Woman Makes Beachside Discovery That Could Redefine History

Terese discovered a motherload that would make any treasure hunter’s head spin. Her legendary find actually defied nature and reasoning.

The Mother Load

Some people live for the hunt, and for an amateur archaeologist, 2018 was a big year. Terese discovered a motherload that would make any treasure hunter’s head spin.

Her legendary find actually defied nature and reasoning. What was it that was so absurd?

Altering The History Books

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The Danish woman came across something that would potentially alter the history books forever. When Terese Frydensberg Refsgaard went out for a brisk autumn walk, she was expecting more recreation than revelation.

It was a typical day with her metal detector in hand as she scoured the Danish countryside. What did she find?

An Impressive Invitation

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Terese had a steady job working as a dental assistant. Her digging skills were however not limited to scraping plaque off patient’s teeth.

Her efforts even impressed quite a few other diggers and she received an invitation to join a group of archaeology hobbyists, creating a support system. What would this group uncover?

Hidden Treasure

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That November, Terese had been given the opportunity to search the island of Hjarnø, an island off the coast of mainland Denmark. Although it only spanned a little over a square mile.

A juicy prospect for explorers where there were remains of a Stone Age settlement with remnants dating back to the year 5200 B.C. What hidden treasure would be discovered on this island?

Splitting Up

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The group fantasized about uncovering a similar bombshell. Once settled on the island, they broke off in different directions to cover more ground.

For hours and hours, the archaeologists swept their metal detectors across the soil of Hjarnø. Then Terese got a bleep!

Something Caught Her Eye

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She pinpointed the exact spot that set her detector went off and knew, based on past expeditions, that a beep could mean nothing. “You could dig forever without finding so much as a penny,” She said.

She carefully dug and examined each spadeful, nearly ready to move on when something caught her eye! What was it?

Undistinguishable Metal Fragment

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An undistinguishable metal fragment she hoped was gold but it was too early to tell. She kept on digging in the same spot as she had got a good feeling. She unearthed more fragments and it was like a dream come true!

Intact artifacts with precious stones inlaid in the center, clearly from masterful craftsmen of the day. Was it old and gold?

Not Such An Amateur

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A pro was brought in to solve the mystery! Mads Ravn would confirm and pre-date the treasure to Roman origin. According to historical records, the pieces aligned with a cataclysmic volcanic eruption.

Two different museums in Denmark are displaying Terese’s groundbreaking find. It’s hard to call her an amateur archaeologist these days!