Woman Stops After Spotting A Moving Plastic Bag On The Road, Then Her Instincts Kick In


Hitting The Brakes

Upon seeing it, she immediately hit the brakes.

A muscular arm threw the large, black garbage bag out of the truck’s massive door after it had swung open.

On the road, the bag moved. Inside, something was alive.

The Bag


In order to avoid the bag, she veered off the road with her van. Her teeth gritted as her fingers clung to the steering wheel.

A troubled stop caused rainwater, mud, and grass blades to fly into the sky.

Hurriedly, she ran to the bag on the road. The sight of what was inside made her gasp.

A New Week


A head-splitting migraine and flu were supposed to keep Grace Cunningham in bed on Monday afternoon.

Her long weekend in upstate Wyoming was over, and she was ready to start the new week at home in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

No one could have predicted how drastically her life would change.

The Flu


Grace was hoping to avoid getting the flu on her trip home. The storm, however, was intent on ruining her week.

Suddenly she was running a fever and had a runny nose.

This was all leading to something, she should have known that.



Throughout her life, Grace has led a simple lifestyle. The 30-year-old had yet to start a family and was still sifting through the dating pool in search of her future spouse.

Her modest apartment outside town was where she lived by herself as an accountant.

She had no idea what was coming, but all the things she thought she knew were going to be flipped upside down by the end of that week.

Her Work Day


In Grace’s ideal day at work, she keeps track of and corrects the company’s finances to help her bosses make sound financial decisions.

There was a lot of direct contact between her and her bosses in her position.

Her flu diagnosis made her realize she wouldn’t be in the office for long.

Back To Work


Despite being delirious and under heavy medication, Grace arrived early in the morning as usual.

By morning, she expected to be back to normal, but it didn’t happen.

Taking her handbag and documents with her, she entered the office. However, her boss had already noticed she wasn’t feeling well by noon. The request to take the remainder of the day and week off didn’t surprise her.

Taking Time Off


She claimed that she was strong enough to work and pleaded her case. It was her boss’s insistence that she take some time to recover.

After gathering her belongings, she hopped into her van and headed home. Any kind of entertainment would suffice to pass the time, whether it was watching a movie or reading a novel.

It was only a matter of getting home for now.

Settling In


Grace jumped into her van as the rain pelted down. As she lived an hour away from her workplace, she would spend even more time on the road due to her health condition and the heavy rain.

Turning on her seat warmer and radio, she tried to make the drive as cozy as possible.

It wasn’t necessary to rush home. No one could have predicted what would await her on the road.

The Gas Station


After thirty minutes on the road, Grace’s fuel light came on. In a matter of minutes, she pulled into the nearest gas station.

As she looked ahead at the empty tarmac, the rain still pattered on it. In addition, the gas station was deserted, apart from one freight truck.

Despite Grace’s initial disinterest in the massive vehicle, something kept telling her to watch it.

The Trucker 


Grace stepped out of her van and hurried to the gas pump, eager to escape the rain. She was still filling her tank when a burly, bearded man stepped out of the truck. 

He looked at her briefly before walking into the convenience store attached to the gas station.

Still, Grace didn’t notice that something was off. It would be soon that she phoned the authorities. 

Inside The Shop


She filled her tank and hurried inside to clear the bill. And that’s when she saw it. The man was purchasing garbage bags, which he held in one hand.

The other hand carried snacks, most of which were meant for kids. This detail struck Grace as odd. But she’d never been one to meddle in other people’s businesses.

Perhaps the man had kids at home and needed to buy a few supplies for the house. If only Grace knew what was happening. 

Back On The Road 


Grace paid for her gas and hurried out of the store. She jumped into her van and got back on the road. She still drove slowly, listening to the radio as the rain poured outside her vehicle.

About ten minutes into the drive and the large truck honked behind her.

The sound was loud, causing her to jump in her seat. The truck honked again, and Grace knew she was in trouble. 

Get Out Of My Way


She switched lanes, thinking she was blocking the driver. But he came up behind her again, honking and stepping on the gas. 

The truck roared and surged forward, the sound tearing through Grace. “What is wrong with you?” she shouted even though the driver couldn’t hear her.

She pressed her horn, wondering what was happening. 

Road Rage 


Grace had never been one to engage in road rage. But sometimes, circumstances have a way of getting to a person.

She couldn’t understand why the man couldn’t just drive around her. 

Both lanes were clear, with nothing but endless tarmac and trees caught in the rain staring at them. Was the man trying to instill fear in her? She’d seen that in a horror movie as a child. But his goal would be much worse

Go Around


But Grace wouldn’t break under pressure.

She pressed her horn again and rolled down her window, waving at the man. She stuck her head out of the van to catch a glimpse of him.

What she saw terrified her. But it was not nearly as bad as what was about to happen to her. Would Grace be able to pull through this?

Go Around!


“Can you just go around, please?” she yelled, closing her window. But the man didn’t take the offer. He kept honking at her. 

The man was incredibly persistent, and Grace didn’t understand why.

But the situation was getting dangerous, and she wasn’t willing to take any chances. There was only one thing Grace could do to ensure her safety. 

Making A Needed Stop


Grace pulled her vehicle to the side of the road, skidding through the mud until she stopped.

The truck blurred past her, throwing rainwater onto her windows. 

Grace couldn’t believe how rude the driver was. She couldn’t believe that he would risk people’s lives the way he did. But she was about to learn that he was doing more than just that.



Grace bit back a few curse words as anger roiled within her. How could some people be so inconsiderate? 

She took a deep breath to clear her head, not knowing this was only the beginning.

The driver who had forced her off the road was nowhere near done with his antics. Could she handle what she would be forced to face next?

Back On The Road


Grace started her van back up and pulled into the highway. She’d already spent two hours on the road and was too angry to keep driving slowly. 

But she still had a grip on her senses.

And with the rate at which people were driving, she would need to be extra careful. Otherwise, she could end up in yet another dangerous situation.

It’s Back


Grace kept to the road rules, ensuring she didn’t exceed the speed limit. She didn’t think she’d see the truck again when she spied its bright red trailer out of nowhere in the distance. 

Her heart started slamming against her chest as she saw the distinct bumper sticker of the man who forced her off the road.

She could sense that trouble lay ahead, and that feeling wasn’t wrong.

Endless Fury


The rage that had caused her to drive to the side of the road flared within her once more. But Grace wouldn’t let it take over again. 

She had a lot to look forward to, and she wasn’t going to let her night get ruined by a bad driver.

Little did she know that the truck driver had yet another trick up his sleeve.

A Warm, Peaceful Night  


Grace was almost home, and that’s all that mattered. She’d already decided on the romantic comedy to watch and the type of soup to make. 

All she wanted was a warm, peaceful night. But her night would take a turn she wouldn’t expect, and it would ruin all her plans.

Would it be to her detriment? 

Time For Some Payback


Grace followed the truck steadily, realizing the driver was driving slower than her earlier. She considered blaring her horn at him as payback but thought against it. 

Two wrongs never make a right. Grace knew that all too well.

And there was no way she was going to have this man back on her case. She had just gotten rid of him.

Waiting For The Right Moment


She would drive behind him until she got a chance to overtake him. Or he would take a different exit from her.

Somehow, they would pass each other and not give it a second thought. 

At least, that was what Grace thought. But her assumption was wrong. She was still lost in her head when she saw it. 

He Throws It Out 


Grace watched on as the driver threw something large and black into the roadside mud before flooring his gas.

His truck’s engine whined and groaned, the exhausts blowing out thick black smoke.

Once again, Grace was shocked by what the driver did. But this time, she was in for a bigger surprise. It was something she simply couldn’t walk away from.

What Was It?


Grace’s sight was glued to the trash bag the man had thrown away.

It seemed partly full and tightly tied at the top, lying limp in the middle of the road. 

She couldn’t help but wonder what was inside it. Was it simply the trash he collected along the way? Or was there something else in it?

It’s Moving 


The trucker sped up immediately, leaving the bag on the road. Grace almost ran it over before she realized it was moving. 

What on earth was going on? Did the trucker really just throw a living being out of his window?

Or was Grace just imagining things? Could she take the risk by just driving away?

Checking It Out


Grace leaned toward her windshield, thinking she’d imagined it. But the bag moved again as if something or someone was trapped inside, unable to escape.

She rubbed her eyes, unsure of what she was seeing. Has the bag really moved again?

She was very unsure of herself since she was feeling so ill. But she couldn’t take the risk.

Thinking It Over


Grace’s mind immediately flew to the convenience store. She recalled seeing the man pay for trash bags and children’s snacks when she walked in to settle her bill. 

That had her heart slamming even harder.

If she had to put two and two together, she would come to conclusions she would never want to come up with.

There Was Something About Him


There had been an air of dread around the man and his truck. Terror climbed up Grace’s spine as reality dawned on her. She couldn’t step on her brakes fast enough. 

What if it really was a child? What if whatever it was that was in that bag was injured?

What if the man had committed a crime?

Don’t Hit It


Her van veered off the road as she swerved to avoid the bag. Her fingers constricted around her steering wheel, her teeth gritting as she held on for dear life.

The move she pulled nearly had her losing control of her van.

She nearly crashed in an attempt to avoid hitting the bag. But deep down, she knew the move was worth it.

Deep Breaths


Her vehicle came to a troubled stop, throwing rainwater, mud, and blades of grass into the chilly air. Grace was in a state of panic, and she had to take a few deep breaths to calm herself down before she could act.

When she recovered her equilibrium, Grace rushed out of the car, not even bothering to close her door.

Her sight was keen on the trash bag on the road. 

Was It The Right Choice?


The bag moved again, and Grace stepped back. She hadn’t imagined it before. Something or someone was truly trapped inside it. 

She had the impression of that from the very beginning, but now that she saw it up close, she was afraid.

Had she made the right decision by pulling over the way she did?

She’s Alone


What was it that was in the bag? What had the man thrown out of his window?

Grace looked around. Nothing but trees surrounded her. 

Even the truck that had caused the ruckus had disappeared into the distance, its engine’s roar a fading echo in Grace’s mind. So, this wasn’t a package meant to be picked up by someone. 



Grace approached the bag, and when it moved again, she broke into a sprint to help free what was inside. Her mind raced with questions about what it could be. 

But at that moment, the source of the movement wasn’t really her biggest concern.

All she wanted to do was get whatever it was out of the bag and see if it was okay or not.

Not Too Many Options


Grace needed to stay focused. What if whatever was inside the bag was a dangerous animal?

What if she was in danger and needed to return to her car and drive off? There was only one way to find out. 

Grace’s hands were shaking as she tried to reach out. But before she could even touch the bag, she changed her mind. She wasn’t willing to risk getting bitten.

What Is It?


Grace bit back her fear and gathered enough courage to poke the bag with her foot.

It moved and stopped abruptly as if whatever or whoever was inside was just as scared as she was.

That comforted Grace a little. She didn’t know why, but it did, and that gave her the courage to get a little closer. 

As Calm As Possible


“Hello,” Grace called out in a soft voice. What if the man had trapped a toddler in the bag, keen to get rid of them? 

It was already evening, and most cars zooming down the road wouldn’t stop to check what was inside the bag.

They would run it over. If her suspicions were correct, it could have a tragic end.

Opening The Bag


With her heart pounding the confines of her ears, Grace grabbed the ropes tying the bag shut. She took a deep breath and pulled them open.    

The air was knocked from her lungs as her eyes landed on the content.

It was something she never wanted to see. But she was in that position now, and there was no turning back.

The Horror


Grace’s breath caught as she stared at what was inside. “Oh lord,” she said, her eyes tearing as she took in the scene in front of her. 

How could someone do such a thing? How could a person possibly be so cruel?

Those babies didn’t deserve to be treated in such a way. No one did.

Little Angels


Inside the bag were five kittens. But sadly, only three of them were alive. They meowed up at Grace with big eyes, trying to fight their way out of the bag. 

The sight was a crushing one, especially for someone who loved animals as much as Grace did.

She wanted to help the poor critters. She really did. But could she?

The Middle Of Nowhere


Grace looked around again. She was still alone in the middle of the road, with no one to claim the little fur balls of joy. 

She really hoped that someone would take responsibility for this.

But it was clear that she was the only one who could. At that point in time, there was only one thing she could do. 

The Start Of A Rollercoaster Ride


Grace took the kittens with her, carrying them carefully as she made her way to her van.

She got them all snug in the back seat and was about to leave when she looked back at the bag.

Before she could drive off, she had to do something. Being as gentle as she could, she buried the two that didn’t make it in the woods by the roadside. 

Finally Getting Home


After that, Grace drove home with the kittens. She was fully aware that she’d need to find them a home as soon as possible.

But she had no idea what she’d gotten herself into.  

Those kittens had not only turned her life upside down once. They would keep her on an emotional rollercoaster that could go either way.

Not So Easy


As soon as Grace got home, she realized that having so many kittens around wasn’t going to be easy.

She had no pets, so she had nothing to feed them. Plus, they were so tiny, she wasn’t sure whether or not they could eat solid food.

That was when she truly realized that the task ahead of her would be far from easy.

Trying To Find Them Homes


Grace got up early the next morning. She had a whole list of things to get through, and all of them revolved around the kittens.

She needed to get them food, and after that, she needed to find them homes.

But being as inexperienced as she was, she didn’t realize that her next problem would revolve around getting rid of them.

They Were Too Small


Any person who had to nurse kittens during their life would know that kittens need to be at least ten weeks old before they can safely be removed from the comfort of their mothers.

These kittens were nowhere near that mark. And even though

Grace didn’t have a choice but to take them in; not many people were willing to deal with the risks involved.

Vet Checks


Grace did everything she thought was right. She took the kittens to the vet, who gave them their shots and did a few thorough checks on them.

She was concerned about the fall and the damage it might’ve caused.

And just like with humans, the symptoms of certain injuries were easily masked. Was that the case with the kittens?

They Were Fine


The vet assured Grace that the kittens were perfectly fine, which was a miracle considering what they had gone through. But that wasn’t all she found.

After doing a DNA test, the vet discovered that the kittens were Main Coons, a very expensive breed to just throw out a truck window.

But that also meant getting rid of them would be much harder.

What To Do?


In a moment of panic, Grace broke down. She had no idea what to do and turned to the vet for advice.

She carefully listened as the vet explained why finding a home for her kittens would be difficult.

Each piece of information made her doubt herself even more, and by the end, she started wondering if she would have been better off not rescuing the little critters.

Love And Attention


“Main Coons are among the biggest domestic cats in the world, the vet said with his eyes glued on the litter of kittens. “They need a lot of love and attention to raise.

He informed Grace that someone would need to look after the kittens until they were mature enough to be rehomed.

She also suggested that Grace try the local animal shelter. Maybe they could take the kittens off her hands.

The Local Shelter


After leaving the vet, Grace stopped at the local animal shelter, but they had even more bad news for her.

She explained her situation, stating that she wasn’t equipped to raise the breed of kittens she had on her hands.

But even though the shelter listened carefully and agreed that she couldn’t possibly take care of the kittens, they refused to take them. But the bad news didn’t stop there.

What She Needed


The shelter informed Grace that she’d need unique kinds of food, bedding, and grooming items specific to Main Coons.

Since the species was rare and highly sought after, these items would cost a pretty penny.

She’d also need to make several appointments with a specialized doctor to ensure her cats were healthy. Grace was devastated.

They Didn’t Have Space


Grace was on the verge of tears when the shelter staff explained that they didn’t have the space to take in any more felines.

Her heart broke as she listened to everything she needed to do to care for the kittens.

Yet again, she wondered if saving them had been the right thing. She’d never questioned herself as much as she did now.

It’s All Full


As she walked out of the shelter, she realized that they had not lied to her.

Every cage she walked by was filled to the brim with animals, from cats and dogs to rabbits and iguanas.

The manager told her that they hadn’t had any adoptions in months. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help. They couldn’t afford to do so at the time.

No Choice


So Grace had no choice but to take the kittens back home and care for them to the best of her abilities.

She checked her bank account first, ensuring she had money to get a few supplies for the cat.

She was scared of what she’d gotten herself into. But she knew giving up wasn’t in the cards for her. Luckily, the vet advised her what kittens their age needed, and she got everything on her way home.

Straight To The Store


Bundling up the information from the vet and the shelter, Grace was able to make a few purchases that would assist her in taking care of the kittens.

From cat food and grooming supplies to mats and toys, she got everything any cat lady should have for their babies.

But she was still concerned. She wasn’t confident in her abilities and had no idea what she would do once the kittens were mature enough to leave.

Over The Next Few Weeks


Grace took the next few weeks one day at a time, and she soon discovered that taking care of the little critters wasn’t as complicated as she thought it would be.

Yes, it was tiring to run after each kitten, trying to feed, wash, or groom it, but it wasn’t long before things started to fall into place.

The once chaotic kittens were slowly calming down, showing Grace she’d made the right choice in saving them.

A Good Routine


They pretty much slept for the majority of the day, and when they woke up, all they wanted to do was eat and cuddle.

She bathed and groomed them, then poured some wet food for their lunch. Later, she’d give them dry food and cuddle with them while watching a movie or working from her laptop.

Slowly and slowly, her life was returning to normal.

One Stole Her Heart


But there was one kitten who stood out above the rest. With his shiny silver fur and his playful personality, he managed to steal Grace’s heart.

He was energetic, always leading his siblings to trouble.

Whenever something went wrong, like utensils falling in the kitchen at 3 am, Grace could bet he was at the forefront.

Just Keep Him


It had gotten to the point where she didn’t want to give him up. And after some careful consideration, she decided that keeping one of them would do no harm.

The chaos the cat brought was well contrasted by how loving he was.

He was the first to wrap himself around Grace’s leg whenever she showed up at work and the first to finish his food and come cuddle with her on the couch. It was as if she’d found her soulmate.

Little Jimmy


Grace called the kitten Jimmy after her late father. His antics often reminded her of the man who had raised her, and she thought it would be a fitting tribute.

Jimmy even liked old Western movies, which Grace’s dad adored.

He’d settled down whenever the dry orange landscapes of the Wild West would paint themselves on the screen, just as her dad used to do.

A Hard Decision To Make


But was Grace really cut out to be a cat mom? She adored animals, particularly cats. However, her work took up most of her time, and she was hardly ever home.

To add to this, the cats were growing bigger by the day.

They were almost the size of normal cats now, and she knew they’d scare off any sitter she brought to watch over them. But what could she do?

He Stole Her Heart


Grace didn’t care if she was fit for it or not. She adored Little Jimmy and knew she would never be able to part with him.

She was already looking to fix her spare room for him, anticipating how huge he would be when he finally grew into an adult cat.

Her only hope was that she’d be able to find good homes for his siblings.

You Can Do It!


Plus, she had managed to balance her job and the kittens for so long already.

She was confident she could do the same for the little fluff ball she had come to adore.

She started working on the room at her earliest convenience, and just like everything else involving the kittens, it wasn’t cheap. But Grace wasn’t going to give up now.

Finding Them Homes


The eight weeks the kittens needed to mature had finally passed, and it was time for Grace to say her goodbyes.

The kittens were twice the size of normal cats, with the vet telling Grace they would get bigger.

She posted an ad in the local newspaper stating that she had a few Main Coon kittens that needed good homes.

The Response


It didn’t take long before the ad gained some traction.

The responses came pouring in, with many pet lovers saying they were in the market for Main Coon kittens.

Some even wanted to take Jimmy, but Grace wouldn’t allow it. Before long, all the kittens save for Jimmy were gone, and Grace’s home was silent once more.

All’s Well That Ends Well


As she sat down on the couch that night, she helped Little Jimmy onto her lap. The kitten purred in delight, earning a smile.

He was so large she could barely carry him for an hour straight.

He was also burning through his cat food, which always made Grace smile. Sitting here with him, she couldn’t help but think.

She Made The Right Choice


Her mind recalled everything she’d been through; from the day she found the kittens all those weeks ago to now. She remembered how fearful she was when she discovered she’d have to raise them.

As she looked down at the little guy, she realized that none of that would’ve happened if she didn’t decide to stop so she could find out what was in the bag.

Life With A Cat


Jimmy had a special place in her heart, and she felt a bond with him that she couldn’t explain. She was grateful that she had saved him from a life on the streets.

Jimmy quickly adapted to his new surroundings and soon became a part of Grace’s daily routine. But would she be able to manage a large adult male cat?

A Feisty Feline


Jimmy was a very needy boy. Every morning before leaving for work, Grace would give Jimmy a good rub on his belly and a treat.

She would always find him waiting on the windowsill when she came back home from work. It was a sweet sight that never failed to warm her heart. She felt wanted by him, even though he was just a cat.

Part Of The Furniture


Even Grace’s neighbors got used to seeing Jimmy on the windowsill every single evening when she came home from work. As soon as she walked through the door, he would jump down and run to greet her, meowing loudly and rubbing against her legs.

It was the highlight of Grace’s day, and she cherished the bond they had formed. Sometimes she wondered who Jimmy was in his past life and why she had to find him.

This Is My Space


As time went on, Jimmy grew bigger and more boisterous. He was always getting into mischief, knocking over vases and climbing on furniture. He was quite active.

But Grace didn’t mind at all – she loved him just the way he was. He reminded her of her late father, who had also been a big, lovable presence in her life. She felt him near when Jimmy was around.

Not The Usual


One day, Grace came home from work and didn’t see Jimmy waiting for her on the windowsill. She called out for him, “Jimmy! Here boy!” But he didn’t come.

She knew immediately that something was wrong. She searched the house. He wasn’t in his bed, where could he be? She thought frantically.

Something Is Amiss


She looked outside and knew something was wrong, and her heart began to race. Could he have run away? Did somebody steal him?

She rushed to the patio and found him writhing in pain. Something wasn’t right with him. “Jimmy!” she cried. The cat meowed to show he was in pain. Grace had to act fast.

A Sick Cat


Grace knew that pet medication was expensive. She didn’t think about any harm coming to Jimmy, now she was in a predicament.

She had forgotten to take out pet insurance for him, and she knew she couldn’t afford the cost of his medical bills. She didn’t have any spare cash either, how would she pay for his checkup?

Emergency Mode


She scooped Jimmy up in her arms and rushed him to the vet, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t have any money doctor, but please check him, he’s gonna die!”

The vet was a kind man and he tried to calm Grace down, “I’ll see what I can do, dear. Just sit down here.” Grace was in tears as the Vet took Jimmy into the examination room.

What’s The Diagnosis


After what seemed like hours, the vet appeared. “Is he okay doctor?” Grace asked, her face still wet from crying.

The vet diagnosed him with a kidney ailment and said he would need to stay overnight for treatment. Grace was beside herself with worry. “Don’t worry, he’ll be okay in time,” the vet assured her.

It’s Serious


It was a tense moment as she waited for the vet to explain what was wrong with Jimmy. The diagnosis was not what Grace had expected.

Jimmy had a kidney ailment, and he needed to be put on a drip and a catheter to expand his urethra.
“There is no other medicine I can give him; you just have to wait it out,” he said.

Will He Make It


“And what about the payment doctor?” The vet looked grim. “Well, I will write you a bill, and you can slowly pay it off over time.” Grace thanked the vet for being understanding.

The vet assured Grace that Jimmy would be okay, but they had to keep him overnight for observation. Grace was heartbroken, and she didn’t know how she was going to cope without Jimmy by her side.

Waiting It Out


The weekend was long and stressful for Grace. She kept calling the vet for updates, and he wasn’t available. It seemed like time had slowed down. She couldn’t wait to have Jimmy back home.

She had a million questions, was the medication working? Was he in pain? Was he okay? She wanted answers but she knew that she was bugging the receptionist. The poor girl didn’t have any updates for her.

Worried Cat Mother


Over the rest of the weekend, Grace checked in with the vet constantly, desperate for any news about Jimmy’s condition. All they could tell her was that Jimmy was stable.

She barely slept or ate, consumed by the fear that she might lose him. It was the longest and most stressful weekend of her life. She had never cared about another living thing so much before.

The Wait Is Over


On Monday morning, the vet called, and Grace’s heart leaped with joy. Jimmy was okay, and she could come and collect him.

Grace was the happiest she had been in weeks. As she made her way to the vet, she met a kind man waiting outside. He caught her eye, and made Grace blush.

Who Is That


Grace’s heart was pounding. This man was very handsome and he was talking to the receptionist. He sat down next to her.

As she was waiting for Jimmy to be brought out, she struck up a conversation with a kind man who was also waiting with his Maine Coone cat, a female named Trixie. His name was Kevin Bennings.

A Kind Stranger


Kevin had noticed Grace’s distress, and he had been waiting to offer her some comfort. They got talking, and they quickly hit it off. Kevin was charming, and Grace found herself smiling for the first time in days.

He was friendly, and Grace thought that he probably had lots of girlfriends. “He probably comes to the vet to pick up lonely women,” Grace thought. But she wanted to find out more about him.

Talking Up A Storm


Were you always an animal lover? Grace asked him, “To be honest, I wasn’t. I was going through a tough time when I adopted her, so she is more like an emotional support animal ”

Grace’s eyes widened. Her heart was racing, “and he’s thoughtful too,” she said to herself. She smiled at Kevin who was waiting to hear her response.

Just Like A Cat


Kevin had large hazel eyes, just like his cat. Grace was in love with them. “Well, I guess my story is pretty much the same. It’s strange how I found the kittens a few weeks after my father passed away. ”

Kevin looked concerned. “I also believe in signs,” he said, and stroked Trixie. He was intrigued by Grace, she had him captivated.

Two Peas In A Pod


As they chatted, Grace realized that she and Kevin had a lot in common. They were both animal lovers, and they both loved the outdoors. Kevin was easy to talk to, and Grace found herself opening up to him about her fears and worries for Jimmy.

She felt as though she had made a real friend but she knew she had to be careful when meeting guys for the first time.

A Happy Kitty


When Jimmy finally emerged from the vet’s office, he was weak and wobbly, but he meowed loudly when he saw Grace. “Oh, my big boy, it’s okay baby,” she said and scooped him up in her arms, feeling a wave of relief wash over her.

Grace blushed when she realized Kevin was laughing. Kevin smiled at her, then took her hand and said, “You’re so good with animals.” Grace smiled at him; she was feeling dizzy.

Will He Or Won’t He


As they walked back to their cars, Grace couldn’t help but feel grateful to Kevin. He had offered her the support she needed during a difficult time. She knew she wanted to see him again.

She didn’t want to look desperate or seem forward. She didn’t want to leave. Would she ever see him again? Why did she feel so drawn towards Kevin and his Maine Coon?

Will He Ask


Kevin walked next to her and offered to help her while she put Jimmy in the car. At first, Grace was hesitant. She was still recovering from the stress of the weekend, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for romance.

But then she looked at Jimmy, who was purring contentedly in her arms, and she realized that he had brought her and Kevin together.

Playing Matchmaker


Grace tried to keep herself from sweating because Kevin was standing right next to her. Her hand brushed his arm as she closed the passenger door. Kevin looked at her with a weird face.

He asked her for her number and they exchanged details. She was so happy but she tried to remain cool and confident. They said they would chat during the week and make plans to meet up sometime.

A Lucky Lady


Grace was playing it smooth and said “See you around Kevin,” with a dazzling smile. “Yeah, I’ll see you soon, pretty lady,” he replied.

She pulled out of the parking lot. “Nice meeting you,” he replied, almost walking into another car. Grace giggled to herself, she knew he liked her and she couldn’t wait to see him again.

A Wonderful Feeling


Grace was all butterflies and rainbows on the way home. Her heart felt full. Jimmy was fine, and she met an amazing guy. Things couldn’t be better.

The couple chatted on social media during the week. They were surprised to find out that they shared a few mutual friends from their teenage years. It really is a small world.

A Growing Bond


The new friends had a lot in common and enjoyed spending hours talking on the phone. Kevin would send her pictures of Trixie doing funny things. It was their thing.

They had always been in close proximity to each other, but never actually met. It had to take the works of their feline friends to bring them together. Would their animal matchmakers score for their owners?

Looking Forward To It


The couple agreed to meet that weekend. Grace was nervous but she wore her favorite red dress and looked beautiful. “I’m going to knock his socks off!” she laughed to herself.

Grace and Kevin went on their first date, and it was magical. They went to a cozy restaurant and talked for hours. They had so much in common, and it was clear that they were meant to be together.

Things Go Well


The couple started spending more time at each other’s apartments. Kevin would bring Trixie over for playdates with Jimmy.

Jimmy found Grace’s new love interest quite fascinating. He would curl up on Kevin’s lap, and they would play together. Grace was thrilled to see Jimmy enjoying himself, and she knew that Kevin was the right person for her.

Us And Nature


They went on another date the next weekend, hiking in the mountains with Trixie and Jimmy. It was a beautiful day, and Grace felt a sense of peace and happiness that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Kevin was a kind and caring companion, and she found a real friend in him. She was falling for him fast and knew that she had to pace herself.

A New Life


Months went by, and Grace and Kevin’s relationship grew stronger. Jimmy had adapted to Kevin’s presence in their home and was enjoying having two people who loved him. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Because Grace had a bigger apartment, she decided it was time to ask Kevin to move in with them. They were ready to be a feline family of four.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.