Unsuspecting Wife Remotely Accesses Hidden Cameras While In Hospital, Sees Another Woman In House


Eyes Playing Tricks On Her

As the surveillance footage played, Rachel Walker stared in disbelief at her phone. Incredulous, she gawked at the scene.

The thought of her husband doing something so outlandish while she was confined to a hospital bed was unimaginable to her.

Despite this, she had all the evidence she needed at her disposal. It was no longer possible for her to, in blissful ignorance, deny what was going on behind her back, despite avoiding it at all costs.

Businessman’s Wife


She was warned by all of her friends about the severe consequences of getting involved with a businessman when she, all those years ago, married Alan.

Her boss warned her that he’d never be home, so she needed to keep a close eye on his receptionist. Despite their various assurances, she refused to believe them.

As long as they were in love with each other, she truly believed that everything would turn out okay in the end. She finally realized how right they were a whole six years later.

It All Comes Up To This


It was a bumpy six years for Rachel and Alan. His long hours and business trips constantly disrupted their personal plans, and they often quarreled. They never considered leaving one another because of that, but it never once adversely affected their relationship.

However, Rachel was totally unaware of the consequences of these spats. There were things occurring behind closed doors that she had no way of discovering.

Her Best Efforts


Although they had their bouts and their pushes and pulls, Rachel never once stopped trying to be the absolute best housewife she was able to be. Her husband always got everything he wanted and needed from his loving spouse.

He, for a while, deserved everything he got from her, and she would, without fail, provide it with a loving smile. Despite her best efforts, the truth would soon make itself known to the painfully ignorant Rachel.

An Issue


Rachel’s terminal cancer diagnosis was the only thing in her life that she had no control over. Furthermore, her precarious condition was worsening by the day.

As a result of her debilitating illness, she was hospitalized on various occasions, further straining their already rocky relationship.

For the first time in the length of their marriage, Alan had to get things done on his own without the assistance of his loving wife.

Slippery Slope


As Rachel’s condition exponentially deteriorated over the last several months, changes were coming, and they were coming at the speed of sound.

Every week she was lucky to have a few consecutive days at her home since she was nowadays spending more and more time in her local hospital. However, all she thought she knew was about to be, without warning, ripped away from her.

This Month’s Highlights


In the last quarter of a year, things went straight downhill. Initially, Rachel saw her doctor quarterly, but at this advanced stage of cancer, her visits became more and more frequent.

The frequency of her doctor’s visits had tripled, seemingly overnight. The monthly meetings evolved into weekly consultations. Then one hospitalization per week became two.

Just What The Doctor Ordered


The doctor raised concerns about her condition during her previous visit. Rachel’s condition had now sadly reached the dreaded point where all hope of a miraculous recovery was rapidly rushing further and further out of sight.

At that point in time, they could only offer her comfort as she slowly faded away since they had exhausted all of their options.

A Race Against Time


Considering Rachel’s accelerated deterioration, the doctor tragically estimated less than a year to live. No one knew how rapidly this had been advancing, so it came as a total shock to everyone.

Rachel, however, took the news with grace. Now that all of her hopes and dreams for her future had vanished before her eyes, she had not a semblance of a clue what she was going to do with the rest of her numbered days. The story was just beginning, however.

Monitored Every Moment


She had to be admitted to the hospital because she needed constant professional care, the doctor begrudgingly informed Rachel.

She initially opposed the idea because she saw no better way to spend her final days than with her beloved family.

She was told it wasn’t an option by the doctor. In the absence of proper care, she would surely shorten her already dwindling number of days left.

In Her Back Mind


But there was another reason why Rachel didn’t want to spend the rest of her days in hospital. Lately, those remarks her friends had made were starting to roam around her mind.

She was starting to wonder if there was any truth to what they said. And that started occupying a permanent place in her mind when she found out how bad her condition was.

Before She Left


So before Rachel left for the hospital, she installed a few hidden cameras that she could remotely access while she was away.

It wasn’t something she felt was necessary, but she felt it would be nice to check in on her husband whenever she got a chance. If only she knew what kind of trouble this would cause.

She Wanted To Trust Him


Even though Rachel had her fears, she wanted to believe that her husband wouldn’t ever do anything that would hurt her, especially not when she was going through such a horrific time.

But Alan had been living a separate life for years already, and this tragedy wasn’t going to change anything. In fact, he saw it as an opportunity he could use to his advantage.

Ignoring The Urge


When Alan came to visit that first day, Rachel started getting suspicious. There was a hint of perfume on his shirt, and the flowers he bought her had come from a shop across town.

But she brushed it off and enjoyed the visit. That changed later that evening, though. Alan promised he’d be there for the next visiting hours, but as the clock struck 6 pm, she received a message stating that he had to work late. Should she check-in?

Sudden Need


At first, Rachel tried to ignore the urge to check on her husband. But as the visiting time came to an end, that urge became an all-compelling need.

She needed to know if her instincts were right, so she pulled out her phone and checked the hidden cameras. What she saw would change everything she thought she knew.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.