Tenant Thinks Sheets Smell Weird, Catches Landlord In The Act


Locked In And Scared

There were already dozens of worrying ideas bouncing around in her head.

But as she pressed play and watch the truth unfold before her very eyes, she felt a sickening chill run down her spine. She sprinted for the door, locked it, and braced it shut with a chair. She wouldn’t leave until help arrived.

Hard Market

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Emily Townsend was sick of hearing about the housing market.

Even with two jobs, she still had massive school bills and a gas-guzzling monstrosity that should have already been in the car graveyard –forget about getting her own place. So, when she found a basement slot for rent in a great neighborhood, she thought she had won the jackpot.

Great For Starting Out


The one bedroom plus tiny kitchenette was perfect for the 24-year-old Brooklyn native.

The husband and wife handed over the keys with a simple list of rules – basically nothing too loud, don’t trash the place, and pay rent on time. Emily just needed a place to crash, so it was fine by her – at least at the start. If she had known what was really going to happen, she would have run away screaming.

Going To Work


Emily breathed in the fresh morning air and took a sip from her thermos of chai latte. It was time for work.

As she put the key into the door lock, she suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. She gasped and spun around, gripping her keys as a weapon. It was the husband.

Machine Problems

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He held up his hands and apologized. He just wanted to know if it was okay if his wife checked one of the walls in Tina’s room.

They had a leak in their washing machine and wanted to make sure nothing had affected her place. It was nice they asked first. But the scene when she came home was odd.

Clean Freak Woes


She was a very clean person, so seeing her bedroom even slightly dishevelled made her more than a little annoyed.

This, however, was just the start. Over the next couple weeks, she noticed the same mess when she came home. Why were they going into her room again and again without asking? Was the leak that bad? This was unacceptable! She decided to confront the wife.

Handyman Pride

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“Oh, Ben says that things still on the fritz. He’s too stubborn to hire a professional. I’m sorry if it’s made problems on your side. I’ll make sure it’s fixed this week.”

It seemed like the problem was solved. But weeks later, the oddness continued. Things in her room looked out of place. The annoyance turned into anger. She was going to find out the truth!

What’s Going On?


As Tina hooked up the tiny camera in the corner of her room, she mentally prepared for whatever confrontation would come.

If anything was broken or ruined, she wasn’t going to keep quiet about it. Or, if the leak went on for longer, she would force them to have it fixed professionally. Tina left for work – the stress of the recording hanging over her head the entire day.

Can’t Wait Any Longer

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It was a mad dash to get home. All she wanted was for them to stay out her place from now on.

It might not have been much, but the tiny space was still hers – a sacred haven. She pressed play on the day’s recording. But what she saw made her sick to her stomach.

Uninvited Guest

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At the start, it was just her empty apartment.

But at the 2 o’clock mark, the door opened. It was the husband. The first thing that sent unpleasant shivers down her spine was that he didn’t carry any tools with him. He just wandered into her bedroom. Things only got worse from there.

Making Himself At Home

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Tina couldn’t believe her eyes.

The husband pulled back the sheets, got into her bed and snuggled against her pillow – seeming to take a deep breath into her pillowcase. She stared at the video, hand over mouth, trying not to throw up. When he finally left her bed, she saw more of the truth.

Covering The Evidence

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He tried to pull the covers back to make it look like no one had slept there.

Then, he wandered around her room, opening drawers and looking at her clothes. She couldn’t take it anymore. She ran for the door, locked it, and wedged a chair under the handle. The first call was to her mother and father.

Calling For Help

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She would need them there for the coming confrontation. The next was to the cops.

Thankfully her father was downtown and not that far away. He and the cops arrived together. She grabbed her dad’s hand and showed him the footage. When the landlord and his wife came down, her dad looked ready to attack.

Caught Red Handed

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The cops looked over the footage. While their faces remained blank and professional, the husband’s face turned white as a ghost. His wife gasped and tears filled her eyes.

Needless to say, Tina would be moving out that day. But that wasn’t all.

Going To Pay


There would be immediate legal action.

Tina’s privacy had been violated in such a horrible way. Her anger matched the rage that emanated from her father. They would make sure the landlord would pay. And by the look on the wife’s face, she was going to act as well.