Wife Lies To Husband About Her Relation To Ex-Con, He Shows Up At Their House


Harsh Truth

Tony had to wipe his eyes as read the letter. He was distraught. So many years of his life seemed like a lie now. As he read on, his tears turned to anger and he began to tremble as the harsh truth finally dawned on him.

Over the next few days, Tony tried his best to forget about what he had discovered but a knock on his door forced him to confront it. A bullish man with tattoos and a scowl on his face stood before him. He had to face the truth now. It was undeniable.

A Life Of Lies

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Tony Trapani, a lifelong resident of Michigan was 81-years-old when he finally discovered an epic secret that was kept from him. For so many decades, his wife had been the love of his life. Now, after her death, a letter he found had changed his entire opinion of her.

He had lived with pain and grief after her passing. He had always thought of his marriage as being perfect. Now that opinion and the memories of his beloved lay in tatters.

A Fortuitous Event

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The old cabinet laid untouched for years. After Margaret’s passing, he could not bear to go near it for a while. It had been Margaret’s space after all. He never thought she kept anything in there aside from her belongings.

When Tony finally decided to clear out the old thing, he expected to find Margaret’s old things and have to fight back nostalgia for her. What he found instead turned his world upside down.

Right Under His Nose

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The old cabinet had been one of the first items of furniture the couple bought after being married. It was decades old and Tony had always felt sentimental about it.

Tony never imagined that Margaret had been using it to conceal lies from him. As he stared at it now after learning the truth, he felt anger boil up inside him. He could not reconcile his loving wife with the betrayal he discovered within its doors.

A Memory Box


At first, the items he found inside brought tears to his eyes. There were old pictures of Margaret and him and boxes of things she had kept from their dating days. They reminded him of the love they shared.

As he removed items, the deeper he got into the shelves, he soon realized that she kept other things there too. Aside from her personal items was an old letter. He immediately realized something was wrong. He had never seen it before but it was addressed to him.


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The envelope had been discolored by age. He had no idea what it could be. At first, he thought it was a bill or something else that wasn’t significant. The fact that it had been stashed so deep within the draw made him a little uneasy.

For a moment he even considered not reading it. If Margaret had kept it hidden for so long, there must have been a reason. However, his curiosity outweighed his apprehension and Tony tore it open and began reading. It was handwritten and what he saw made his lips tremble.


Relatively Interesting

The more Tony read the more his confusion and pain began to grow. It was shocking to him that Margaret could have concealed this from him for so long.

His tears turned to anger and he had to control his rage as his hands were inadvertently squashing the page. One thought kept repeating in his mind like a torturous mantra. “How could she?”, Tony asked himself over and over.

He Felt Betrayed

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Tony read and reread the letter close to a dozen times. Each time he found himself wishing that he was misunderstanding the words or that maybe they would suddenly change.

It felt like a sick joke. He wouldn’t have wished such a thing upon his worst enemy. The fact that his own wife of so many decades could have done to him felt like the most horrible betrayal he could ever imagine. He now knew the truth. Margaret had concealed a child from him.

He Had To Know For Sure

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Tony lay stunned and confused for a long time. The room seemed to spin around him. After a while, he finally began feeling a little calmer. Now a  burning desire raged within him and he knew he had to meet him.

Over the next few days, Tony made arrangements and hired a private investigator. Explaining the situation and paying upfront, the P.I tracked down the boy and provided him with all the information. After writing to him, within a few days, Tony got a knock on the door.

It Was Him

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To his surprise, the “boy” he had imagined turned out to be a grown man. Worse still, he was informed that the man had only recently been released from prison.

After meeting, the pair were each as shocked as the other to finally know the truth. It wasn’t long before both were in tears, each feeling their own version of pain for the fact that they had both been lied to all these years.

Samuel Childress


That man was named Samuel Childress, and he was Tony’s son. But he wasn’t born from his wife; he was the child of one of Tony’s past lovers. She had sent him that letter years ago, letting him know that she had just given birth and that the kid was his.

But Tony had never known about his son or that letter. For all he knew, his past lover had long ago forgotten about him. But now, father and son met each other for the first time. If Tony hadn’t found the letter his wife hid from him, they would have been forever strangers.

What The Letter Said

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“Dear Tony, I bet you are surprised to hear from me after so many years. I was just thinking about you tonight like so many other nights. But I thought I would write to you and find out how you are,” the letter said.

“Tony, please don’t be angry or surprised to hear this. I have a little boy. He is five years old now – gray eyes and beautiful black hair. What I am trying to say, Tony, is he is your son.”

His Wife Hid It


“Please, Tony, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, please come and see him. Every day he asks me where his daddy is, and believe me, Tony, I can’t even answer him anymore. I would be forever grateful to you if you would just see him. I’ll close now, hoping and praying you will answer.”

At first, it was hard for Tony to comprehend why his wife would hide that letter from him. But now, after talking to his son, he had a better understanding of it.

They Tried To Have Kids


Tony and his wife tried to have a kid themselves for years. But unfortunately, it was impossible. For years, they didn’t know if the fault was in him, in her, or both.

But now, it was clear. It was Tony’s wife who was sterile. She probably felt afraid that some other woman could give her husband something that she had been incapable of.


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But even though she had lied to him about his son, Tony forgave his wife: at the end of the day, she had done it because she loved him, for the two of them, and for the future of their marriage.

But was it really worth it? Gabriel, Tony’s son, hadn’t had an easy life as a fatherless child. He lacked direction, and he was sentenced to prison at some point. But now, he had found the person he had lacked all his life. Father and son walked towards Tony’s living room. They had a lot of catching up to do.