Woman Gets Payback After Sending Husband’s Mistress A Note


Loving Kin

It had been ten years since Caitlin Stevens and Gary Stevens got married, and they had raised a pair of beautiful children. Each night they ate together at the dinner table and went out on Saturdays.

Eventually, Caitlin noticed that their happy family of four would lose a member.



The changes began small. Always claiming he had important meetings to attend or that he worked late, Gary would often arrive home late into the night.

Despite her husband’s explanations, Caitlin remained patient and always supported him. As a dedicated and hardworking man, he always made sure they had everything they could ask for.

Emotionally Unavailable


After a few weeks, Gary’s distance became more and more obvious. As a result, he became totally emotionally detached, rarely conversing with Caitlin or showing any interest whatsoever in their children’s lives.

It was difficult for Caitlin not to succumb to the ever-increasing sense of unease and loneliness inside their once-lively home. There seemed to be nothing else on Gary’s mind but work.

Unusual Actions


As Caitlin prepared dinner one evening, she caught sight of Gary’s phone lying unattended on the kitchen table. A message notification buzzed, and she was unable to stop her curiosity.

A string of affectionate texts from an unknown number greeted her on the screen, where all she had expected were work-related messages.

Ultimate Betrayal


Suddenly, she felt sick to her stomach, as if she were drowning. Is it possible that her worst nightmares had all materialized? Could Gary find it in himself to be involved in an affair?

Despite the obvious breach of trust, she was unable to accept that her beloved husband of a decade would destroy her like this. All of a sudden, her once best friend and life partner felt like a total stranger.

Truth Be Told


On that very night, Caitlin eventually confronted Gary after losing all sense of control. As she demanded an explanation for his obvious distance and the messages she had seen, all she could do was battle back tears.

The first thing Gary did was deny everything, insisting that it was all but a misconception. Nevertheless, Caitlin’stenacity wore him down and drove him to come clean.

An Entire Season


Through a business conference, he met a younger woman named Olivia, with whom he had committed the ultimate act of betrayal. For four long months, he kept his undeserving family in the dark.

Despite his wicked actions, he still claimed to love Caitlin and their children. In the aftermath of the revelation, Caitlin felt beyond devastated.

A Choice To Be Made


Caitlin was facing the dilemma of a lifetime. Her marriage’s once rock-solid foundation had given way. In spite of Gary’s love, she was unable to let go of the immense pain and resentment that now consumed her life. What kind of man could break the hearts of his loving family like this?

Having suffered only sleepless nights and drowning in tears for days on end, Caitlin finally mustered enough courage to suggest that Gary stay elsewhere for a few days.

Time Heals All Wounds


In order to rebuild their now seemingly irreparable relationship, she needed time and space to heal, collect her thoughts, and finally come to a decision as to whether she could ever move past it.

Watching Gary pack up his essentials and walk out the door, leaving her and their children behind with an obnoxiously and clearly forced facade of regret, she watched him leave with a heart full of cement.

She struggled to make the dreaded explanation of how their father had betrayed their once happy family to her clearly rattled children as tears slowly rolled down her cheeks.

A Friend In Need


Her best friend, Sarah, tenderly provided Caitlin with a shoulder to cry on during her healing process. In the midst of these trying times, Sarah never left Caitlin’s side and acted as a consistent source of strength and encouragement.

Whatever Caitlin needed, Sarah made it happen. There were seemingly no bounds to what she would do for her struggling and undeservingly suffering best friend.

Discovering Inner Strength


As days turned into weeks, Caitlin’s pain slowly transformed into resilience. She immersed herself in activities that brought her joy and a sense of empowerment.

She began attending yoga classes, finding solace in the practice of mindfulness and self-reflection. She also started writing in a journal, pouring her thoughts and emotions onto the pages and finding catharsis in the written word.



Months passed, and Caitlin’s healing journey continued. One day, as she sorted through a box of mementos from her marriage, she stumbled upon a collection of letters she and Gary had written to each other during their early years together.

Overwhelmed by nostalgia, she couldn’t help but read through them, reliving the love and passion they had once shared.

The Letter


Inspired by the memories, Caitlin decided to write a letter of her own. But instead of pouring out her heart for love, she chose to write a “thank you” letter addressed to Olivia, Gary’s mistress.

The letter would be laced with sarcasm. She wanted Olivia to know just what she was getting in the form of her husband, Gary.

Thank You


Caitlin began writing, and before long, she was looking at the letter she was going to send to her husband’s mistress.

To introduce her letter to Olivia, she wrote: “No, really, Thank You! You have no idea what a nightmare you have just saved my kids and me from.

To reward you for your services, I am offering you my husband for keeps. Should you accept your prize, please note the following rules.”

The Rules


The scorned wife wrote, “You are going to have to support him financially. I say this because we have two children… which means that he will have to give up a sizable chunk of his pay to support them.”

According to the mom-of-two, she would also receive such a large sum. “Please keep in mind that, since he has kept me a stay-at-home mom for the better part of the last ten years, he will also be paying me alimony,” she wrote. And with that, Caitlin sent the letter off to be posted.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.