Man Asks For Divorce After Wife Adopts Puppies


Action And Reaction

Alex and Justin have been happily married for 10 years. Everything was good between the two until the day that Alex visited the dog shelter and decided to adopt. How could something so sweet and innocent turn into something so ugly?

After deciding on adopting adorable puppies, Justin puts the option of divorce on the table.

Goodbye Sparky


After grieving the loss of their precious dog and family member Sparky, the couple decided that it was the right time to take the next step. Fully aware of the responsibility that it entails, they both decided that they were finally ready for that decision.

With the new decision they reached, the house was yet again filled with hope and joy that was unfortunately short-lived.

An Idea

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After getting back home from her teaching shift, Alex kissed Justin goodbye as he headed to work. While sitting and waiting patiently for her favorite show to start, she got an idea that she couldn’t put off.

Feeling the sudden rush of adrenaline, Alex got up and headed to her car.

Off We Go

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Alex drove with one goal in mind. Unable to shake the feeling off, she got out of the car and headed towards the dog shelter. With a smile printed on her face, Alex greeted the woman that lead her in the direction of the dogs.

Alex and Justin used to always do these things together, but with this sudden rush, Alex could not wait.

One By One

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Alex moved from one dog to another, feeling her heart melt by the second. While maintaining eye contact with each dog, she searched to see if a spark existed between her and at least one dog in the shelter, but she could not.

This was something very out of the ordinary and she could not understand what was going on.

The Need

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Alex then took a step back, reassessing the decision that she was making. This was absurd. No, this was beyond absurd, this was insane!

She knew deep in her heart that this was something that she should do, more importantly, she felt that this was something that she needed to do.

Ready Or Not

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Taking one last look at the beautiful puppies filling the shelter, she took a deep breath and spoke to the woman working in the shelter. “I want to adopt” she spoke confidently. “That’s great! Who do you have your sights set on?”

Alex’s answer to the woman made her drop her clipboard on the floor.

The Absurdity

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“All of them, I want to adopt them all,” Alex answered. The woman then looked around the shelter, trying to take in the absurd idea of letting Alex adopt all of the dogs the shelter had.

The woman then said a few words that made Alex double-take.

Middle Ground

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The woman explained that she could not let Alex do that, for if the dogs were being adopted and placed in a regular household, there is a limit to the amount. Disappointed by what she heard, Alex then inquired about the amount, to which the woman responded with ‘four’.

Alex then accepted the deal, signed some papers, and avidly called her husband.

One Extreme To The Other

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After placing the four adorable puppies in her car, Alex eagerly waited for Justin to pick up his phone. Justin instantly answered the call where Alex excitedly informed him of the impulsive decision that she has taken. Filled with a lot of emotions, Justin blurted out words.

The words he said completely changed the mood Alex was in, making her expressions go blank.

The Reaction

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Silently driving back home, Alex replayed the words her husband told her. “Alex, let’s get a divorce”. She could not believe what she had heard, she hoped that it was some sort of misunderstanding.

Not long after, Justin returned home, ready to speak to his wife about the alarming and short phone conversation they had.

The Next Step

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The two sat down and Justin began explaining his point. He clarified that not long ago they decided that they were ready to bring a child into this household. After being married for ten years, he thought that they had come to a common understanding of what their next step would be.

Alex slowly began understanding her husband’s point of view and responded carefully.

Man’s Best Friend

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Alex went on to explain that at first, her decision may have been rash, but after calming down she thought that having puppies in the house would be a great idea. After all, dogs are man’s best friend.

Trying to further make a point, it became clear that there was a clear misunderstanding, but the two were far from reaching a resolution.

Moving Forward

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The two seemed to agree on two points. They both were ready to adopt a child, and they both also would like to have a dog present to share the experience with. Nevertheless, Justin believed that four dogs would be a big responsibility when paired with a new child.

They had to come to an agreement, for they felt that this moment was a make it or break it one.

Middle Ground

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The two then decided to keep two dogs with their neighbor offering to adopt the other two. Their decision was deemed to be the best for everyone included. The family of five now stand strong as a unit, experiencing life to the fullest and taking every step together.

A middle ground is always achievable when the will to do so exists, for when united, nothing can stand in the way of love.