Mom Discovers Tracking Device On Car After iPhone Alert


Terrifying Realization

At first, she thought it was spam, but when she got the alert again, she decided to check it out on the off-chance her car was being followed – it was.

Melissa’s heart pounded as she dialed 911. Her face went pale as she wondered how long someone had been following her but she had no idea that the culprit behind the creepy device was closer than she thought.

Busy Day


It was a busy day for Melissa Jones. Usually, Fridays were quiet but today was different – and it was like this all week.

As a sales executive for a construction company, she was always in her car driving from one site to another. She was constantly on the road, meeting various clients and people she had never met before.

Excellent Employee

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Melissa was a natural sales rep. Her bubbly personality and charming looks were difficult to say no to. Her clients adored her and her reputation grew quickly within the company as a valued and respected employee.

But she could have never guessed that along with her increasing success, a dark consequence would follow.

Great Company


She held the tracking device in her hand, her heart was pounding. She looked around in a panic and immediately called the authorities, unaware that her whole life was about to turn upside down.

As far as Melissa was aware, she worked for a great company that provided great benefits.

Just Beginning

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She drove a company car, had a company phone and laptop, and received all the health care benefits she needed. But that didn’t come without a price.

Melissa’s job was hard work and this week was especially difficult. When she finished at 7 pm, she sighed in relief, thankful for the weekend. But her day was only getting started.



Melissa was driving home exhausted from a long day’s work when she got a strange urgent notification on her mobile phone.

At first, she thought it was spam and exited the message but when she received the urgent message again in her email, she pulled over to read it.

Urgent Alert

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The message on her iPhone alerted her to an Apple air tag device moving with her. She had no idea what that meant and was convinced it was spam. Still, she got out of her car and quickly checked her vehicle.

When she found a flashing red light behind her registration, she froze. What on earth was this?

Being Followed

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Quickly she googled the device and almost fell back when she discovered it was a tracking device. Her face went pale when she realized someone deliberately planted it there. Someone was following her and she had no idea why or who.

Melissa removed the device from her car and immediately called the authorities. But she wasn’t prepared for what they’d discover.


The Mirror

The cops took the device and knew exactly how to identify its owner. It wasn’t the first one they had seen.

They questioned Melissa for a while, asking her where she had been and who she had met over the week. And if anyone had a reason to dislike her. Melissa answered the questions readily. No one had a problem with her but had no idea that the culprit was closer to her than she thought.

Strange Message


Melissa continued home shaken and confused. She was terrified. Did she have a stalker? She put the kids to bed and locked all the doors. It was the scariest night she had ever spent.

But just before she went to bed, she received another strange message. It was from her boss. He asked her if she was still on the clock. Confused, Melissa wrote back that she was done for the day a while ago.

Mystery Solved


Melissa woke up the next day to a call from the station. The cops told her to drop by. They found out who the tracking device belonged to.

She jumped in the car immediately. When she arrived at the station, she was surprised to see her boss there. Perhaps the cops called him because the device was attached to the company car? The truth, however, was much more shocking.

The Culprit


The cops told Melissa that the tracking device belonged to her boss, Michael. She looked at him in shock. He looked at her defiantly.

He briefly apologized before explaining that it was a new company regulation. They began to track their company cars to try to make sure their employees weren’t abusing the company’s trust and gas allowance.

Shocked And Appalled


Melissa was completely astonished. Not only did she feel completely betrayed but she had been working at the company as a high-earning employee for years. She felt completely disrespected.

She looked at the cop and her boss. “This is completely illegal right?” she asked the cop. His answer blew her mind.

Completely Legal


“Surprisingly it is. It’s completely legal to track any company-owned devices and vehicles in the US. Once we discovered it was your boss tracking you, without your knowledge, we thought it might be best to get you both in here to diffuse the situation”, the cop said.

“Although tracking devices and vehicles can be done without employee consent, it is highly advisable to get consent before you practice this policy”.

Employee Rights

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A sudden spark of anger ignited in Melissa. How was this legal? Shouldn’t it be illegal to place a tracking device on an employee’s car without their knowledge?

Her blood boiled as she felt like her rights were being trampled on. In her mind, it was a basic right to be told and be aware of any policy changes that would affect her working environment. But not everyone felt that way.