Woman Donates Kidney To Boyfriend Who Instantly Dumps Her


No Heart, No Kidney

They say a player is a man who doesn’t have a heart. What nobody says is that sometimes even other organs can be involved.

Some men are so ruthless that they will be able to make you believe they love you and then rip out your heart along with some of your other vital organs. That is what happened to one girl who recently decided to share her story on TikTok.

Ayleen’s Boyfriend


When Ayleen Lee met the man who would turn into her boyfriend, but also her worst nightmare, he surely came across as Prince Charming.

Prince Charming or not, how could this girl take him back after everything he made her go through?

What Did She See In Him?


There was at least something we know about Ayleen’s ex-boyfriend that might have appealed to her feminine instincts and deluded her into accepting the unacceptable.

He was very vocal from the beginning about his struggles with a chronic kidney disease he had since he was 17. His kidney function was less than 5% and he had spent years on dialysis.

Charmingly Vulnerable


It seems reasonable to suppose that this sort of vulnerability probably made Ayleen’s nurturing instincts tick in some way.

What she didn’t know is that the same thing that made her see her boyfriend as a poor helpless thing in need of care would be the source of her misery later on.

Honeymoon Phase


At the beginning, however, everything looked fine. Everyone who saw them during the first stages of their relationship would have said that they were perfect for each other. Ayleen’s boyfriend, however, started showing his true colors some months into the relationship.

At first, it was hard for Ayleen to believe that his boyfriend wasn’t as perfect as she had believed during the honeymoon phase. She excused all his flaws and misdemeanors. But one day, something happened that made her this close to ending the relationship.

Viva Las Vegas


It all started with his boyfriend’s trip to Las Vegas with some friends, allegedly for some bachelor party. This might have rang some bells for Ayleen had things been different.

But she was still deluded into believing that her boyfriend would never be able to hurt her in any way, shape or form. She had invested too much in him and had already painted this perfect picture of him in her mind.

What Was She Thinking About?


In Ayeen’s defense, there were some reasons why she decided to let her boyfriend go on that trip with his friends. For one, she had to stay home and study for her finals. Also, they were friends from his church.

“It’s just a bachelor party in Las Vegas with some church boys,” she thought. Religion was a very important part of Ayleen’s boyfriend’s life, and she didn’t expect him to go too wild. They would probably just go sightseeing, play some bingo and then go back to the hotel, right?

What Happens In Vegas


But Ayleen never really knew all the details about what her boyfriend was up to during his stay in Las Vegas. She remained in blissful ignorance for a while.

The boyfriend never told her about everything that went down over there. But eventually, some of the truth surfaced.

The Truth Comes Out


At one point, her boyfriend admitted that he had cheated on her during the Las Vegas trip. It was a dramatic scene. Ayleen couldn’t even believe that her boyfriend was capable of doing such a thing.

There was yelling, tears and accusations. Ayleen ended up crying her eyes out and telling him that he never wanted to see him again. But that wasn’t the end of it.

The Aftermath


After plenty of arguments, reasons and lawyerly excuses, she took him back. “A moment of weakness,” she thought. After all, all men are dogs: it’s in their nature to do certain things and not be able to repress their impulses in certain situations.

Perhaps, she even thought, she was partly to blame: she had been so obsessed with her studies and her professional success that she might have neglected the poor thing in some way. But they would be able to work through their problems and be as happy as they were in the beginning. They had to.

A Decisive Moment


Then a crucial opportunity to strengthen their bond seemed to fall from heaven: her boyfriend’s kidney’s condition worsened and he was in urgent need of a transplant.

After a blood analysis, they found out that Ayleen’s kidney was a perfect match for her boyfriend.

Ayleen’s Opportunity


This, Ayleen thought, would be a perfect trial of fire for their relationship: she would be able to show not only her boyfriend, but also herself, that she forgave him for his infidelity, and how much she cared for him.

And he would be able to see that she had a true rider by his side, and realize that some easy fun out there wasn’t worth losing such a strong, supportive woman.

Her Boyfriend’s Reaction


Ayleen made the suggestion. Her boyfriend, teary-eyed, embraced her in a warm hug and whole-heartedly thanked her. Ayleen started crying too, just as she did when she first knew about his infidelity; but this time they were tears of joy.

She thought the relationship was saved and she was so happy to be able to make the life of the man she loved a little better, no matter the cost.

The Surgery

Verywell Health

The surgery was successful. Her boyfriend’s bodily functions were saved and, so Ayleen thought, so was their relationship. He would have no other option than to be grateful and loyal to her for the rest of his life.

She would have done the same if it was her that had received his kidney. Who wouldn’t be grateful for such an action? She literally saved his life.

This Is How He Paid Her Back


But Ayleen overestimated her boyfriend. He broke up with her a few months later, blocked her on all social media and even accused her of donating her kidney only to look good.

But what was it that made Ayleen’s boyfriend act so ruthless towards her, after everything she did for him?

Other Side To The Story?


Perhaps we’ll never know. Perhaps the bottom line is that Ayleen’s boyfriend was just a despicable human being who manipulated a young girl into giving him the best years of her life, along with one of her vital organs.

To add insult to injury, this was one of the last texts he sent her before blocking her: ‘You only donated your kidney to look good’.

Theological Argument


True to his church boy origins, Ayleen’s boyfriend had the nerve to text her the following: “If we are meant for each other, God will bring us back together in the end”. That tells us a lot about this man’s moral character.

This is just another story of a young heartbreaker that manipulates a young girl into giving him more and more in hopes that it will pay off. If one can extract a lesson from it, it’s a principle that’s well-known by psychologists, marketers and salesmen: people like more the ones they see themselves doing favors for than the ones they receive favors from.