything, but once she realized that her husband knew what she was up to, her tone changed.

She tried to cover her tracks by saying that she was just joking and that she didn’t actually expect them to do anything. But then her husband produced the evidence, and she knew she had no way out.

Not Letting Go


Mrs. Fowler started crying on the spot. She knew how it affected her husband, and she thought it would do the same this time around. If only she knew how wrong she actually was.

There was no way Sergeant Fowler was going to let his wife get away with what she had done. He couldn’t. If he did, he would lose everything he spent his life building.

Hardest Part


So Sergeant Fowler did the hardest thing he could think of. He went from a husband to a military man and treated his wife like he would treat any disobedient soldier.

He demeaned her in front of all his men, and when he was done, he forced her to apologize to every single one of them. But he wasn’t done with her just yet. There was still one more thing he needed to do.

The Next Day


That night, Mrs. Fowler was furious. She gave her husband a very bad attitude and even went as far as to insult him, as she had done with the rest of his men.

That was the last straw. When the Sergeant woke up the next morning, he called a divorce lawyer and asked for the paperwork to be sent through.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.