Woman’s Selfie Goes Viral Because Of What Is In The Background


Caught Off Guard

Olivia loved it when strangers would interact with her posts online. It made her feel special whenever people would send nice comments and positive feedback on her posts, but she didn’t know that one day she would post a photo with something hidden in the background.

The photo would stir up a frenzy amongst her friends when they discovered something in her photo that she hadn’t noticed. What did they find?


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Olivia Nunn had dreams just like any other little girl – she wanted to be famous.

Olivia would keep up with every tidbit and trend to do with American celebrities. But she always felt like that life was unattainable living in Middlesbrough, UK. But she had no idea that one photo would be remembered by a lot of people.

Aspiring Influencer

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In her early 20s, Olivia consulted all the makeup and hair tutorials she could get her hands on. She wanted to dress the part and look the part of a Hollywood celeb.

She used Instagram and Twitter as a way to post her content. She thought she looked amazing in front of the camera, and so did her friends for that matter. But one photo would be very different than the others.

Friday Night Lights

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On a Friday Olivia decided she was going out for a night on the town with her best friend. She put on her best makeup and favorite dress.

She wanted everyone to notice her, she was a young, attractive, single girl, why wouldn’t they? But the picture she took the next morning would turn everyone’s heads, but for the wrong reason.

The Life Of The Party

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Grace couldn’t believe how beautiful Olivia was when she arrived at her house, she was hearing an amazing outfit.

They ordered an Uber to get them to where all the fun stuff was. Once out, Olivia would flirt with anyone, dance with anyone, and drink cocktails to her heart’s content, she made the most of every night out. She nothing could stop her, but she was mistaken.

A Rude Awakening

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Olivia woke up the next morning regretting she had drunk so many of those cocktails she liked. With a headache and a spinning head, she lay back down.

She stayed in bed texting her friends in a group chat. But something hiding away had other plans.

In The Background

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Olivia decided to take a “hangover” selfie and send it to her friends. She still had the exact outfit she wore the previous night, except for a hoodie she grabbed in the middle of the night.

She had no idea that an uninvited guest was hiding in her photo. And that her friends would jump back as soon as they noticed it.


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The picture portrayed Olivia as definitely not her usual bright and bubbly self. But that’s what happens after a night on the town.

Staring woefully down at the camera with a pained expression in her eyes, she had no idea that the unhappy-snap was about to wreak havoc: in the background was an unwelcome guest.

A Dark Figure

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The girls in the chat group that Oliva had sent the photo to were beside themselves when they saw the terrifying guest in the photo.

Fortunately for us, her best friend, Grace Graham, decided to share the photo and story to Twitter. There, only a few inches from her face, was a dark nightmare figure.

Going Viral

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The photo has since gained over 47.7K likes and 3.7K retweets, leaving thousands of users in utter disbelief.

Olivia had become an internet sensation overnight. But what could she have unwittingly captured that had viewers so equally enthralled and revolted? Well, it’s most people’s worst nightmare. And it was hiding right in the hood of her hoodie.

The Post

Grace shared the photo online and the views racked up in a matter of minutes. Later, she made a comment on her friend’s photo that left Olivia amazed. In the post, Grace said: “Nearly 24 hours later I still cannot get over Olivia sending a hungover selfie in the group chat and there’s a spider just chilling in her hood.”

But how did Olivia react?

Her Reaction

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Now you might think that when Olivia realized the truth about her unexpected guest, she reacted the way that most people would on discovering a creepy crawly in such close proximity.

But instead of quickly whipping off her hoodie or screaming, Olivia’s reaction to the spider that was just inches from her face was absolutely priceless.

An Overreaction?

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Twitter users were quick to voice their opinions on the matter, and hilarity soon followed. It seems as if everyone overreacted to Olivia’s unwanted guest.

One user said: ‘No can u imagine anything worse especially hungover,’ Another user stated: ‘Literally, I’d cry for the next 10 days.’ But was Olivia really in any danger?

Painful, But Not Deadly

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“There are only three species of spider in the UK that can bite a human – these are the cellar spider, the woodlouse spider and the false widow spider.

No UK spiders are poisonous and there are no killer spiders living in the UK,” According to heart.co.uk. “However, their bites can be nasty and cause hours of pain for the victim.”

Spider Season

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Unfortunately for arachnophobes, spotting spiders indoors in the UK during early September is a common occurrence. When the weather begins to cool, droves of spiders seek shelter indoors so that they can breed. This period is known as “spider season.”

Prof Adam Hart, an entomologist at the University of Gloucestershire, told the BBC that at least “80 percent of the spiders people see are males”.

Panic In The Twitterverse

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More and more comments flooded in on the post as more people saw it.

Other hilarious comments included ‘My soul would have left my body,’ and ‘It’s the fact it’s got her trapped in there like Ryan Reynolds in Buried… nowhere to run. Can’t take the hood down, can’t move, can’t blink, nothing.’’ But how would Olivia respond?


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While no one would blame her for screaming, burning down the house, or burying the hoodie in concrete, Olivia remained calm.

In fact, in response to a friend’s comment asking how she was coping with the “trauma,” Olivia reassured her followers on social media saying: “Feel fine tbh spiders are my friends.” She really has nerves of steel!

A Similar Experience

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One user saw Grace’s post and shared a similar experience after he too had taken a picture of himself and didn’t realize that a spider was crawling right along the lining of his jumper.

Sharing a spine-chilling photo revealing a giant black spider crawling across his collar, he wrote: ‘I’ve been there trust me.’

A Common Fear

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According to studies, “Arachnophobia tops the list as the commonly diagnosed of all phobic disorders. Large-scale population surveys indicate that nearly 5% of the global population suffers from arachnophobia… of those people, the majority tend to be women.”

But what can we do to stop these eight-legged nightmares from terrorizing our homes?

Don’t Panic

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While Twitter users were disturbed by Olivia’s close encounter with a spider, there is no need to panic. There are ways to “spider proof” your home during spider season, experts advise. On the top of the list is to make sure you vacuum your house regularly. It is also advisable to remove any webs you see to discourage spiders from taking up residence in your home.

One woman, however, captured something much creepier than a spider in the background of her photo…

Something There

Facebook/Dundas Peak

After the photos went viral, she looked again, baffled. There were photos of her friend, and her friend’s cousin — taken at different times. Nothing unusual. But then, she saw it.

In the background of one of the photos was something she would never be able to unsee. Her heart began to race and her blood turned to ice. She couldn’t explain what she and her friend had found up there, but now everything made sense.

The Mystery Of The Peak

Facebook/Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak in Canada is a popular spot among hikers. It boasts a scenic viewpoint that overlooks the city of Hamilton, in Ontario, and is also home to the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, Tew’s Falls.

Due to the Peak’s terrifying beauty, this spot has become popular among social media users looking to capture a share-worthy photo. But within the wilds surrounding the peak, something lurked. And now, she had proof.

Perilous Landscape


Indeed, authorities reported that there was a sharp rise in people going missing on the peak. Most were never found.

Despite the dangers, Dundas Peak has had more than 140,000 visitors since 2016. And one of these visitors was about to spark one of the most bizarre chapters in the area’s history. But he wouldn’t know it until much later.

The Photo

Facebook/Dundas Peak

The man’s photograph of himself in the popular pose on the edge of the peak didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, at first. In fact, his souvenir snap resembled the thousands of other photos taken in the very same spot.

The man is wearing a dark jacket and jeans. He is sitting on the edge of a rocky outcrop, with one leg dangling into the abyss below. Nobody had noticed what was in the background… yet.


Facebook/Dundas Peak

The man’s cousin, Kim, subsequently saw the daring photo. Just a few days later, she’d booked a babysitter for the weekend and made her way to the peak with one of her closest friends, hoping to recreate the picture in the same spot.

After hiking the 2.4-mile circular trail, the women found the spot easily and took turns posing for their own photos, unaware that they were about to uncover something sinister.

A Glint From Below

Facebook/Dundas Peak

Taking in the panoramic views from the peak, the women perched precariously close to the edge. Suddenly, the light caught a glimmer of something below. But it wasn’t the water rushing through the gorge beneath them, it was something much closer.

Dangling on a branch 3 feet below them hung a set of keys.

Who Did They Belong To?


Kim leaned over the edge as far as she dared — whoever had lost the keys surely needed them. She lay down flat on the rock and reached to retrieve them, unaware that she had just made a crucial discovery.

She inspected the bunch of keys and noted that one of the keys was for a car — a Hyundai Elantra.



As dusk began to creep along the peak, the friends decided that it was time to start making their way back. The park would close soon, and they didn’t want to be in these mountains after dark. They were all-too-aware of the reports.

They hurried back down the trail, suddenly worried that they couldn’t see any other hikers. Then, all the hairs on their arms rose.

Getting Out Of There

Facebook/Dundas Peak

The women made their way back to the parking lot with a growing feeling of unease. Then, they spotted the car. But parked beside it was the only other car in the lot — a Hyundai Elektra. It was eerily quiet, and the driver was nowhere in sight. The car was dirty — as if it had been parked there for a long time.

Not wanting to wait around while it grew dark, they left the keys they had found on the car’s roof, on the driver’s side. It was only a week later that they saw the car on the news.

A Mystery

Facebook/Dundas Peak

According to the police report, a female tourist had gone missing in the area. Her car had been recovered from the park’s parking lot, but the woman’s whereabouts remained a mystery.

Kim and her friend were shaken by the incident. A month passed, and they had all but forgotten their souvenir snaps. Until a Reddit user made a bizarre observation. And the incident was about to put Dundas Peak firmly in the spotlight once more.

A Clue

Facebook/Dundas Peak

Kim couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Suddenly, the respective pictures of her friend, her friend’s cousin, and herself on Dundas Peak, posted side-by-side on social media, had racked up thousands of views, shares, and comments.

Everyone had noticed a crucial detail in the background. And when she saw it, it made her blood turn to ice. She turned to Reddit with her unsettling story, hoping for some answers. And they weren’t the ones she had been hoping for.

A Viral Post

Facebook/Dundas Peak

“So a little backstory. Around a month ago, my friend and I went hiking at Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario…” She wrote.

“She suggested this location because her cousin went there a few days before us and posted an Instagram of him sitting on the edge of a cliff looking over Hamilton and the Niagara Escarpment. When we got there, we took turns recreating the photo.”

Something Else There


“Today, she messaged me when she noticed something obscure in the background in her cousin’s photograph…” She continued.

“Way below the edge of the trail, where the slope is too steep to stand on, there appears to be a thin person standing unnaturally straight with no visible face.” That there was another person in the photo wasn’t unusual on its own, but the most unsettling detail was still to come.

The Missing Woman?


SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

“I know you’re probably thinking that is probably just a brave hiker,” she continued, “…but trust me, that spot is completely inaccessible. Maybe it isn’t a person? But I’m not sure what else it can be. I was hoping those who have also been to Dundas Peak and have taken a similar picture could share it. Hopefully, we can figure out what… we’re looking at.”

The police report on the missing woman described her as being tall — and she was wearing jeans and a light grey sweater.

An Anomaly?

Facebook/Dundas Peak

The most intriguing detail is that the figure does not appear on any of the other photographs taken at Dundas Peak. If the ghostly figure was an anomaly of some kind or a trick of the light, why didn’t it appear in the other 10,000 photographs taken in the same spot?

Soon, the comments were flooding in.

Was It Supernatural?

Bitten Escapes

Many people were quick to suggest that there were numerous people who had gone missing in and around Dundas Peak. They argued that it was entirely possible that the ghostly figure was a hapless hiker who had met a grisly end in the hills.

Although the minority of people found the photograph disturbing, there were many others who argued that there must be a logical explanation. But what could have caused such an anomaly?

A Trick Of The Light?

Facebook/Dundas Peak

One user insisted that the “figure” was an illusion caused by the shadows playing on the rockface. Another suggested that melting ice was to blame.

Then, someone came up with the most likely explanation: “Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but there’s a trail that leads up to that area and goes around the escarpment just under the rocks. That is, most likely, a person hiking around.”

A Simple Explanation?

Bitten Escapes

In fact, a Reddit user by the name “tharchitect42” went as far as to claim that they themselves had caused the confusion. The poster claimed that they often went hiking at Dundas Peak. And, furthermore, they had been hiking on the same day that the creepy photograph had been taken. But that wasn’t all…

They also recalled wearing dark jeans and a gray top – an outfit whose appearance would match that of the mystery figure.

A Tragedy

Eye on the Area

Of course, none of these explanations satisfied everyone. And as the story was shared thousands of times, it was soon picked up by international media outlets. But it was only when the story was published on MailOnline’s website that someone shared another theory.

The commenter pointed out that there had been a fatal train crash below Dundas Peak one Christmas Eve.

Lost Souls

Bitten Escapes

A total of 15 people lost their lives that day in 1934. Many people believe that their souls still haunt the peak. Although the locals have taken the story with a pinch of salt, the photograph continues to circulate and send chills up people’s spines all over the world.

While SlicedUpBeef often goes back to the cliff, she can never forget the strange photo her friend’s cousin took at that same spot. It reminds us that even in the most everyday moments there might be something strange happening.