Wife Locks Herself In Bathroom Daily, Gut Tells Dad To Remove Mirror


Getting Even

During the course of his fairytale marriage, Joey did not expect it to end in the manner it did. His wife still held a special place in his heart. What kind of person would do this to a family like theirs?

But he wasn’t going to let it go like that. Throughout his life, he has been taught that revenge is a necessity. This would only set Joey’s nightmares in motion.

One Big Happy Family

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Joey Caldoroni was devoted to his family. His family was huge, and he had many cousins, aunts, and uncles.

He was in charge of the family restaurant. The accounts were handled by his wife, Isabella. The restaurant was mostly run by family members. In the years following his father’s retirement, Joey was proud to be running the restaurant that was handed down from generation to generation.

Doing What Was Needed

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There was a lot of work involved in running a restaurant. As with anything in life, it had its ups and downs. He was responsible for a lot of things, and sometimes the stress wore him out.

However, he did it for the sake of his family. One day, Joey Jr. and Frankie would inherit the business from him. As a matter of fact, it was what was required of them. A devastating secret, however, would soon become known to Joey.

Moving On


There was nothing more important to Joey than his sons. It filled his heart with pride to see them succeed. In the wake of their announcement that they were leaving, Joey was devastated.

However, Joey Jr. was 23, and Frankie was 21 years old. The boys did well in college, and he knew they needed a space of their own, but Joey would like to have held onto them a little bit longer.

Quality Time


In the absence of their sons, Joey and Isabella took advantage of the time alone they now had.

In order to make up for his late work at the restaurant, he planned some date nights and even a weekend away for them. But Isabella had other plans.


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The romantic dinners and getaways Joey planned with his wife never materialized. As a result of him working late all the time, Isabella was clearly unhappy.

She knew he had no choice but to do what he had to do. He had a responsibility as an only son to ensure that the restaurant was a success. They started dating over 20 years ago, and she knew right away that it was too important. However, Joey would soon learn there was something else at play.

She Felt Abandoned


Joey noticed Isabella had begun making her own plans while he stayed behind at the restaurant. Spending time with friends became a priority for her.

Dressed in gorgeous dresses and high heels, she always looked beautiful. He didn’t mind, but he felt bad because she obviously felt abandoned by him. It was essential that he devised a plan to change it.

Strange Behavior

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In the late hours of one night, Joey returned home to see his wife sitting on the couch, staring at her phone.

She barely acknowledged him, and Joey thought her intense focus on her phone was peculiar. She smiled and giggled a few times at her phone. This was the first time he’d seen her do that. Could she be talking to someone?

Asking Questions


Upon waking up the next morning, Joey decided to inquire about the person to whom his wife had been chatting all night. The fact that he had returned home did not even register with her.

According to her, it was only a friend. In spite of her obvious irritation, she went about her day as if nothing had happened. As soon as Joey saw what was happening, he knew that he had a problem.

Getting Answers


It was obvious to Joey that something had to be done about what was happening. Something didn’t seem right with her going out with friends and sending texts. His relationship with Isabella spanned over two decades. Her strange behavior was apparent to him.

His attention was drawn to her Facebook account. Her late-night outings were just a few recent photos, nothing out of the ordinary. It was then that he noticed something out of the ordinary.

A Stranger


In all of the photos, Joey noticed a guy that always stood next to or near his wife. His hand was either on her back or around her shoulder.

He wondered who this guy was. He looked vaguely familiar, but he hadn’t met him in their mutual friend circle before. Could this be who his wife was chatting to? Joey had a way of finding out.

A Little Help From A Friend

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Joey decided to call an old friend of the family. He was an honorary uncle to everyone because he always seemed to be there at parties.

He told Ralphie what he had been noticing about his wife and gave him the photos of the mystery guy. It was time to find out what was going on once and for all.

The Evidence

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The next day, Ralphie came to the restaurant to give Joey the information he wanted. Joey’s heart was racing. He didn’t know what to expect.

But with the look in Ralphie’s eyes, he knew it was not good news. He was looking at photos of his beloved wife kissing and holding another man. Joey was devastated, but he was not going to take this lying down.

Trust Broken

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Joey was upset. He felt like he was living a lie. He was a loyal guy, and he would never think to betray anyone like this, especially not a spouse.

His family always preached about loyalty. Now that it was broken, Joey couldn’t forgive or forget. He needed to come up with something to make his wife regret that she hurt him and their family.

A Plan Set In Motion


Every day, when he saw his wife, he couldn’t help but think of her betrayal. She was carrying on like it was normal.

Joey couldn’t stand it. He wanted to do something. So he thought of the only logical thing to do. He got his phone and made a few calls. There was to be a private meeting.

It’s Game Time

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While he was texting all the people that would attend the meeting, he noticed that Isabella was looking at him. She seemed curious.

She kept looking up from the accounts she was doing. Was she curious to know who Joey was talking to? This seemed to be the case. Joey decided to play a little game.

Suspicious Minds


His wife was home when he stepped into the house. Surprisingly, she wasn’t on her phone. She welcomed Joey and made dinner for them.

She was very affectionate and talkative, but Joey could see that it was all an act. She was suspicious of him, and she wanted to know what he was up to. Joey was going to give her a show.

Another Night Out


The following day, Isabella told Joey that she was going out with her friends again that night. But, of course, Joey knew where she was really going.

He thought that this would be the perfect night to have his secret meeting. He texted everyone involved, and everything was set. It would be an interesting night.

The Family


Joey had everyone sit down to a nice meal before they got down to business. He hadn’t seen them in a while, so there was a lot to catch up on.

The family lawyer was present. He had done business with Joey’s father and uncles, so Joey knew he could be trusted. The rest of the family were the guys who would do the real work he needed to be done.

Important Information

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Joey was pleased with how the previous night’s meeting had gone. Everyone was given instructions on what to do.

It was important to make sure about everything before proceeding with one important step in his life. Then, as quickly as he had given out the instructions last night, one of the family members returned with some news.



Tony had brought news that Joey was not ready to hear. First, his wife had been having an affair for over six months.

And secondly, it was the son of his father’s biggest rival. Their family owned a restaurant a few blocks away. The Caldoronis had met with the Belafontes in the past to ensure mutual respect, but this was going a step too far.

The End


Joey was furious. He had not expected this at all. He supposed this would make getting a divorce a bit easier, but still, they were married for 25 years. It would be a bad ending to something he considered to be sacred.

When Joey looked up again, his good friend Mauro was standing by the door. It looked like he, too, was bringing bad news.

More Bad News


Mauro looked at him. He seemed furious. What had he uncovered that made him look like this? He had known Mauro since his school days, and they remained close friends.

He could see the news he was bringing was bad. It was revealed that Isabella was cooking the books of the restaurant. She had been stealing money to fund her and her lover’s lavish lifestyle.

The Final Nail In The Coffin


That was it. The final nail in the coffin of his so-called marriage. Isabella was done, and Joey had no choice but to file for divorce.

The only thing that made him sad was that he had to break the news to his two sons, who loved and adored their mother. This was not going to be an easy task.

Time To Talk

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Joey asked his sons to come and have pizza with him at the restaurant. He was preparing to tell them what their mother had done.

It wasn’t easy for him. Although he had hatred for his wife, he still had to be respectful in front of his sons because she was still their mother. When they entered the restaurant, they could see their father was upset about something.

Letting Go

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Joey revealed everything to them, and he was heartbroken to see his youngest son, Frankie, shed a tear. He was a real mama’s boy.

Joey told them not to cut her out of their lives and to still have respect for her, but he needed to let her go. Joey and his sons would soon find out another heartbreaking secret.

An Ordinary Day

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Joey continued his days as usual, not revealing anything to Isabella just yet. She wasn’t bothered, and their relationship became even more estranged. She was barely living with him anymore.

He wanted to serve the divorce papers, but there was one of the family members who had not come back to him with any findings yet. He wondered what was keeping Danny. Did he even find anything?

The Last Family Member


Just as Joey was about to close the doors of the restaurant for the day, Danny finally showed up. He had a strange look on his face.

Joey sat down with him at one of the tables. He had a file with him. He handed it to Joey, and when he read the contents, his heart sank.

Not The Father


Joey was crushed. The file contained DNA evidence that his first son Joey Caldoroni Jr. was not his biological son. His wife had an affair earlier on in their marriage.

The worst part was that Joey Jr’s real father was Maurizio Belafonte, the same guy his wife was having an affair with now. Although Joey was heartbroken, he knew now that the divorce would go ahead. He called his lawyer to set the wheels in motion.

New Beginnings

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Before Joey handed Isabella the divorce papers, he made sure that all his finances were in order. She wasn’t going to get a cent from him. Everything was in his name. She would be left with nothing but her clothes and everything else she owned.

As for his son, he never really came to terms with the fact that Joey wasn’t his real father, but he still called him dad. Joey, in turn, made sure that Joey Jr. remained in his will and that he and Frankie would still one day run the restaurant.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.