Senior Man Fuming When He Sees Wife With Man He Hadn’t Seen In Years


He Saw Them Together

His heart was racing and his blood was boiling when he first noticed them together. They had been married for 65 years, how on earth could she do this to him?

What made him even angrier was the story she had tried to spin him. But to make things even worse, this hadn’t been a one-time thing. He started following her, and soon discovered that she had been seeing the same man every single day. But when he took a closer look, a chill ran down his spine: he recognized the man.

The Perfect Couple

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Sam and Amelia were from Florence, South Carolina. Everyone who knew them thought that they were the perfect image of an enduring, tender, and deep love. They had gotten married when he was 24 years old and she was 22, that was 65 years ago.

Since their marriage, their relationship had been a haven of harmony and love. They never had any big fights, they made an effort to solve their disagreements peacefully, and they seemed to be able to read each other’s minds perfectly. How did they do it?

Don’t Sweat The Petty Stuff


“We just don’t sweat the petty stuff,” they told their two children, Brenda and Mark, who now had families of their own.

Sam and Amelia had always had a deep trust in one another, they never interpret anything the other did in a bad light. They knew how much they loved each other, and they did their best to understand and support each other through thick and thin. But this would soon change.

His Friends


One day, Sam spoke to some friends and arranged an evening out at the bar. They had been his friends since he was a youngster, and despite their age, they still enjoyed getting some beers together. They always loved catching up.

But little did Sam know that this day would carry a revelation, and it would turn his whole life upside down.

On His Way Out


He quickly rushed to get his jacket on before grabbing his wallet and keys. He then kissed his wife goodbye and asked what she would be getting up to while he was out, “I guess I’ll just stay home reading my book. Maybe I’ll call Brenda,” she responded.

With a smile, he left the house and headed for his car. But just before he got into his car, certain thoughts popped into his head.

He Decided To Walk

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He realized that there was no need for him to take the car. The bar where he would be meeting his friends was in the neighborhood, so he could just walk there, even if it would take him a little longer than the short drive.

So he set on walking to the bar, enjoying the cool, evening breeze and the pinkish tone of the sunset. But just 15 minutes into his walk, he saw something that made his stomach drop.

He Saw Her


He had just turned a corner when he spotted something going on down the street: he noticed his car. Amelia was behind the wheel, but where was she going?

He watched from a distance as the car parked on one of the streets nearby. Amelia then got out and began walking. It was clear that she had no idea that Sam was watching her. He was bewildered as he began following her, wondering what she was getting up to.

With Another Man


She walked a short distance before entering the café. Sam quickly hid behind a car, trying to peek through the window to catch a glimpse of what she was up to. His heart began racing when he noticed her taking a seat across from another man.

What the heck was going on? Was she having an affair? His mind went blank as he stared with wide eyes. He never could’ve expected something like this from his wife. He thought he knew her better than anyone else. He quickly got his phone out.

Confronting Her


Calling his friends, he informed them that he was feeling sick and that he wouldn’t be able to come to the bar that night. Then he decided to make his way home, ready to ask Amelia what she had been up to.

Not long after he got home, she returned from whatever she had been doing with the strange man. Sam didn’t think twice: he asked where she had been. Her response made him see red.

She Lied


“Oh, I just took a drive to the park. It’s so nice outside. How about you? You came back really early,” she was nervous as she spoke. Sam’s heart was crumbling as he listened to her. Why was she lying? This had to mean that she was up to no good.

“I just felt tired. I’ll go to bed now, goodnight,” he responded in a dull voice, turning around and heading up the stairs to their bedroom. When she got to their room after having dinner, he pretended to be asleep. But he didn’t fall asleep that night, he was too busy thinking about what was happening.


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The morning after, Sam couldn’t look Amelia in the eye. He ate his breakfast in front of her in complete silence, without lifting his eyes from the newspaper.

But still, he didn’t say anything. He was still processing what he had seen the evening before. How could she be doing that to him? But suddenly, another possibility crossed his mind. Maybe she was…?

What If…?

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Sam suddenly remembered something. His birthday was right around the corner. He had stopped celebrating his birthdays years ago; he didn’t like being aware of how old he was growing.

Sometimes, he didn’t even remember his age, and he had to think for a minute whenever someone asked him when his birthday was. So maybe…?

Could It Be?


Sam suddenly realized that he was about to turn 80. That was a special occasion, for sure. Could Amelia be preparing something for his birthday?

Maybe she was planning to throw a surprise party for him and that man was involved somehow. Maybe he was a merchant of some sort, and Amelia was buying a gift for Sam from him. Or…

Maybe She Was Just…?

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Or maybe he was an event promoter, the owner of a restaurant or a pub, or whatever, and Amelia was setting up the celebration. But could that really be the case?

Sam kept racking his brains, thinking of possible options for why Amelia would be meeting with stranger men in cafes behind his back. And right then, Amelia said something.

She Asked Something

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“Are you alright, honey? You seem a bit dizzy,” she asked him, taking a sip of coffee and going back to her scrambled eggs immediately afterward.

This made Sam’s blood boil. Where did she get the guts to keep acting like there was nothing wrong? Should he say something? Should he let her know what he had seen the previous day?

He Remained Silent

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But he didn’t. Partly, it was because he was too afraid to find out the truth. He could picture his wife blushing, stuttering while trying to come up with an excuse, trying to lie to him once again.

He wouldn’t be able to stand it. So finally, partly because of that cowardice, Sam replied this to his wife:

Sam’s Response


“Hmmm, no. I just didn’t sleep too well last night,” Sam muttered, going back to his newspaper. He still didn’t know how to approach the issue. But he swore himself something.

The next time Amelia left the house by herself, he would follow her. Sam was determined to get to the bottom of the issue, no matter how much it hurt to find out the truth.

He Couldn’t Believe It


He never thought he would ever find himself in a situation like that. It all felt nightmarish. But deep down, and despite all their years together, Sam knew the truth.

Nothing would ever be the same after that. He would be unable to keep living with Amelia pretending that he hadn’t seen what he saw. Now he had to uncover the truth, even if the consequences were heartbreaking.

Poker Game From Hell

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The following days felt like a hellish poker game to Sam. Amelia kept acting like nothing happened, concealing the truth from him; and he had to act like he didn’t know what Amelia had done that evening.

It felt like torture having to endure the uncertainty, Amelia’s blatant hypocrisy, the mutual secrecy, and the terrible truth underneath. Until one morning, something happened.

It Kept Going On


One day, Amelia left the house again to get some groceries. And once again, Sam followed her. After she left the grocery store, he saw her walking to the same cafe as the other day.

Sam walked slowly towards the cafe’s window, praying not to encounter the same thing that, deep in his heart, he knew he would see. His heart was galloping as he scrutinized the other side of the glass.

He Was There Again


There they were again, sitting and chatting cheerfully, with big smiles on their faces and mugs of coffee in their hands. Sam didn’t get to see the man’s face, but he didn’t know if he wanted to. It would have made everything so much more painful.

He didn’t have the heart to keep witnessing the scene, and he just stormed back to the house. How could she do that to him? Who was that man?

The Man’s Face

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The same routine continued for days; every day, Amelia would give some excuse to leave the house, get followed by Sam, and meet with that stranger again.

Usually, Sam was just unable to keep looking. He didn’t know what to say to his wife either. He was just consumed by disappointment and sadness. But one day, he decided that it couldn’t go on like that. He had to do something.

He Looked Closer

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One day, Sam gathered the courage to get closer and examine that man’s face. Shaking and trembling as he positioned himself behind the glass to get a glimpse of the other man, he squinted his eyes to see the scene.

And when he realized who he was, he saw red. He became more enraged than ever before in his life.


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His blood boiled in his veins as he stared at the man’s factions. Time hadn’t been good to him, and it took him a few seconds to recognize who he was.

But when he finally saw it, it hurt more than a thousand knives. He would have never expected to see that man again; yet there he was, having coffee and laughing with his wife behind his back.

It Was His Brother


That man was his brother Michael. Sam hadn’t seen him in more than 40 years. After he returned from his service in Vietnam, he became a loose cannon.

Some said it was because of the horror he saw in the conflict, some said it was because of some substances he tried during his service. Whatever the case, he wasn’t able to lead a normal life as a civilian; he got involved with the city’s underworld. And that wasn’t all.

Time In Prison

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He even did some time in prison for his alleged involvement in a crime that he always swore he didn’t commit.

For some time, Sam tried to do what he felt a good brother should: he tried to be there for Michael, help him out every time he had it rough, try to guide him, support him, and get him out of the gutter. Until one day.

A Fateful Day

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Michael had taken his brother’s kindness for weakness. He ripped him off on more than one occasion, and one day, Sam decided that enough was enough. He cut all contact with his brother.

Sam never expected to see him again, let alone in those circumstances. What was he doing there now? Why were his wife and him meeting behind Sam’s back? He decided that this was enough.

Confronting Them


Blind with fury, he entered the cafe and stormed towards Amelia and Michael’s table. Michael saw him first. His face went pale as he stood there, petrified. Then, Amelia turned back with her mouth open, speechless.

“Is anyone going to tell me what the heck is going on here?” Sam yelled. And that’s when he felt something.


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Tears were running down his face for the first time in dozens of years. A moment of silence followed. Then, Michael and Amelia got up and hugged Sam. Sam pushed them away and just stared at them, his face contorted by disappointment.

“I’m so sorry, Sam. I’ll explain it to you. Please, don’t cry,” Amelia said as tears started flooding her eyes as well. “I’ve been trying to reach Michael for some months. I found a way to contact him a few weeks ago, and I decided to reach out and talk to him.”



“I know you two had your disagreements many years ago and stopped talking. But that was so long ago. You’re family at the end of the day. Life is too short to stay angry at each other after so many years, and I thought it would be nice for you and your brother to reconcile while you still have the chance.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it, but I was afraid you may still be angry at him. Please forgive me,” she sobbed. Sam was left speechless, and tears started to subside. The three of them joined in a tight hug and headed home. They had a lot to talk about.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.