Texas Woman Finds 3.72-Carat Yellow Diamond During Visit To Arkansas Park

A woman from Texas struck luck when she made her way to The Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. It came as a huge surprise to her.


A woman from Texas struck it lucky when she made her way to The Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

It came as a huge surprise to her when she looked down.



Amanda Hollingshead of Bogata needed a new transmission for her car. But, coincidentally, her siblings were in town visiting her.

But she decided to put off doing the maintenance to her vehicle.



With Amanda’s siblings in town with her, she knew she had to plan something fun to do.

Regardless of the fact that she actually needed to spend the money she had on repairing her vehicle.



She decided to take her siblings diamond hunting, it was everybody’s first time ever going to the park and it was indeed very exciting.

However, none of them knew exactly what they were doing “hunting for diamonds.”



The Diamond State Park was 100 miles away from home, but she took the chance driving her vehicle, wishing that she would, in fact, find a diamond.

A diamond would truly make some of her problems go away.



Amanda and her siblings walked around but decided to sit down and do some research on finding diamonds before they continued.

She sat in the shade YouTubing ways to find diamonds, and at that moment when she looked down, she saw it.



It was right under her nose, in a pile of rocks, 3.72-carat yellow diamond. The biggest yellow diamond to have been found in the park in the last 8 years.

It was also the largest of all colored diamonds to be found in the last 2 years.



All the diamonds found at the park are beautiful in there own way and this diamond was no exception.

Waymon Cox, a park interpreter said: “It was about the size of a pencil eraser with a light yellow color and sparkling, metallic luster.” Amanda said she would later have the diamond mounted on a ring.