Mom Sets Up Camera After Food Goes Missing, Finds Ex Living In Attic



She was petrified. She tried her best to not make any noise. The sound was gradually getting louder and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

The ceiling boards were creaking and a nail hit the floor. She could hear the footsteps above her, walking slowly as if trying to be as soft as possible. All of the sudden, the footsteps stopped…

Single Mom

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So far, life hadn’t been easy for Tracy. As a single mother of five, she’d always struggled to make ends meet. Although some of her children were adults now, they all lived in the house in Rock Hill so that they could share the costs.

But Tracy wasn’t unhappy. Together, they’d made this old house a home. But little did she know, something from the past was on its way back to haunt her.

Strange Sounds

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One day when Tracy was alone, she heard noises coming from above her – which was strange because she always made sure the house was locked up tight.

The house was in a bad part of town, so break-ins weren’t uncommon. Before panicking, she carefully checked all the doors and windows, but they were all still locked. Was she hearing things?

Thinking Rationally


Tracy tried to think rationally. She didn’t want to jump to the conclusion that there were intruders in her house. She checked the entire house again, but could find no signs of forced entry.

Now, Tracy wasn’t the kind of woman who got hysterical. Could her mind just be playing tricks on her because she was a woman at home all alone?

It Continued

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Tracy chalked the noises up to her imagination, but she didn’t stop hearing them. For days, she heard random thumps, bumps, and scraping noises coming from the attic.

She asked her children if any of them had been up there recently, but they hadn’t. The attic was dark and dusty, so she believed them – she hardly even went up there herself. There just had to be a logical explanation… right?

A Possible Theory

Advanced Animal Removal

A few days later, Tracy was cleaning the living room when she heard the noises again. The strange thing was that they now seemed to be moving around with her through the house.

That’s when she realized that a possum or a raccoon could be the culprit, but it was Saturday so that would have to wait. She resolved to call Animal Control first thing on Monday, but whatever was in the attic seemed to have other plans.

3 AM


It was around three in the morning when Tracy was startled awake by a noise. Right above her bedroom, she heard something moving.

Her heart stopped as she listened to the clattering sounds next to her bed and the soft thumps coming from the ceiling. That’s when she realized with horror that it definitely wasn’t a possum or raccoon.

Real-Life Horror Movie

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Her heart raced and she had a horrible metallic taste in her mouth. It all felt like an absurd horror movie.

A small part of her rational mind was telling her that she must be having a lucid nightmare – there was no other logical explanation. But all her senses were screaming at her… this wasn’t fiction, all of it was really happening to her.

Paranormal Activity?


Tracy was too terrified to even move, let alone go and investigate. She did what most people would do – she threw her blanket over her head and desperately tried to go back to sleep.

But, with a sinking feeling in her heart, she knew. If there was an entity roaming around in her attic, she’d eventually have to do something about it.

Who To Call?


Tracy had no idea who she could turn to for help… if she called the police or told anyone what she’d seen they’d probably just laugh at her or call her crazy.

But, while she still had no idea what was up there, she couldn’t go on living like this. In the light of morning, she felt brave enough to face her fears head-on.


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Relief washed over Tracy when she went downstairs and saw her nephew, who was visiting two of her sons.

Emboldened by the comforting presence of three big men in the house, she casually asked them to help her move a few heavy boxes out of the attic. But nobody could have prepared for what they were about to find there.

Something There

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The men walked into the attic while Tracy waited at the top of the stairs, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that something was very wrong.

A foul, pungent smell hit them and they saw piles of garbage strewn all over the floor. All the old coats that Tracy kept up there were stacked next to the heating unit in the corner of the room. Then they saw it.


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Something was lying on the floor, in the corner behind the boxes. It stirred as soon as the men walked in. They all looked at each other in complete shock for a few seconds. Then, the man realized he’d been caught.

He leaped up, dashed past them, and exited down the stairs. Tracy caught a glimpse of his face as he rushed past and a terrible realization hit her. She knew the man.

She Recognized His Face

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Just as the man dashed past Tracy to escape, she had seen his face. But surely it wasn’t possible? 12 years ago, he had done a few odd jobs around this very house.

The pair had dated briefly and had gotten married, but when she found out about his criminal record she quickly broke things off. How long had he been in the attic for? She felt absolutely sick.

The Truth

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The police arrived to search the attic and made a terrifying discovery. The man had obviously been living there for weeks.

“He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” Tracy explained. The police also found plastic cups, which the man had been using to relieve himself – but then, an even more frightening discovery was made.


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The man had adjusted the air vents in the ceiling so that he could watch Tracy while she slept. Tracy was horrified when she realized he’d been spying on her for weeks. “It’s got me flabbergasted,” she said in an interview. “How can you look at someone through an air vent?”

Even worse, nobody had any idea how the man had crept up into the attic. The only way in was through a hatch in the hallway, between the children’s bedrooms.