Mom Finds Scrap Trailer, Moves In


Everything In Shambles

She looked up at the dark sky above her, it seemed to be clearing up. Her feet were planted on the soaked land. Everything was in shambles after the heavy rain. What once was a beautiful stretch of land was now underwater. She couldn’t believe it, the water was up to her knees!

She couldn’t stop now, she had to put in the effort. She tightened her grip around her tools and continued working. If she stopped now, it would lead to a fate worse than anything she’d ever experienced.

There Was A Problem

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Twenty-five-year-old Mindy was born and raised in Colorado. She had just graduated from college and she was now facing the biggest problem many graduates had to face.

Mindy had a degree and a ton of experience, but she couldn’t find a suitable job in her hometown. She was a mother, and she wanted to give her son the life he deserved. To do so, she had to find a job immediately.

Permanent Solution

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Because of the lack of opportunity in her hometown, she had to move to a different state, where she managed to find a starter position in her field. Things finally seemed to pan out for her and her son, but there was one more glaring problem.

They didn’t have a nice place to live. She was burning through her money, paying for motels and apartments. She lived like that for a year before she decided that it was time for a permanent solution.

Making Life Easier

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Mindy searched long and hard to find a home. Somehow, she managed to find a mortgage forgiving of her age and pay range.  She was finally getting the help she needed to find a house!

She was worried. She had the worst experience while paying rent in college and her first year as a working woman was no walk in the park either. She was under a lot of stress during those times and she couldn’t deal with it anymore. She couldn’t live under those circumstances.

Giving Up

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But the search for a new home wasn’t as easy as Mindy had hoped. She had been searching for weeks, but she couldn’t find an affordable home.

She was about to give up but then the unexpected happened. One day, while Mindy was at an old construction site, she found something life-changing.

A Solution?

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She spotted the trailer from afar, she could that it was old. Its blue paint was slowly chipping away, revealing rust.

Mindy started at the trailer with wide eyes, examining every tiny detail. She was about to walk away and forget all about it when an idea came to mind. Her lips curled up into a smile. She was about to solve her housing problem.

Making An Offer

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It had been seven months since she started looking for a home. She had her eyes set on the trailer as its owner went over prices with her. “Five Hundred,” the tall man offered, pulling her back to reality.

“Five hundred?” Mindy repeated, raising an eyebrow. That was far too cheap for such an amazing trailer! But the man nodded with a friendly smile on his face. But what he was about to show her would explain why the trailer was so cheap.

In Love

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The owner led Mindy on a tour to show her the entire trailer. It was completely empty on the inside. The owner also informed her that she needed a piece of land where she could put the trailer.

But Mindy was in love with what she saw. She told the man to hold on to the trailer for her. After they exchanged their contact information, Mindy called her dad to inform him of the situation. His response left her speechless.

Dad’s Help

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Mindy jumped back when her dad exclaimed into the phone, “A trailer?” He was commending her for taking this step. Being a homeowner was difficult, but he would stop at nothing to help Mindy.

The following weekend, her dad came to see the trainer. And one week after that, she and her dad moved from plot to plot, trying to find an affordable piece of land for Mindy and her son to live on. Were her troubles about to be solved?

Moving In

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Mindy’s father was a retired engineer and together they managed to find an affordable, ten-acre piece of land. It was in a safe neighborhood and it was beautiful. It had a view of the town’s rolling hills!

Mindy made the purchase and got the trailer, moving it to her land. The trailer was nothing but an empty hunk of metal, but it was about to start her lifelong dream.

Starting The Project

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With the help of her dad, Mindy began the needed renovations on the land and trailer. Tallgrass had covered everything when they started their work.

There were also several holes that Mindy and her dad had to fill up before they moved on to renovating the trailer. A month passed, and the dream that made Mindy settle on the trailer was slowly coming to life. But then came a massive problem.

An Enormous Problem

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The rainy season was around the corner, which was terrible news for the father-daughter duo. They’d worked so hard to make the trailer habitable, and now the rains were forcing them to press pause on their progress.

Mindy held off for a few weeks as the rains washed through. But with every downpour, an enormous problem was slowly rearing its ugly head.


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The rains exposed a critical flaw in Mindy’s piece of land. Her plot was situated in a depression, which meant a lot of water collected around her house.

She thought about the issues that usually accompanied stagnant water, such as pests and diseases, and hissed in a breath. Could she take care of the issue before it claimed her dream home and left her homeless?

Change Of Plans

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Mindy and her dad stepped back from renovating the trailer so they could build a sound drainage system around the piece of land.

They also built a higher foundation for the trailer to ensure the water didn’t reach it. This new list of fixes came with its set of problems. Would Mindy power through them to build her perfect home?

Dreams Come True

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Mindy and her dad finished the trailer eight months after buying it. After a lot of sweat, hard work, and almost fifteen thousand dollars, Mindy and her son had a home they could call their own.

The house came with a proper plumbing system, internet, and electricity. It was also well ventilated, with a thermostat to regulate the temperature. What started as a dream for Mindy was now a reality that was hers forever.